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  1. Good Cello Makers

    With a budget of 5K for both cello and bow, you will be hard pressed to find something that is not a factory instrument or that will need some work. They are out there it just takes time and patience as you look around. Both Julian and Not Telling might be able to help you out. Both are good people. Good Luck.
  2. VSA Preconvention session

    Some very nice pics!!!
  3. Wanted: CT scans of scrolls

    For those who are interested, there is some software that I have used to convert DICOM files to STL and then can be used for other modeling software or converted to G-code for 3D printing or CNC work. I downloaded the CT Scans from the Library of Congress and used that data. The open source software is DeVide and available for download at the following link. It has been a few years since I have used it but there are some tutorials online and it is nice to use once you get the hang of it. Here is a Youtube video tutorial on some of the steps.
  4. Guidantus or other Italian?? Help with ID

    Thank you all. It goes to show that an expert in the art world should not be writing certificates for violins. I won't name the person as they have certified works by Diego Rivera, Picasso to name a few. Will let the owner know it probably is not what it was certified as
  5. Hi all, Just a bit curious about this violin I got pics of and would like some input of ideas. It has a certificate from a well known expert on Art who has certified valuable artworks, but a violin is something else. It is suppose to be a violin circa 1730 with a label of Andreas Guarnerius facit cremonae Sanctae Teresiae 1662. Thanks in advance and as I get better pics will update.
  6. Carbon fiber violins

    Hi Nathan, I have ordered a few of the Glasser carbon fiber violins for some clients and they are very happy with them and use those for busking, out door events and so on. They are not bad at all and are reasonably priced compared to others. They are a little heavier, think I weighed them in at 540 grams fully set up.
  7. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Thanks for answering some of my questions! Hi Evan, Hope to see you in about a month
  8. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Love the color! I have trouble getting a red violin that is a vibrant yet not in your face color. Yours has that depth of color and clarity. I see that you also varnish and then assemble your instrument? What are the benefits? I have seen other makers that do that and think I might try it on my next one, I am always trying different techniques and people always comment that my violins do not look like from the same maker. Do not know it that is good or bad
  9. Wait...what?

    You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to this and for some to suggest this is a disease, etc is completely ludicrous. It is a criminal doing what a criminal does. Most everyone here knows the history and how long this has been going on with this person. As far as the jail time, according the an article in the paper today ( ) there could be an appeal by the prosecutors to look at the sentence he received as being to easy on him. In the mean time he is behind bars and hopefully all the harm he has done to many will stop. I know first hand many makers, vendors, and customers who have fallen victim to him, and many more who do not know how they have been taken advantage of by this person. Like with the shop in Chicago that was mentioned here about a month ago, there are instruments on consignment that those people need to make sure they are protected from what may be coming from this.
  10. Contemporary violin in concert competition, live

    Congrats!! Will be tuning in, looking forward to it and the violinist will be getting my vote
  11. Fiddler making a fiddle

    Ahhh, I see. Well sorry for the reposting
  12. Fiddler making a fiddle
  13. Fiddler making a fiddle Not sure if this video has been put on here before, but I thought was nice to watch. Hmm. If I could get the link on here that might be good :/
  14. Alternative to ebony for fingerboards?

    I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Alternative to ebony for fingerboards?

    As most have said, one of the main problems with the composite fingerboard is that they do come unglued from the violin, I have had it happen a couple of times. I am not sure I would want to use titebond or another adhesive but the choice is yours. As to the google aspect of some of the thread, I am in strongly considering changing my first name because people I meet locally and at conventions, etc. make the connection with my first name, violins and then the public knowledge: . It is extremely frustrating and unfortunate, but maybe an "Italian" sounding first name will be cool!!!! Thinking of taking my Great-grandfathers first name which was my dad's middle name "Amado", not sure if Italian but kinda liking the sound of it. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem? I think the Beardon's have something on the website Do I need a disclaimer?!