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  1. My practice exactly. If you do it once, no foul. If you do it twice...
  2. Exactly, "Glenn". Seems to me you're pretty anonymous yourself. Will the real "Glenn York" stand up! :) B) ( I'm just fooling. I don't really care. )
  3. Wow. That's quite a broad brush your using. I choose to remain anonymous because I need to keep distance between myself and my employer. It would be unfair to my employer if people took what I said on this forum as the stance of his business. What I write here are my own thoughts and opinions, and the easiest way to keep it that way is to remain anonymous. There is nothing sinister about it. If people care about who I am, (I assume they don't) there are ways of finding out.
  4. Well, that's a hell of a thing. Food for thought, indeed. I kind of had a feeling that nothing "good" was happening, but I wasn't sure what. I appreciate your forthright opinion, as usual. Thanks.
  5. Any opinions on treating instruments with ozone prior to applying the ground?(whatever it is that you may or may not use.) I've tried it on a few instruments, and it creates a very interesting effect. It seems to really enhance the flame and the spruce. Sort of akin to a really strong sun tan, only in just a couple of hours. I'm concerned about any damage to the wood, or just what changes ozone exposure may cause to the wood structure. Any thoughts? Thanks. edit: Just to be specific, I generate the ozone using electricity in a sealed tank. An old oil burner transformer modified to create an open spark, into the tank with the instrument, then sealed for a few hours. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone seen this brand before? Any info would be great! Thanks in advance.
  7. Is that your opinion? Or it it an "informed" statement? Is your "info" opinion, or irrefutable fact? Do you have proof that "Nicolaus" is a self-promoting amature, or is that your opinion? And just what does "self-promoting amature" mean? And who the hell do you think you are? Just curious.
  8. um...not to split hairs, but those don't appear to be top plates. Top plates are, more often then not, spruce and are much easier to join than the back plates, maple, which is what you seem to have there. But good advice so far! umm... Just to be clear, I would put the maple away and start with the spruce top plates. Much easier, and it will give you a sense of what you are working towards.
  9. Yes. Take everything off and look. Spend an hour (no joke) looking at every aspect of it. Look inside. Figure it out. Before I ever work on an instrument I sit with it and try to get a solid grasp of the thing. Often this is just me spacing out with a violin and a loupe, but hey, it helps. Cheaper instruments may take 5 min or less. Fantastic ones, exponentially longer. Good luck.
  10. Wow. So very clearly photo-shopped. So, I guess it begs the question, What else is not as it seems? Why not make your photo-shopped E at least meet the slot in the nut? Why not just put a real e-string on it? R.A.Wilson, where are you?!!!! Oh yeah, you're dead. God speed.
  11. zefir68, that was a stand up thing you did. I hope there are no hard feeling.
  12. Yuen, you are a kind and good fellow. Bury them in your back yard. In salted earth. With a sharpened soundpost driven through the back. In a new moon. With garlic stuffed through the f-holes. Then pray, my friend, pray for all you are worth. May God have mercy on your soul.
  13. As I re-read my post, I see nothing in it that accused you of not studying and sacrificing for your career. I am sure you did. Most of us do. What I was addressing was the implication that you put forth that people in the violin trade are deliberately withholding information about violins, deliberately misleading people, and generally being unscrupulous. The brush you painted everyone with was so broad as to be laughable, if it wasn't also so nasty.
  14. Here's the big secret... There is no video, there is no book, there is no magic formula, there is no cabal, there is no secret society, there is no mafia, there is no absolute, there are no degrees of right or wrong, there is no yes, and yes, there is no no. There are no pictures that will tell you right or wrong, there is no "violin master" that is withholding secrets from anyone. Again, so you can hear it. THERE IS NO "VIOLIN MASTER" WITHHOLDING SECRETS FROM ANYONE! There are only violins. Mostly made by poor craftsmen who lived along time ago. Look at them. Look at as many as you can. Look at thousands. Study and sacrifice. Then you will know what you are talking about. Maybe. There are people who have devoted their lives for this tiny little craft. Some have gotten rich, most have not. But all who have sacrificed out of love and passion for this instrument. If you don't get that, then what can one say. Knock the chip off your shoulder and go buy your violin from Reuning and be done with it. What does anyone have to prove to you?
  15. I just wonder, were you approaching this violin as a potential purchase, or were you just looking around? Was your violin there to be compared against? Personally, a stranger off the street that comes in and tells me my neck doesn't feel right doesn't hold a lot of importance to me. Not that I'm perfect (Lord knows), but that I work hard, do the best I can, and I don't have much time for random critics with no real interest beyond criticism. Again, any criticism is welcome, but I won't necessarily give a flip for all of it. Think of a random audience member that runs into you and tells you your vibrato is all wrong. Do you have an obligation to adjust your playing for him/her? If that person was paying you a lot of money to make a specific recording for him, then yes, you do. Otherwise, would you give it much thought? It seems to me that you think quite a bit about your opinions of what a violin should or should not be. Maybe not every violin maker agrees, and maybe that is a good thing.
  16. Violin makers need to have very thick skin. Both for the sharp tools and the rejection of their instruments for others. If you were seriously interested in purchasing one of my instruments, I would listen and adjust what ever it was that you didn't like, within reason. (What D. Burgess said) If you were simply browsing, or "kicking tires", I might take your suggestions a little lighter, perhaps even(gasp) offering a counter point as to why I did this or that on this or that particular model. If you don't like my instrument, I would certainly want to know why. But my response would be different based on whether you are a serious buyer or not. It can take weeks for a player to be 100% satisfied with a new instrument, and a lot of work on my part. Not really worth it if you are not really serious. That said, criticism is ALWAYS welcome. You can't hurt my feelings. (I have none )
  17. Pizzeria La Pendola. Best pizza. Anywhere. Ever.
  18. You had me at Bacon and Beer and Bourbon and Burgers. I had to stop reading and go eat and get drunk.
  19. Well... You could always blacken the rest of it?
  20. Does anyone have any experience with this book? It looks interesting, and it's not very expensive, but I'm pretty poor It's also available from Strobel's website. Thanks!
  21. Well. And just how do you know this? And why would you tell us?