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  1. This looks like a very nice violin! Interesting bows & nice price- What is it?
  2. Gee whiz! Those photos are lifted right off the Brobst site. Obviously an amateur crook, but try to report the fraud to eBay? Nothing doing, their form doesn't cover it! eBay should be sued. It's like they're in league with pick pockets at a flea market, as they take their percentage. This crook could pocket the money and vanish, only to re-appear under another user id. The ignorant buyer is unprotected, and may never recover the money. 'Buyer beware' is one thing, but the marketplace should be safe. Sub prime indeed. I had a friend that got scammed on eBay from some dealer in Australia fo
  3. Oops, you're right- I guess I shouldn't mention specific people like that. My apologies to pknorr (who I don't know personally) and the rest of the board.
  4. What a fun story! I was wondering why he left it in the trunk. It's also a good thing Mrs Warren wouldn't tell me the cost, as I would have tried to buy it and I could ill afford even the eBay price! I am now happily married, but my fiance would have killed me if I'd done that.
  5. Two years ago when we were living in Chicago I saw an intriguing violin french violin on eBay listed by an "isoldit" franchise in the city. It was a Lucien L'Humbert Paris 1930. I called them up and went to see it. It looked authentic, it was clean as a whistle, with new dominant strings and oddly, no case. The bridge though, was marked Warren & Sons. I should have gotten suspicious right there and called Warren and Son before bidding, but I didn't think deeply over it being more interested in getting the fiddle for a nice price. I won the violin, outbidding pknorr with something like $5