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    My children, repairing what they break, violin family instruments, making things from wood, music, and things that make me sweat. <br />Learning Linux.<br />Air traffic controller by trade.

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  1. 'I'd like to but I'm fresh out of neck blocks.' I have glued up pine cutoffs to make practice scrolls with. My children wanted to be involved so I forced them to hold the chisels and gouges with fingers only and close to the cutting edge. To do as Ben's early scroll work indicates, light short cuts. Trying to avoid uncontrolled cuts. So far so good.
  2. I get good results like this. I use the gear shaped icon in the upper right corner, to the right of the magnifying glass. This takes you to a search page. At the top in 'Find Words' I enter the word or words to search. Just below 'Find Words' and to the right of 'Match', I check 'Search Titles Only'. In 'Find in Forum', I select Pegbox. Searching 'pegbox' this way returned 43 results.
  3. I have no pictures but, add a broken, yikes, plastic ice maker supply line spraying in about a 120 degree pattern to the mess. Centered on the work bench with open drawers below. Table saw to the left, dust collector and band saw to the right. The important wood escaped the water.
  4. Have you clicked on the gear looking button to the right of the magnifying glass in the upper right corner?
  5. Here is one. Excellent Repair Work
  6. " Is it normal to build up fast with metal, it streaks with black on each pass, I clean and flatten it with a diamond stone. " I experience the same thing as I go up through the grits. I have been cleaning as soon as the streaks appear and the polishing process speeds up. When the streaking stops there is usually a polished surface appearing. This is on a 4000 and 6000 Japanese stone.
  7. Depending on how much time, patience and computer experience you have...You can install this software, Virtual Box and install a wide variety of OSs with it. There is also good community support for it, tutorials, how to etc. I currently have virtual box installed in Ubuntu were I run Windows XP. Interestingly, XP boots in about 25 seconds.
  8. Craig, the cd is likely a "live cd" so all you have to do is put the cd in the cd/dvd drive and restart the computer. When the computer restarts you will have the option to boot from the cd, just read the on screen instructions. Here is a link to the Ubuntu LiveCD documentation,LiveCD The Ubuntu forums are a great resource much like this one. I have Ubuntu running on a mac and a pc.
  9. I am not familiar with your playing abilities and experience. Mine is limited though I have a well qualified teacher who is happy to evaluate prospective instruments. It may be worth the effort to take both to the prospective teacher or an accomplished player to have them evaluated for setup and playability qualities. From my experiences those are most important, as you probably already know. Renting from a well regarded violin shop is also a good option. I have been down both routes and feel renting from the well regarded shop is the better option. These shops will answer questions and provide support when the need arises. I have a middle of the road Gliga 14 inch viola and it is at best average. Thick neck, thick bridge fits so so, quite heavy overall and doesn't project. It does not impress the teacher...But has been a reliable start. Be patient in the pursuit.
  10. Would carefully examining the top all the way around for a small opening or loose seem be a first step? Or removing the saddle and starting with hot water there, avoiding putting pressure on the rib to top joint and to see what happens to the glue there. Would this also be a place to experiment with other solvents without much risk to the varnish?
  11. Here is one of many threads with good information. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?...26&hl=gouge
  12. I am a newbie at this . My iron looks like this. It looks like an Ibex though I am not certain. When the temperature of the iron is correct the bending will go quite quickly/easily. It will also scorch the wood if you leave it on the iron too long, within 30 seconds or so. The temperature control has LO 2 3 4 5 6 HI. 6 is giving me pretty good results for a rank amateur. It also seems to have a tight enough curve for the c-bouts of the Strobel pattern I am using.
  13. 0001, 0001, 0010, 0011, 0101,1000,1101...
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