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  1. They cut very fast by comparison, I think a little too fast if you just need to clean up a hole, or advance the peg a tiny amount. If I was going to have just one, it would be a straight reamer for the same reason Dave Slight said above. The ability to steer the hole is nice. If you can swing the expense of having both, I think it’s helpful to have options.
  2. Hey Thomas, Why not just use your CNC router to make custom oversized blanks to fit and finish in the normal fashion? Skip the middle process on the Deckel…
  3. I didn’t say I’d recommend it in your case. I don’t think it’s that bad. Conservative retouching and a healthy coat of retouch varnish on top is my usual first thing to try.
  4. The tape that is sometimes used for protecting an edge is 3M 471. It’s a vinyl tape, and will follow tight curves and bends. It should be removed and replaced from time to time with regular maintenance.
  5. Using pantographs to rough out patches while working from a cast is not a new idea… working directly on the instrument is incredibly risky.
  6. Back when part of my job duties had to do with helping to come up with strategies to maintain a fleet of rental instruments, we found Copic markers to be okay on the sort of instruments in that range. Your mileage may vary on what you consider acceptable appearance, however on a lot of these sorts of instruments shellac based retouch varnish doesn’t sit all that well on them…
  7. Fusion offers a personal/hobbiest license for noncommercial use. Its constrained to 10 editable designs open at a time. In CAM rapids constrained to the feed rate, ATCs aren’t supported, neither are multi axis tool paths. There are work arounds if you are ambitious.
  8. Well, Burgess's brand of degeneracy is bent towards challenging norms and expectations. Jacoby is an opportunist. I sound normal, but I count both David and Jacoby as friends.... Rozie's last podcast had to do with the paranormal. Our editor, Jason Peoples, is probably normal. Probably. If you enjoyed this episode, there are 33 others with a wide array of guests and topics. Some very serious (mental health, employment issues, gender, chemical safety, etc). Some just for fun - quiz shows, a halloween episode, live shows from VSA conventions and Oberlin. We don't pretend to get everything right, but we're trying.
  9. We average around 1200 downloads per episode
  10. More of a podcast staffed by degenerates. Well, Rozie is pretty normal.
  11. Well gosh guys, sorry I put in my two cents. Of interest, from the exact same place. Notice the TIM on the button. The link to drop in from "sold" doesn't seem to be working.. https://www.jrjuddviolins.com/product/tim-geigen-1923/
  12. Yes, a lot of times (at least here) you see this model stamped and labeled as “TIM Geigen.”
  13. Do kids these days know who Mr. Kool is? Some of the best advice I was ever given was to use both dyes and pigments so that my retouch doesn’t either look like koolaid or a coat of paint. Mine is “furnace black.” I wonder if at the end of the day if they are really all that different. All that being said, most everyday retouching for me tends to be Old Wood alcohol colors in black and orange, an Indian yellow pigment, and a burnt umber pigment. I’ve got a lot more that come out for specific things - The key to any retouching seems to be testing and knowing your materials.
  14. The difficulty to be aware with surface plates and old instruments is dealing with instruments that have a significant amount of body twist, or are asymmetrical (either made that way, or through significant wear.)
  15. Neck resetting part 1 Worthwhile and well written from a good friend and colleague.
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