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  1. Thank you. I have my second lesson Tuesday and we'll be noting on the D string. I'm very excited and practice everyday! vc
  2. Had my first lesson today and played several lines of open string music(after my violin was tuned), did some string crossovers and my teacher said I did quite well. I felt very good about myself. Can't wait till next week. vc
  3. So, con ritmo, you're saying just the opposite of what stauzart said, correct? How then do all four fingers reach the G string comfortably? Is it with the left elbow swing? Thanks. vc
  4. Thank you so much Stauzart for your instruction as to moving the violin more to the left. This seems to allow at least three fingers to comfortably reach the G string with the fourth(pinky) coming close. I know with practice all four will work. I had my violin out too far in front of me to reach the strings. Thanks again. vc
  5. As a beginner, I'm having difficulty reaching the G string with more than three fingers comfortably. Any suggestions? Thanks. vc
  6. Do any of you use a chromatic tuner to tune your violin and if so, how well does it work and if not, what do you use? Thanks. vc
  7. I have a decision to make and maybe you can help? I can take violin lessons twenty minutes away for a half an hour at $35 or drive an hour away for a 30 minute lesson also for $35. The first is at a small music store that offers several different instrument lessons while the other is from a large music store that puts on recitals, etc. Please help me. Both would be my first lessons. Thanks. vc
  8. How much would you say is standard for a half hour lesson/ an hour lesson and which would you recommend for a beginner? Thanks. vc
  9. I always sing the parts when I play......... vc