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  1. After repairing countless tops with blossoming bassbarre/soundpost cracks, I am proud to boast the loosest, most poorly fitted saddles in the business. Only 5,000 American dollars, today only! Hooooray!
  2. Fair enough. You would have to admit that the majority of ebay/violin related postings here are negative, or have there origin in some charge of fraud or bamboozlement. Seeing as how PHound is a member and regular contributor here, I simply thought the question might be better directed to him in private. But hey, no harm no foul. Play on.
  3. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to speak to the man directly, through an email or a p.m., rather then call him out on a public forum for what seems to be a triffling, non-issue. If you have an issue with his ebay practices, tell him about it. Do you want all of us to get out the pitchforks for you? Or better yet, get off ebay all together. Look. Your looking for violins on EBAY!!!!!!!!! What exactly do you want?
  4. Say. How did that back arch get onto that top plate?
  5. Ed Campbell might debate who started down the tap tone/ mode adjusting road. As I recall, his ideas on the subject emerged at about the same time as hers. Or earlier? Or he might not. Ask Mr. Campbell himself.
  6. Yes but... If a Hutchins violin didn't work well,or even sound good, as some claim, then what does her approach matter? The world is littered with outside the box violins. Are they worthy of praise simply because they stand "outside the box"? Or that the maker had what they thought was a fully realized theory and execution? We make tools. If people don't like the sound, or the feel, or any number of other aspects, then we make wall hangings. No offense, but just because you have a firm grasp of the theory and science behind why your violins, or a violin, should sound great, doesn't mean it will. And most importantly, it doesn't mean a violinist shopping for his or her next instrument will give a flip for the science behind it. Just my silly little 2 cents. Think on, thinkers! Think on.
  7. He makes GREAT stuff. His peg shavers are perfect. I spoke with him about a step over clamp for the cello. He doesn't make one, but has been thinking about it. We had an interesting conversation about some alternatives to clamps. Good ideas. If he makes it, I will buy it.
  8. Thanks! No picture, but the description sounds right. Hooray!
  9. Yeah. I've tried all those. I've clamped a stiff piece of plywood to the ribs over the area, and used the threaded rod. And the cursed tired thumb. I don't trust that for a patch, and don't have the stamina to hold it overnight. I guess I am looking for something a bit more refined and accurate. Thanks though.
  10. So... I'm looking for a clamp that can fit over cello ribs, for gluing patches, cleats, etc to a back. An opening over 120mm, and a nice depth. Any hints or suppliers? Thanks everyone!
  11. More then once I found myself needing to bush my A-hole. The key is to make sure your bushing stock fits tightly into your A-hole, or else it may pop out with use. And be sure to lubricate your bushed A-hole, else the pegs will slip out, or even worse, lock up. Oh! And don't force the bushing into your A-hole, it may crack it! Then you'll need even more bushing. ewwww.
  12. Nooo problem. You're not to shabby yourself. :) B)
  13. Thanks Argle! You sure are a great guy. So helpful and smart.
  14. October, 2006. That was a nice article by Andrew Finnigan.
  15. Does anyone remember which issue of The Strad had the trade secrets on peghole layout? Thanks.
  16. Indeed. It was my impression that many of the better/lesser known American makers have been re-labeled as Italians for many years now. Perhaps the Italian well has run dry when it comes to the big names, and we will be seeing a steady stream of "smaller" names coming up to bat. Or maybe we already are! So, who out there can really!!!! spot a fake Antoniazzi/Fagnola/Bisiach/Bisiach school/Sgarabatto violin.
  17. An honest observation, with no intent to offend: Does anyone else find it ironic that MingLoo brought up a topic that has led to a discussion of somebody's product on this forum? Does the creator/marketer/profiteer of this product have any obligation to bow out so as not to be perceived as pushing their product? Again, I just found it funny. But it's late and I should really be.......going........
  18. Um. I thought Ken Su was doing the restoration. Why would you apply anything? This is one of the more difficult jobs, fixing shattered and distorted cello ribs. If I were you, I would just back away and let a professional you trust do the work. But hey, it's your cello.
  19. Personally, I find it "easier" to identify an instrument all put together. It makes it harder to get a whole picture of the thing when you have two or more pieces of it in your hands. There isn't much on the inside that can't be discovered with a mirror and an inspection light. Good luck.
  20. Well now. Think of the money you could have saved with a dental mirror and an inspection light. But we don't do this for the money, do we.
  21. However you add the replacement button, I would also add an ebony crown to the new button. It will really help hide the joint, draw the eye away, and add a touch of "class" to an unfortunate situation.
  22. Then I made a really dumb mistake. I cut out the back on the bandsaw and cut away the button. As I understand it, the button is really important for the neck joint. Is there a way to save the back or do I have to make a new one? It would be a shame to have ruined that nice piece of wood. Matthias Congratulations! You are officially on your way to being a violin maker. Although I'm sure they exist, I have never personally met a maker that hasn't cut off a button. But only once!
  23. Kevin McElroy at Frost Gully Violins in Freeport, Maine. A bit of a drive, but a good shop and good work.
  24. MingLoo, or whatever your name is, wherever you "grew up", however "radicalized" you may be, you are nothing but a huckster and charlatan. "ran across this thread" my a**.