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  1. It's a nyckelharpa. Nice tune!
  2. Thanks, this is another instrument though. It was meant to show the effect of shading by adding color. "glazing" I think the technique is called
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I have done some shading before, but usually by adding color, not removing. Here's an example.
  4. Hi Andreas, I won't try to antique it as I do not have the skills I hope the "fire engine" red will tone down a bit when I apply some dark varnish over it. Maybe this was how some heavily colored Strads looked like when new... , I have also blackened the chamfers as seen on some cremonese instruments.
  5. Thanks for the offer, I'd be happy to try your new varnish. My thought was to apply some dark varnish to tone down the bright red at this stage (this is just ground + alizarine color concentrate) Very sorry to hear about your loss
  6. Thanks, these are hopefully a bit sharper.
  7. Tack Ska snart börja passa in halsen på nästa.
  8. Well, not precisely worries, more of a convenience for me. The set up I had earlier was a pair of small facial tanning solariums with 1 hour timers, which required me running to the workshop every hour and start them over.
  9. Hi Jan, Here is a link to my bench tread where you can see how I did with the drying "box". I used two 5m led strips. It is not so fast as the solariums i used before but I can leave it overnight without worries.
  10. Yes! I have made a couple of the same model before.
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