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  1. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    Looks handy, Does the entire piece have to fit into the box? (I'm thinking of marking tool handles etc.)
  2. Casein glue and ground

    I also suspect the lime might be the problem in Kimmo case.
  3. Casein glue and ground

    Kimmo, I have followed the grounding recipe on Peter KG:s homepage on some violins and it has worked well for me. I used pit lime from Kremer and fat free quark + a little bit of linseed oil. Earlier I have also tried making casein with powder, water and ammonia. Mix casein powder and water then add drops of ammonia and stir until it dissolves. The powder/ammonia casein looks a little different from Peters recipe, something like the third picture here. You can buy stronger ammonia from the pharmacy.
  4. Gunnar Hellquist anybody?

    Seems you have a Swedish made viola (Uddevalla) Googling the name did not turn up much.
  5. 5 string

    For the 5 string (a small viola) I recently made I was a bit nervous about the e string sound. I used the daddario viola high e string which seems to work fine though.
  6. Viola plate weights

    Thank you lpr5184!
  7. Paper fibres caught in varnish

    I have used an oil color glaze on some violins. Spread the oil color with your fingers, a small area at a time. Tap the surface with your fingers to even out. Spread very thin to not lose transparency. If you are not satisfied, it is easy to wipe off with paper towel and start over. Let it dry thoroughly and put a varnish layer or two on top. Old wood varnish has a Youtube video that shows the technique. Good luck!
  8. Viola plate weights

    Thanks, Carl.
  9. Viola plate weights

    Here is a short sound clip. I tried to play on all strings. It's recorded on my mobile phone so sorry for the poor quality, but you get an idea of the sound. (still getting used to the tighter string spacing) V 2.-11-2017_11-40-11.mp3
  10. Viola plate weights

    The viola is finished now and I'm happy to rapport it is responsive and seems to work well on all 5 strings. I used warchal karneol short scale viola strings and a daddario viola e-string.
  11. Peter KG's Bench

    Well I can volunteer to test drive it for you
  12. Fjodor´s bench

    Thank you. On this one I made the scoop quite close to the edge. Interesting how small changes can affect the looks.
  13. Peter KG's Bench

    I agree it looks really nice in the picture.!
  14. Instrument varnished with my product

    Lovely varnish, Christian!
  15. Fjodor´s bench

    Some progress with varnishing the viola. I made a "drying box" with two uv led strips in a metal pipe. It seems to work well. The varnish is a couple of layers of Peter KG's oil varnish (nice stuff and then a bit of Eugene Holtiers brown varnish colored with madder lake. The ground is Old wood refractive ground on top of casein emulsion.