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  1. Alex l. Reza

    Don Noon's bench

    Looks GREAT!! and I am sure much better in person. Will be looking forward to seeing and and you at VSA, was sad I was not able to make it to Arizona, missed you guys. Your varnish sounds very similar to what I use. Think simple is better and the beauty comes with the application layers as it develops.
  2. Alex l. Reza

    VSA competition judges

    Nice!!! Looking forward to the competition and seeing old friends.
  3. Alex l. Reza

    Christian Bayon´s bench

  4. Alex l. Reza

    Oberlin workshops

    He is a very amazing player and we/me are lucky to have players of that caliber to give us feed back and try to point us in the right direction.
  5. Alex l. Reza

    Oberlin workshops

    Had a great time at the Acoustics workshop, about 60 people attended. Learned lots and was great having some of of the top makers for one on one sessions as they are always very open and easily approachable. Lots of great instruments to look at, hear and play.
  6. Alex l. Reza

    Pirastro perpetual violin strings

    Has anyone tried the new strings from Pirastro? I was curious to know what players or others think. They have both a synthetic "A" and a steel/chrome "A". What would be the advantage with either "A" string? There are so many choices out there! I am always willing to try new strings and would be great to get input from the community. Thanks!
  7. Alex l. Reza

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    If I can help just contact me. Good with anything I am assigned.
  8. Alex l. Reza


    NIce, small world. Was there in Austin when they did this, was a great show!! Will have to add them to my playlists. Now all you have to do is make a Bass, mandolin
  9. Alex l. Reza

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    I do not post much, but always reading and browsing these forums. Enjoyed lots of what Craig contributed and brought to Maestronet
  10. Alex l. Reza

    Don Noon's bench

    WOW, Great looking violin!! Love your bridge stamp/logo.
  11. Alex l. Reza

    Alex Reza's bench

    WOW, time flies!! For fun, this is my latest violin, having fun with different figured spruce and pics with different lighting trying to get close to the in person color of varnish
  12. Alex l. Reza

    Customer walks in with a violin and what is it?!?!? Help with ID

    Thank you for the input, appreciate it and it helps a lot.
  13. I have a violin that came in for some work and was trying to figure it out. It has a story but not sure how it matches up to what the instrument may be. It is long 363mm and the scroll was painted by great grand dad any help would be great and thanks in advance. Think the name/label/writing is "Antone or Antoni Petro Ratiniidi Flectostriti (47) 1807"
  14. Alex l. Reza

    Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    Nice, I remember that violin very well. It is always great to read your research and observations and I appreciate all you do and all the updates!!! I have yet to set up something with an impact hammer but one day