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  1. I didn't set out to buy a Chinese violin, just the best sounding and playing violin I could find within my budget. Had I bought the French violin I would have posted pictures and sung it's praises here just the same. The fact that the instrument I fell in love with is Chinese is by the by. You'll notice I didn't initially say where the violin was made until I was asked, I didn't start the thread 'Wow look at this fantastic Chinese violin I bought, it's a real Strad or del Gesu killer!' I didn't want people comments on the violin to be coloured by what they may think of Chinese violins.
  2. I 'get' the bias against Chinese instruments. I used to work in a music shop in the strings department at a time when the only violins coming out of China were very basic beginner instruments with dyed hardwood fittings etc. I was taught that when a player progressed from these they went onto old French and German trade instruments and from there up the scale to a fine violin. We started to import some violins from Korea which were rather nice but still, most players wanted French or German violins in that price range. I lost touch with the violin world for a number of years through having
  3. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are implying. I simply posted some pictures of a violin I have recently purchased and am very pleased with and asked people what they thought of it. I'm not trying to sell anything. Other violin fora have threads where people can show pictures of their instruments. If threads such as this aren't approved of on this site then I aplogize.
  4. I was also fortunate to buy from the shop I did as many other dealers retail this model at around £1500
  5. As I'm not likely to go to China I'm not going to worry about that. I also wouldn't want to go to the trouble of importing an instrument from China myself and paying import duty etc. It was simply the best sounding violin I found. I didn't buy it with any thought to reselling it, I wanted a violin that would be with me for a long time to come.
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. The violin is one of the Heritage Series instruments made for and distributed by The Soundpost. It really does sound wonderful, very powerful but not at all harsh. I wish I could post a sound sample but my playing would not do it justice. It came strung with Dominants which I use anyway but I prefer a Pirastro Gold Label 'E' string. It easily out performed all the old French and German instruments I tried in the same price range as well as being more nicely made (to my eyes anyway). One thing I
  7. I think you have misread my original post, my final decision was between the 1920 French fiddle and the modern Chinese which I bought, As for the case, I had already spent more than I had intended on the violin but decided a week or so later that the £60 case that I already had wasn't really the best for the care of my violin so I purchased a better case. £235 isn't a great deal for a case it is middle of the road really. A Gewa Venetian. I need a case to be pretty sturdy and well made as I don't drive and have to go everywhere by public transport with all the associated chances of being k
  8. It is modern as in pretty much fresh off the boat. I tried instruments old and new from £800- 1300, this violin and the Couturieux were priced similarly. I was unsure at the time if I was wise to pay this amount for a modern Chinese instrument but it's tone and just the general 'feel' it gave me were superior to any of the other instruments I tried. Having spent more than I thought I would on a new violin I then shelled out £235 for a case for it. An expensive week for me.
  9. It's a modern Chinese violin. An interpretation of a del Gesu. I am just interested in what other peoples thoughts are on it. General, styling, build quality, wood etc. Anything I can learn I am grateful for. Kind of 'Here it is, what do ya think?' Obviously I love it or I wouldn't have purchased it.
  10. I purchased this instrument 4 weeks ago after an interesting search for a better violin and would love some opinions so I can learn more about it and improve my violin knowledge. I finally narrowed my selection down to a M.Couturieux violin from around 1920 and this violin which although modern had the much nicer tone and to me, more pleasing build and appearance. I would like some knowledgable opinions on this violin, as much as can be given from not very good photographs (for which I apologize). I know what the violin is, as in origin etc but as I am interested in all aspects of violin
  11. To clarify, my violin teacher has a degree and other professional music qualifications and with her I'm studying classical violin technique and repertoire and working towards teaching the instrument myself in the future.My fiddle teacher is a touring and recording folk and traditional musician and with her I'm studying fiddle technique, styles, repertoire,performance, interpretation and improvisation.Two teachers, two attitudes, two knowledge bases to tap into, same instrument.
  12. My violin teacher charges £22 per hour, my fiddle teacher £20 per hour.
  13. This is my favourite scroll,mainly because it's attatched to my violin and I'd be lost without it. I'm new here but have found many of the threads in the Pegbox extremely interesting and informative even as a player rather than collector or luthier.