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  1. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Cairo, Georgia?
  2. string grooves position at nut

    I think this is a very important distinction that the violin making community would be well served in keeping in mind. Restoration and repair on an owned and played instrument must conform to the needs of a specific player, their body type, their idiosyncrasies. What you would do for one player you might never be asked to do again. Unless you are making a commissioned instrument for a specific person, new instrument making needs to be as uniform and standard as possible if you are to put it in the hands of many different players and expect a positive reaction. I am not speaking of the visual aspect, but only the playability. The "numbers" if you will.
  3. Argle Bargle

    Thanks Nate!
  4. Opinion on Commissioned Violin

  5. include model on label?

    Or you could just explain it yourself to the buyer of your instrument. And if you are uncomfortable with the "wonkiness" of a copy being mistaken for a lack of skill on your part, perhaps you are using the wrong model, at least for now. Maybe use a model that will challenge you to do cleaner, more precise work? (And that doesn't have to be a f**king Strad for christ sake!)
  6. Cleaning rosin & gunk for violins with acetone

    Seconded. Diluted vulpex works great. But DILUTED, like 7 to 1. Straight will remove varnish.
  7. How to glue uprighr

    Start by taking the set up off and relieving the tension. It won't go back if it's being pulled out of place.
  8. Belt sander guilt

    Don't use a belt sander! Come on! You should use an oscillating spindle sander. The drums give a better curve to the feet and you can get much closer to an accurate fit.
  9. Angry today

    I have not read the article, but if this is the case, I don't see how it's anyone's responsibility to correctly identify the work pictured besides the magazine. It sounds as though they had numerous pictures to choose from (with the workmanship correctly identified), and C.J. had no idea which pictures would be used. It doesn't sound like at any point the picture was being mis-attributed, rather the magazine dropped the ball when the chose to use the picture in question, (which it sounds like they very easily couldn't have) and they didn't correctly attribute it. Again, haven't read the article, but I get the impression it wasn't an article about this particular back or violin, but rather the process. Just my two cents, cause that is JUST what this thread needs more of.
  10. How Messy can Your Shop get?

    Cool. Did you make it or buy it or both?
  11. 5 string

    Go for the good sounding c every time.
  12. 5 string

    Maybe make a small 5 string viola instead?
  13. Everclear alcohol

    Well, that seems logical.
  14. Everclear alcohol

    O.k. Could you tell me the difference between ETOH (what I understand to be ethyl alcohol, or booze) and 190 proof grain alcohol. And why one is safer than the other? Honest question.
  15. Everclear alcohol

    Really? I know you can drink 190 proof alcohol, but why would you? I really don't understand what you mean by everclear being safer than "rum or Bourbon". Seriously curious.