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  1. I think someone said it before, but the best way to find a great violin for any price level is going to a bunch of stores, picking your favorite from each one, and playing them. Most stores will let you borrow the violin, and bring it back, some charge fees, but it's a thousand dollar instrument; why leave it to chance? I personally do not believe in limiting yourself to a certain region, you might be surprised by what you find if you go to a violin shop, I found a $500 no name Chinese violin that is/was extremely resonant, it was better than a lot of the other violins the were 3x it's price. It has been used for my practice violin for 3 years now, and I am still happy with it. Also, getting a violin from large manufacturers that make violins that others praise doesn't necessarily mean that every one is perfect, some will be very different, some might be lighter or darker in sound, the only real way to know your getting a great sounding violin is to go try some out.
  2. Thank you, that was really helpful, I'll talk to the Librarians when I go there next.
  3. Yeah, I have tried all the usual sources like Imslp, and wima, I couldn't find it. I recently went to a few European shops and the Library of Congress, and none of them seem to have it. All I can find are recordings...
  4. Since begining to listen to Biber's works, I have come across the "Harmonia Artificioso - ariosa" specifically partita no. 5 , and I can't seem to find any sheet music at all. I realize that this is pretty difficult to come by, especially since it is not the most popular piece by Biber, but I really would enjoy finding it. Does anyoe know where I can find it?
  5. I would have to say that I too have pretty bad sight reading skills. I guess I really have to work on that...
  6. I do have a teacher, I do intend to ask her this week... I just wanted some other opinions
  7. Thank you for the plentiful responses, I love music, I actually own a piano and have been playing on it since I could talk... I really do enjoy playing every second, and I am also working 4 hours a day (when possible) to learn all that I can. I am also trying to get into a summer camp (like Brevard) I do hope to stay in the classical music realm.
  8. Thank you, thats really encouraging...
  9. Hi, I started playing the violin when I was 4 and stopped a year later. Then just recently I started again ( I started again at 14) I have been playing for 1.5 years and I have broken through the first 3 suzuki books and I am now playing in book 4. I am playing in two youth orchestras (Florida youth Orchestra, and a new one at my school) And I was wondering whether I could possibly make it to a professional level. I am planning on applying to UM in two years at their frost school of music. Is this dream possible? -Michael
  10. Of course, wood is a very personal thing if people respond, you will get a lot of answers, which will result in many questions. If your view is the best wood comes from Europe, disregard the above link, if you are open to all types of wood, Bruce is your man. His wood is beautiful, and he is a nice man as well.
  11. Bruce from Orcas island tonewoods. http://www.rockisland.com/~tonewoods/Links.html
  12. What could be done to attempt making few designs is to make a contest where designs are submitted a top number (call it X) is selected by some judges . The winning makers are given Y dollars to make an solid version and then have a blind testing with a few controls (a Strad Stainer etc.) and the winner gets Z dollars. It would certainly be an interesting contest, and may be a great learning process.
  13. I believe 1322 is a different instrument from 1311 and 1309.
  14. Stainer was never even mentioned. It was quite informative.
  15. So maybe it is the makers fear of financial instability that causes the lack of new designs. Or that they think that if they follow someones design which they consider "good" theirs will be "good" as well.
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