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  1. RIP. I hope that someone with a permanent website will store and look after his drawings.
  2. Which surface of the plant is the abrasive surface? The exterior or the interior after the stem is split open?
  3. Roger Hill

    Ode' to #5

    Actually, Service did his mucking for gold in the bank where he worked.........
  4. Roger Hill

    Ode' to #5

    Well VdA, I suspect that while you were at the south pole, the cold did to your brain what it did to that of Robert W. Service while he was mucking for gold near the north pole. Glad that there are at least three of us who would add Service to the list of poets one can be exposed to here on MN, you, me and Sam McGee.........
  5. Roger Hill

    Ode' to #5

    Thanks, Jezzupe.
  6. Roger Hill

    Ode' to #5

    which one is number 5? I can't tell from his website. Thanks
  7. I will take you at your word that no accusation of misuse of the forum was intended
  8. Perhaps I am drawing an erroneous inference, but what would make anyone here question her integrity? Certainly nothing I have ever read in any of her posts. I think that comment was totally out of line and requires an apology.
  9. Hi Christopher: Could you explain what this means? Thanks
  10. I have suspected for sometime that my 2,000 pound 2 hp Bridgeport type mill is under powered (i.e. not sufficiently manly) for many violin related tasks.........
  11. These animations may be helpful:
  12. It doesn't help the carving of the scroll, it hinders it. The marking of the turns of the scroll is best done with the point of an awl, then each point darkened with the point of a sharp pencil. Then the saw cutting near the turns can be done more accurately, without having serrations which the remnants of the countersink produced by a drill will leave.
  13. Thanks, David. Very helpful. I should be able to fabricate something like that. Your explanations, along with all of the others, should let me solve my gouge sharpening problems.
  14. For David and Davide: The key to the sound method of angle setting is the hollow grind of the cutting edge. How are you doing the hollow grind itself? If freehand, I don't know that I have any gouges that I am ready to sacrifice to education........
  15. If I am ever to be in Ann Arbor, I'll show up at your shop with gouges, stones, etc. and enough good beer to have plenty available to pour on waterstones if you think that might help...........