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  1. WTFrench?!???!?!??! Excuse my "French" that is crazy......
  2. Well for what is is worth, most of my bass bars are on the not as wide and are a longer that standard numbers. Got ideas from the acoustic workshops, added my twists and ran with it, but do not think I have done below 4.5. I do the lengths from 275 to 280 depending on several things.
  3. I can not remember where I got this from on removing or cleaning stain or dirt from cracks, so please feel free to correct or give input. But string soaked in pineapple juice laid in crack has been used.
  4. We are a little over a month away and for those who do not know yet who the judges will be I will be updating. For workmanship and varnish I think you guys may have heard of him That alone is worth getting there!!! Jerry Pasewicz began his career making his first violin and bow in 1978. After spending time in violin making school, working in violin shops and owning his own shop, he was hired to direct the workshop at Shar Products in 1988. At Shar he worked alongside multiple award-winning violinmaker and former Weisshaar foreman David Burgess, gaining crucial experience in the restoration of violin and bows. In 1992, armed with this experience, he was hired as an instrument restorer at the famed Jacques Français Rare Violins in New York, under the direction of renowned restorer René Morel. In the Français workshop Mr. Pasewicz not only had the opportunity to work on the finest instruments and bows in existence, but also to work for some of the world’s finest musicians. He continued working under the direction of Maestro Morel for two and a half years, and continued doing work for Jacques Français until leaving Manhattan in 1998. During his time in New York, Jerry Pasewicz also had the honor of serving a bow making apprenticeship with multiple gold medal-winning maker David Samuels. Mr. Pasewicz has been a participant in the Oberlin workshops since 1997. He has been a director and instructor in the bow making and restoration workshop at Oberlin since 2000, and has been on the faculty of the instrument set up workshop from 2004-2006. Mr. Pasewicz has been a presenter and lecturer at The Violin Society of America conventions, has served as Vice President of the VSA from 2008-2014, and served as chairman of the VSA International Violin and Bow Makers Competition from 2006-2014. Mr. Pasewicz has been a member of the The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers since 1997, served on the Board of Governors from 2007- 2016, as Vice President 2009-2010, and as President of this organization from 2011- 2012. Mr. Pasewicz Is a full member of the Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers (International Association of Violin and Bow Makers).
  5. As always, the violin is beautiful. Love the entire look. I can keep dreaming... #goals
  6. Criminals are opportunistic and seldom if ever change.
  7. Was a great time and we hit the mother lode!!! Learned lots and lots of hard work but well worth it. If anyone is able to attend should he host again would be a great thing. I am looking forward and hoping for another one next year!!
  8. Yes, always happy with what I order and great service!
  9. Hi, You can submit via this link. I will update any other info also. Sign up VMAAI
  10. Ahhh, thank you Julian. I like pics of your shop, looks lots different than when I last visited. I have met so many good people like you and Don, and many others. It is very enjoyable along with making instruments, I feel fortunate to do what I do for a living now.
  11. Hope to see you there. I am trying to finish a viola and hope to start a violin soon to have there There will also be some great items for the auction, thanks to several sponsors!!!
  12. Hey all. Hope OK to post this here, but this is coming up fast and anyone interested in entering, if you haven't already take a look. Pablo Alfaro, Evan Smith and others have been hard at work. There have been some exciting changes and additions. Workmanship judge this year will be Jerry Pasewicz! The violin tone judges will be familiar to some of those who have attended the Oberlin workshops. Cristian Fatu and William "Bill" Wolcott add to the competition. There will also be a Viola and Cello judge to be announced soon. Here is a link to the bios and hope to see many Maestronet peeps there. Judge Bios
  13. WOW!!! Just amazing work. A few VSA competitions ago my violin was next to yours on the tables and was VERY humbling
  14. Thanks guys! After 4 days of filming and interviews with a crew of 15 following around it was hard to tell what they would come up with. After seeing it I am happy with the angle they took. I have lots to learn and having fun doing it. I have met so many great people in this violin world of ours. Heck will probably kick the bucket at the bench
  15. AHHH, But it has to be loved by someone
  16. Thanks MikeC. I have met and continue to meet so many inspiring and great people doing what I do now. I have learned so much from many other makers/friends in the business and all I can do is keep trying!!
  17. WOW, Time does fly!!! Well for what it is worth a little sound clip of my latest, was about 2 feet away so probably getting what the player hear Also for laughs?!?!? I thought I would put up a link to a short Documentary aired on Viceland TV and that Vice filmed with mailchimp It could have been many of us on here who are now makers but looking at all the stories makes it fun. Thanks! Docuseries
  18. I am not sure if those listed here are "undervalued" they do great work and think their instruments sell/retail for around 15K and above. When talking dollar amount, what is undervalued?
  19. Hi, It was really great seeing everyone there. Dirk Henry, won 1st for his viola tone plus a second for workmanship and his violin got 3rd for tone!!! He is doing some amazing work, so glad to be working together again. Here are some pictures of Dirk Henry's viola.
  20. Hi, It was really great seeing everyone there. Dirk Henry, won 1st for his viola tone plus a second for workmanship and his violin got 3rd for tone!!! He is doing some amazing work, so glad to be working together again.
  21. Thanks again Simeon, so looking forward to this fall!!!
  22. Varnish making is very enjoyable to me and I have gotten used to how the varnish reacts depending on how I make.
  23. Looking forward to the next steps, I have a few of mine I am finishing up and closing the box on, so should be ready to go when I get it