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  1. I've used superglue for many years (RC planes and other projects) and I've never had any problem getting the glue off skin. All I ever needed to do was soak the affected area in water and wait 20 min or so. If this is true they destroyed a Strad just to save this guy from a little discomfort (that he caused himself). What a shame...
  2. There should be some info you can use in there. If you are woried about adhesion try a coat of shellac.
  3. If you can not sneak a tripod in you could try this:
  4. Slightly off topic but if you are interested in Blacksmithing look at
  5. You dont need machinists layout ink to check for high spots. Just use a sharpie or other permanent marker. Alcohol works great to remove it when you are done. I would check the fit of the blade to the frog and the frog to the body. I'm not sure there is much benifit of plane angles higher than about 50 deg (york pitch) unless you want a scraper plane.
  6. I have taken a shot at this on cheap insturments. From my experiance I would recomend you try fitting inexpensive pegs without removing any wood from the violin first. After you have that down then you can procede to a very light reaming (do a trial run in similar wood or a VSO) and fit up your new pegs.
  7. Open the file in a photo editing program (Microsoft photo editor, photo shop or whatever else you have) Click image>resize. In the popup window set the size (200X500 is a bit too small for my taste.. try at least 400X600) Then save the file and upload.
  8. Neil_004

    da gamba

    It sounds like you intend to use a piezo pickup. If that is the case any type of string will work. If you are going to be using a magnetic pickup you will need steel strings. You would also need steel strings if you were going to use a Roland GK-3 or similar pickup.
  9. File card. If it is really stuck you can pick at it with a sharpened stick. Regular cleaning with a file card is much easier.
  10. How about a mirror? Then you would cover both sides (most of the time).
  11. Looks like you need to move the camera back from your subject. The camera probably needs a foot or so to focus even on the close up setting. Give that a shot and let us know. The instructions in spanish and french are the same as the english version.
  12. I dated a girl that played bluegrass (not gut) and both of her's had the flat.
  13. They did not show anything in the video that would indicate that they varied the thickness but all you would have to do is cut out material in the form of the countours and place it in the right area during the lay up. When you vac bag it it will integrate with the other layers and give you your graduations. I would think that they made the bass bar as a seperate piece in a mold and glued it in. It looked like he was using a chisel to fit the bridge feet.