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  1. I will play the violin for a time and see what happens then. May be I´m lucky and the wolf goes away. many thanks!!!
  2. Hello, I just finished my two first instruments since I move back to Spain from Newark. The violin has a very good and powerfull tone but also a wolf in the A.....not ussual I think. The post and bridge seem to be well fitted, good strings are on it, standard meassurements..... Not sure what to try to solve this. Please, I need opinnions about that. Thanks, Fer.
  3. Hi, I hope to finish my new instruments in a couple of months and I think it is time to build my light box. After a search in internet about lamps, my doubs are greater now. To many specs . For you who have much more experience in light box, what lamp could be good?? UVA,B,C??? I have found one UVA 350-400nm 30W with very good price. Could be that right?? Many thanks!!
  4. Hi, Mike, I finished my studies at Newark School of Violin Making, and still play DB in a professional orchestra, where I gained the post in 2003, you can have a look here OSPA. We closed the season last week, with the cellis TRULS MORK playing dvorak, by the way MY cello was SLIGHTY worse than his Montagnana, but I would not say mine is a bad cello I´m still learning, of course in violin making but also in double bass playing. I hope this learning last many many years, life would be really boring for me if not!!! . Setup is very complicated world, I agree. The cello D string is getting better with all advices I read here, I hope will a little playing D is going to be at same level of other stings. thanks!!!
  5. A lot of info, as always, many many thanks!!! I have now a french bridge, but yes I could have left longer feet as belgian. I will try next. I have a larsen D, it seems to sound more or less same muted, may be little more sound quality. Sound post seems to be ok, since other three strings have very good volume and quality, but I will try move soundpost north, just tu try. Many thanks again. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/442/p1000857s.jpg/ This is the cello, before changin all larsen set of strings, as you see
  6. Hello, my first cello lacks of power in the D string. I tried different strings and I could have better sound but still it sounds like muted in this string. On the other way, the others three are quite resonant and rich. Some good player told me that D string is often problematic on new and even old cellos. The cello is a montagnana model, full and high archings. I use spirocore tungsten for C and G, Thomastik Gold for D and larssen A. Do you have any experience on this? Any tips on bridge, sound post or tailpiece to deal with this? Thank you very much
  7. IT looks like a good plan to use the water tub for the sanding, at least with ebony. Thanks to all for share
  8. Hi, I was re shapping a bass fingerboard. I used a dust mask (I have to say that was a standard one, not good and probably not enough for the job). I did not have the sensation of breathing dust, may be after in the cleaning? NOt sure. The thing is that hours later I had a pulmonary irritation and I felt moderate pain for two days. The doctor did not find the cause and now it is getting better. Seems to be just an irritation. Asking the onwer of the bass, he told me the former reshaping was completed with cianocrilate and ebony dust to fill gaps. I would like to ask about simmilar experiences with eboy dust. Is it possible with a small amount of dust to have such a reaction, that by the way, never happened before? May be the cianocrilate, but it is dry for more than 5 years......I´m not sure if after 5 years it is still dangerous. Anyway, my next dust mask is a ffp2 protection one and a vacuum cleaner is comming to joing the team. Thanks!!!
  9. Hi, wondering about bridge waist. For some makers, a stiff waist helps violin high frecuencies ( sound projection???) on the other way, checking some "good" bridges and other makers, you find the waist from 15,5 to 16 mm. that sounds minimun for me. The blanks I´m ussig now, *** Teller, are 18mm at waist. Do you find the waist as a tunning-sound ajusting matter? Any experiences? Thanks!!!
  10. we tried the instrument in the rehearsal room, which is big enough for 1100 people. quite big. There was other violin for reference (mine too but much powefull). The text was quite reliable I think. Doug, related to the saddle, they talk here about a 157-158 angle but you can really have less than 157 quite easy even with a normal high saddle. That is confuse to me since in the Newark school they advise us to lower the saddle the most to increase load in the top, obviously the angle was always smaller than 157. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I tried the same sound post tighter but it muted the highs. I will try a shorter one then. What about the bridge or string angle, do you think could improve proyection?? Fer.
  12. The strings are Dominant medium, the tailpiece is french model in ebony. String lenght 329, afterlenght 55, bridge is 33 high.
  13. Hello, I´m trying the violins I made in Newark and I have a problem with number one. It is a strad model, 16mm high top, on the he thin side. It has a nice tone but not carriying. The sound does not travel mostly on the high register. I tried moving the sound post a little loose and it is getting better but not enough I think. I know it is the first one but, any advices?? Many thanks
  14. Hi, we are going on tour with the orchestra to Rome. I would like to meet some interesting makers there. What makers do you know in that area? Thanks
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