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  1. I like your version. You have taken what it was really important. I just made a pdf from the text format of the post. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I also made a PDF and have just upload it. You can download it here: Manfio - Carving a scroll step by step
  3. I have bought a complete kit from Hammerl to use on my first violin. I have not used it yet, but I will report when I did.
  4. Well, this is my first violin and I hope this will not be a major problem, I think that the joint is strong enough. Of course I would like it to be perfect, but I will leave it as it is becouse I can see the gap just on the top side, and not on the back. I know my first violin won't be perfect, but I hope to correct all this minor mistakes on successive instruments. I am far from being the best to give you advice, all I can say is correct it if you consider that it is loose or if you are a perfectionist. For the moment, I consider this violin as my "teaching process" and I want to finish it soon.
  5. quote: Originally posted by: COB3 Well, Carlos, I am pretty impressed. You have done a much better job than I did on my first instrument, and much faster. You got right in there, and did it...no fooling around, or taking unearened sabbaticals. I'm anxious to see the completed violin. Blessings upon you and your upcoming marriage. Muchas felicidades! Chet Thank you!! The truth is that I am filled with enthusiasm with this first violin. I hope I kept it for my second, third, etc. I keep all the day working on my violin or reading books about violin making. I find making extremely interesting and gratifying.
  6. I like your clean work. I am also working on my first, cheer up!
  7. I have finally removed the mold with good results. I have had to previously cut the corner blocks and carefully pull outwards both sides, to be able to remove first the lower bouts. Thank you, you are really helpfull.
  8. Well, after a few months I am already seing the end of the process. I am really learning lots of things meanwhile. I could have done it faster, but I will get married next month and have been really busy. Today I have glued the back. Tomorrow I will glue the front. Then I will have to finish the neck (the scroll is already done) and putting it all together. I have already bought the varnish (Joha). Here you have the link of part II of the making. Note I have divided the process in my web, inside "proyectos" you can find "Construccion de violin (Parte I)" and "Construccon de violin (Parte II)". "http://carlosjuan.jimdo.com/construcciyn_violyn_parte_ii.php">http://carlosjuan.jimdo.com/construcciyn_violyn_parte_ii.php
  9. I read in Luis and Clark's webpage that these instruments do have a bass bar made of carbon fiber as well. As you can see on the video, the soundpost is made of wood.
  10. Have you tried with the traditional simple glass?
  11. Perhaps your images are not allowed to be shared, as I cannot access the link you have just posted. You can create an acount and upload your images to http://photobucket.com/ . I like it becouse it easily generates the IMG codes to be attached to your messages. Hope this helps. Carlos
  12. C.B Fiddler, is this under the bench a dremel scrollstation? I once considered purchasing one of those, primary for cutting neck and plates outlines. How does it do the job?
  13. Preparation for cutting f-holes This is the main bench and tool-rack. And a view of the workshop (it’s a garage still with space for 2 cars)
  14. "Violin repair guide". I've found this book to be of great help when setting up a violin. It's not expensive. Here you have an ebay link. http://cgi.ebay.es/VIOLIN-REPAIR-GUIDE-BOO...7QQcmdZViewItem
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