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  1. ...but a 4 turn scroll... Yes. Yes, THAT would be something to see......... i'll blow all their minds!............. 4 turns... yesssssssssss......... so clever! so new! 4 turnssssssssssss....... yesssssssss... or five?
  2. So sad. So silly. Fair thee well, my beautiful abrasive. You were to beautiful for a world such as this.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find this stuff. I don't think they make it anymore.(something about the environment, whaa whaa whaa ) It's my favorite abrasive, and my stash is running low/wearing out. Anyone have some to sell? Any hints? Anyone? I've got cash.
  4. No, it's not. My spelling is bad, but not that bad. Fair enough. Fellow also may have been talking about repairing a sidewalk or fixing the crust on a pie. We may never know. But Godspeed! dear Fellow. Whatever "crack" you are trying to fill, then by God, fill the hell out of it! For it is crack fillers like you, NO! Like ALL of us that keep the world turning. Does it matter if it is a crack in a violin or a crack in the Earth's crust? Well... Yes. Yes it does... a little. But not so much that we should not ALL strive to fill any and all cracks we see promptly and in the m
  5. Bluntly? No. It is not an o.k. way to repair a crack. What you seem to be trying to do is some sort of lazy, half-assed through patch. If you try to remove and replace wood only from the outside of the instrument, you will screw it up. If you are removing wood and replacing wood, you need to be approaching it from the other side, i.e. the inside. But f--k it. What harm could you do? Have fun.
  6. You will not be dissappointed by the Lie-Nielsen low angle jack plane. It well suited for joining and a beautiful, well made tool that will serve you for a lifetime. (Can I have my free plane now, Lie-Nielsen?)
  7. Perfect! Don't change a thing!
  8. I very gently scrape and sand the original neck so that it more closely matches the new shim. I'm really just removing dirt and grease and the like, so no harm done in my book. Once the two pieces match (both look fairly "white" and new), the way I finish the neck effects both the pieces in the same way. Doesn't work so well if the new maple isn't well choosen and aligned.
  9. In my opinion, there is not a thing wrong with using more then two pieces for a top. I've seen many very nice violins with multipule top and backs. Most recently a beautiful Asa White. And a long time ago a Stanley with a 5 piece back. That made me a bit nervous.
  10. That sounds like a soundpost crack. The only way to correctly repair that crack is to do a soundpost patch on the interior of the violin. Make very sure that this was done before you consider this violin. Good luck.
  11. arglebargle


    I like to get old books of no particular value or importance and use that paper. OLD books. It's already aged and the paper is nice.
  12. Auction prices reflect the "wholesale" market. An accurate retail price is usually double. There are many reasons for this. The retail market includes restoration cost, a resale guarantee, the risk of buying a "speculative" instrument, marketing, overhead costs, etc. A good retail shop will stand behind the condition and provenance of an instrument. Even the best auction houses offer no guarantees. A good risk? Caveat emptor!
  13. Well, you might want to consider making the neck projection a bit higher then 27. If the whole thing settles after it's strung up, which they usually do, in my experience, then you might wind up at 25, a little low. If it's at 28 or even 29, you will be right on the mark. If it doesn't settle, then that's not still all that high. Just a thought.
  14. No. That is not the question your comments beg. The question would be: Can you tell the difference between a Rembrandt copy painted by a Japanese (or Chinese) person and a copy painted by a Dane? I thinks the answer would be no, not necessarily.
  15. Wow. Just wow. "Pagoda like corners?" Such a broad brush. Such a large country. So many talented makers and decent factories. Wow. I'm sure you would agree that every instrument produced in whatever country you call home would be instantly recognizable as being from your country based on regional food and dance and climate and the predominant architectural trends and political history. Way to go!
  16. This is why I don't put much, if any, stock in weighing the parts and pieces of my violin. Maybe this marks me as incurious or ignorant, but hey You have made a beautiful plate, very clean, with reasonable graduations. Is it flexable? Does it ring? Does it bend well? Are your graduations really consistent? If so, leave it be. Why chase after one particular number, the weight? If you've done everything right and to the best of your ability, finish up and see what happens. Don't worry about the weight. It is only one factor, and one that, if you've done everything else well, is pr
  17. It goes without saying that if the job has been done well, there should be no way to tell. But I guess I just said it. Otherwise Mr. Yacey was right on the mark.
  18. I was thinking early this morning. Never good. I think we can safely say that most if not all people on this forum have a deep love for all things violin. The pleasure that we get from making and repairing these instruments cannot be understated. At least for me. However, I was wondering what particular aspect or task or job do you hate about violin making? What is it that you put off and put off for as long as possible? What is it that you would gladly pay anyone else to do? And perhaps do. For me it is linings. There is just something about the process that I find tedious and
  19. I was wondering has anyone heard of this Nagyvary fellow? Anyone have any opinions? Anyone?
  20. Just to say thanks for the replies. I will leave it be and continue. Darren- I was fortunate and privileged to be able to take the model from the players/owners instrument. That was alot of fun! Thanks.
  21. I've just started a new model based on a Santos Seraphin violin. Everything looks good, and seems to be coming together. Except... The rib height is a bit too small. Upper to lower is 27.7-29.5 The original has fairly narrow ribs, but not quite that narrow. So, I'm planning on proceeding, but would like any opinions about problems that may arise, or sound issues, arching compensations, etc. Or should I just scrap the garland. As I said, It's my first time with this model, so it's a learning experience one way or another. Thanks!
  22. Really, how likely is it that Chris Germaine is going to respond to any or every request from any or every violin maker that considers him/herself viable. Maybe I should stop typing and try. If there is a standard, which J.Holmes seemed to indicate there was, what is it? Is it an open process that I can submit my work to? Do I need an "in"? The friend of a friend example is funny(Sally), but at the same time serves to remind everyone else just where they stand. If Oberlin is open only to specifics, great. But let us know. If you only want people of a certain caliber, just tell us
  23. This is a fascinating discuission. Since Oberlin was brought up, I too was under the impression that it was an invite only event. I've heard stories of aspiring violin makers washing dishes to be there. Whether or not this is a true story, I believe there is an "old boy" aspect to the violin elite. I say this with no sour grapes. Really, it's just an observation. If Oberlin were open on a first come first serve basis, I would have had my name in the q long ago. I want to go. I will pay any amount. Can I sign up? Is the answer is no? Am I wrong? PM me! Just how open is this gatherin
  24. Yes, it is terrible when someone is seriously injured or killed, no matter what the situation. While I may be stunningly dull, I do not see the point in comparing an accident occuring on a road crew with an accident sustained in a violin shop. Expecting people to take personal responsibility does not make me callous and cruel, nor is it a measure of my capacity as an employer. Accidents happen, and to expect an employer to create an environment where they cannot is ridiculous. Forcing them to do so would quickly bring industry to a grinding halt. It is a middle ground of sensible and saf