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  1. I made this jig, (from this design picture #4 ) a few years ago and I couldn't believe how much easier it made installing a bass bar. I've since made one for viola and cello and they work beautifully. I also like the fact that there are no cleats and cleat remnants to deal with after glueing. It is well worth the time it took to make. After a little practice I can fit a bass bar in under ten minutes. Thanks Sharon Que! (I REALLY like this jig!)
  2. Spruce. Spruce, being a softer wood, is better suited for what you want it to do. Grab hold of the seam/ crack and don't let it go. Glueing maple to maple does not make for as strong a bond, cleat-wise anyway. Make them the appropriate size and you should have no ill effects sound-wise.
  3. So, Tarisio's lot # 342: estimated at 3,000-5,000. Sold for 100,000. Anyone care to guess what it really is? :) B)
  4. SO! I thinks I've found some. It was hiding in the Dick catalogue, under precision hand grinder or some such thing. Observe: I've ordered some large rectangular replacement plates, so we will see if these work as well. (In fact, I've ordered ALL the replacement plates, so you all are out of luck )
  5. Some interesting instruments, but I have to say, the "Molitor" Strad is one of the more beautiful violins out there. There are strads, and there are Stradivarius, and that violin is a great example of what the man was capable of at his best. Huzzah, you dead Italian!
  6. Some interesting instruments, but I have to say, the "Molitor" Strad is one of the more beautiful violins out there. There are strads, and there are Stradivarius, and that violin is a great example of what the man was capable of at his best. Huzzah, you dead Italian!
  7. I wonder if it has it's original bass bar, or if it was "improved." "Slimy" indeed.
  8. but Maestronet has just kept getting worse and worse. I know very little about servers and what-not, but I do know that every other site I visit, (ones with huge amounts of animated flash ads and etc.) load quickly and completely. I go to Maestronet, and pbbbt. Nothing or just mind-numbingly slow. There must be some sort of fix? Please? (Thanks for the vent.)
  9. Let's all say this a few dozen times. I'm sure that between two Strads, or any maker, modern or otherwise, one would be able to pick one that was better suited to them, that had a sound that they considered superior. Why? Let's all say it again: They all come out different.
  10. I personally find the f-holes sooooo much easier to "see" with the purfling installed. It's kind of like looking at an idea of a violin, rather then the actual thing. I'm aware that this is the order of work for a lot of people, but it never made any sense to me. Oh well
  11. Honestly, I would just leave it alone and proceed as you would. Experience has shown me that the more you "eff" with little spots like that, the worse they get. And once you start really adding color, that might be the least of you worries. If you do a good job with your colored varnish, then no one will notice. And if they do? Screw em. Tell them you did it on purpose, and do a better job the next time.
  12. So what is it? And what exactly would you like to know?
  13. oops. I guess a j-hole's not what I assumed it was. Proceed.
  14. So, the final price for the pictures was $75,076. Interesting. Seems like a fair price to me, but the starting price of half a million seemed pretty outrageous Guess I don't really know what to make of it. How would you value something like that?
  15. Please point out the instance where I said he was "lying" about this instrument. This topic took a rather interesting (imo) turn into what does a picture reveal about a violin. At no point did I ever accuse the original poster of lying about the viola. As eyewitnesses have shown, this is an UNDAMAGED instrument. Fine. I believe it 100%. There is no damage to this viola. Hooray!!!! :) It was a curious picture, which more then a couple of people seemed to think showed major damage. If I were to be shown that picture today, out of the blue, with no info about it's origin or owner
  16. People still make that model. I saw an example in the last few years. It's big and funky. And very beautiful. I don't remember by who or from when. It wasn't particularly new. German? Gutter? Don't do drugs.
  17. What crack? I just see a string reflection.
  18. Now, I don't mean to be an a-hole, or to stir a pot that's already cooked, but how in God's name do you see those as string reflections? They are broken, bent lines that don't make any sense as a reflection. For example, the first line, or the "e string reflection", clearly stops and moves about a mm over to the treble side. So, if we were all looking at this violin on the Tarisio website, trying to decide whether or not to bid on it during an auction, would you really look at that picture and decide that it's just string reflections? I think not. And can anyone show me another pic
  19. Yup. I'm seeing the same thing. Strange. There also appears to be some varnish damage on the back in some pictures, but not in others. A beautiful instrument, all the same. I hope it's o.k.
  20. Again. Good advice offered and some silly excuse from Yuen. Just buy the damn book! Don't worry, it won't make you an expert.
  21. Yuen, this is a simple procedure. You can easily do it with your hammer, screwdriver, dulled cutting instrument, tape measure, thumb tacks, balled up twine, sorghum glue, fish paste, fence jack, tattoo ink caddy, mitre box cozy, left-handed bacon stretcher, and pencil. GO FOR IT! :) B)
  22. One must always love and respect the Carcassi brothers, for whatever reason.