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  1. G A Pfretzschner

    Has anyone familiar with GA Pfretzschner violin bows seen one with only two stars after the name? I've seen none and three stars, but I'm wondering if the shop used different numbers to indicate quality. Thanks!
  2. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I've seen one willow backed violin. It was dark.
  3. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    Yes, this. I can't imagine a low F would sound good (or at least acceptable) on a cello. It's the same reason I think 5 string violas sound better than 5 string violins. The body of a violin can't make a C string sound. Try the suggested experiment before you get too involved.
  4. Sandvik sandplate substitute

    Hi Brad, Davide's pictures are a good example of their uses. Here are my tools: Basically, anywhere that you use a file or rasp you can use sandplate. More aggressive than sandpaper, and it lasts for years. I've used one of these for well over 15 years, almost daily, and it is still going strong. It can obviously be bent and cut into many different shapes. Bridges, neck mortises, turning edges, whatever shape you can come up with. Of course, if you don't want it, I'm happy to take it off your hands.
  5. Sandvik sandplate substitute

    I've tried those and they just don't work for me like sandplate does. At least not the way I use it. I like that you can cut sandplate into shapes for specific tasks.
  6. Sandvik sandplate substitute

    I've periodically asked about sources for this stuff, so heads up. It seems that Stewmac has started making it again. Here. I got some, and although I haven't used it yet, it certainly seems like the real deal. Have at it!
  7. Advice Needed for Cello Repair

    Before you proceed further, please do as suggested and remove the useless and potentially damaging huge cleats. Please.
  8. Guns and violin making

    Boy, I sure hope this shit gets shut down soon before ignorant-ass people ruin this forum. Why in God's name does every aspect of life have to become political. This is, and I hope will continue to be, a place where I don't have to be subjected to peoples political opinions. What a shame.
  9. Grizzler 10" wet grinder - my TORMEK is not working

    What's the hurry? I've never spent more than 10 min with the tormek, usually under five once you have the various tool set-ups working. I love being able to place the tool on the stone and not worry about burning it. It makes sharpening a much more relaxing process.
  10. New fingerboard material

    My thought on this sort of innovation is that it would really be worth it for cello and basses, not so much for violins/violas. The amount of ebony needed for high quality larger fingerboards, combined with the time needed to work them, would make things like this a good investment. Provided they work. I could see dropping a few hundred bucks for a great cello fingerboard that required little to no work. Provided they work.
  11. New fingerboard material

    I have to say, watching the top of the varnished pegbox being planned away (in the installation video) doesn't inspire me. Good grief!
  12. New fingerboard material

    Another new fingerboard innovation. HERE I tried the last one, out several years ago (not by Krentz) but gave it up after multiple glue failures. Anyone here take the plunge?
  13. Recognize this resin?

    Yeah, I recognize it. It's mine. I lost it a while ago. Please send it back, and thank you for finding it. I was very worried.
  14. Power tools for carvin violin back

    Trust the long gouge! I made one with an old Buck Brothers socket gouge, stock wooden parts from big hardware and epoxy. It made the work phenomenally easier. Make/get one now. You will not regret it. Mine, 20" total length: