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  1. That was my experience. Tried it on a violin, it came off, re-glued it, it came off a second time and went straight in the trash. I contacted them about this and they suggested scoring the underside, but still not a risk worth taking.
  2. More to the point, if you don't have the ability to make an accurate, workable mold, you might as well hang up your violin making aspirations now.
  3. Second for the carbon paper. Cheap and re-useable. I use a knife to get as close as possible, then a scraper (broken glass) to get all the way there.
  4. Raw, cut with turpentine and or spirit, colors added as needed. I really liked the look and was getting pretty comfortable with it. On to something else!
  5. I'm not sure what the production process is. Any information they had is no longer on the website. It is thick like honey, smells fresh and piney, dissolved easily in spirit and turps.
  6. Hi all, Kremer pigments no longer carries the Strasbourg turpentine dark balsam. Does anyone here know of another supplier? Or a good substitute? Thanks!
  7. I'm getting rid of some old peg shapers. I haven't used them in quite some time. $200 for all 5, shipping included in the USA, pay pal preferred. Message me with any questions.
  8. Jesus, you are an ass. I hope you finally get some help, because there is clearly something wrong with you.
  9. Now that seems like a "waste of time."
  10. I bought one as well. Very happy. Please see thread here.
  11. I was there 1996-97. Dai-Ting Chung (of the Chimei collection) had just graduated when I arrived.