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  1. If she has room in her schedule, you can't do much better than Eliane Leblanc.
  2. The trade has thankfully gotten far more conservative.
  3. HA... one of my clients did this, and sent it to me and we used it for one of the early episodes of the Omo podcast. They are indeed dustbin scrolls. A violist, incase anyone is interested.
  4. Every adhesive has its place, white glue on a patch isn’t the place for it.
  5. Most pro restorers, including myself, wouldn’t dream of doing a post patch with out a cast. It has little to do with with whether or not the crack lines up or not. But is a necessary consideration in calculating time which we agree on:
  6. So, you would do the job with out making a cast?
  7. My understanding from whom we got that pic from was that everything was á la carte.
  8. Absolutely! Well said.
  9. Only when combined with meditation.
  10. The easiest way I’ve been able to achieve a greenish/grey tint on a neck stain is with tea steeped in alcohol. It might not be entirely what you are looking for, but it’s an okay starting point. Takes some experimenting to find one that looks right. I found a cheap black decaf tea under my local supermarket’s house brand to deliver want I was looking for. Sometimes I’ll use it in conjunction with sodium nitrite/tanning regiment Neck treatment
  11. A collet chuck would be a good solution... I also do a lot of “round stuff” of a cnc router these days. I realize I’m probably going to burn for that.
  12. You and Jeff had more than a little to do with that...
  13. Tools are tools, outcomes are what matter. Have a great new year, Jacob! Cheers!
  14. Do you own a hammer? How do you contain your urges around it?
  15. Brad, the solution I had come up with, but never implemented for my 12x36 was chucking up a smaller Chuck that would hold the bushing stock. You could also make a custom holder, etc. Cello bushing stock can be huge, and I’ve found it saves my wrists and time. It really shines for cello endpin bushings. Jerry