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  1. Don Noon's bench

    WOW, Great looking violin!! Love your bridge stamp/logo.
  2. Alex Reza's bench

    WOW, time flies!! For fun, this is my latest violin, having fun with different figured spruce and pics with different lighting trying to get close to the in person color of varnish
  3. Customer walks in with a violin and what is it?!?!? Help with ID

    Thank you for the input, appreciate it and it helps a lot.
  4. I have a violin that came in for some work and was trying to figure it out. It has a story but not sure how it matches up to what the instrument may be. It is long 363mm and the scroll was painted by great grand dad any help would be great and thanks in advance. Think the name/label/writing is "Antone or Antoni Petro Ratiniidi Flectostriti (47) 1807"
  5. Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    Nice, I remember that violin very well. It is always great to read your research and observations and I appreciate all you do and all the updates!!! I have yet to set up something with an impact hammer but one day
  6. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Marty, Your instruments are amazing and well thought out. I enjoy all the different ideas and viewpoints that are presented on The Scroll. I think it is developing nicely.
  7. Selling in a saturated market

    I agree, I do my best to keep engaged in social media, website and local advertising. Nowadays my vacations for me are attending the conventions, competitions, workshops, conferences, sponsoring chamber music events, and so on. I make an effort to support the local string community, students, professionals and amateurs. I love making instruments and going on 3 years with a shop I do my best to slowly develop as many different revenue streams as I can so that I can continue to pursue my passion for making, all the while learning as much as I can. From the musicians to the makers I take it all in. I am just happy to have a wife and family that put up with my obsession LOL You are too funny
  8. Minimum top thickness at sound post

    I build pretty "stout" instruments and usually stay around 3.3-3.75 at sound post. I have seen many newer contemporary instruments with 1.9!!! and the edges down to nothing also. Makes me wonder how they would stand up over time.
  9. Julian Cossmann Cooke's bench

  10. Help with violin ID

    Thank you. The re varnish and scroll were throwing me off. Appreciate it
  11. Help with violin ID

    Violin brought in by a customer circa 1900? No label or markings inside, fully lined and blocked. Was repaired at Robertson's about 20 years ago. Has grafted scroll and extensive repairs to the scroll and several small pins to the upper bout of the back. Thanks!!
  12. Good Cello Makers

    With a budget of 5K for both cello and bow, you will be hard pressed to find something that is not a factory instrument or that will need some work. They are out there it just takes time and patience as you look around. Both Julian and Not Telling might be able to help you out. Both are good people. Good Luck.
  13. VSA Preconvention session

    Some very nice pics!!!
  14. Wanted: CT scans of scrolls

    For those who are interested, there is some software that I have used to convert DICOM files to STL and then can be used for other modeling software or converted to G-code for 3D printing or CNC work. I downloaded the CT Scans from the Library of Congress and used that data. The open source software is DeVide and available for download at the following link. It has been a few years since I have used it but there are some tutorials online and it is nice to use once you get the hang of it. Here is a Youtube video tutorial on some of the steps.