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  1. I gave the recipe for Hill polish here https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/347375-hill-polish-on-bow-sticks/#elControls_912762_menu
  2. correct. A long-winded way of saying "the usual" though
  3. explained here: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/325798-quiz-for-addie/&do=findComment&comment=538590
  4. Tell whichever jerk was moderating 20 years ago
  5. If you are referring to the ones with Schmidt certificates, he (Schmidt) writes, black on white, that his opinion is based on his year long experience and that “Eine Haftung für Richtigkeit wird in jedem Falle ausgeschlossen” (i.e. any liability is ruled out), so that IMHO the Tarisians translation “ascribed” is exactly accurate
  6. You will have to ream the peg holes out a bit then
  7. I’m still wondering what your Gauge tells you that you don’t know already?
  8. Ironically known as Kakania from Wikipedia was intended to describe the Habsburg Monarchy as a state of mind, bureaucratic and with a highly stratified formal society. A discussion of Kakania became a highlight of the first volume of Robert Musil's novel The Man Without Qualities (1930). Re violins, I think Blank Face would do well to introduce the term “Kakanische School”, since that would be quite a catch-all
  9. Haslwantner came from Krinn, which is the next village to Mittenwald, and was a zither maker. Any violin he might have sold in his shop, was not made by him, but bought in from Mittenwald and sold by him in his function as a musical instrument dealer. That said, it is a perfectly good “Verleger” violin, which could be expected to retail in a violin shop (as opposed to an ebay tinker) for about €2,000, although such with a (typically Mittenwald) lions head are generally less popular, and thus to be had at a discount
  10. I wonder what one of those looks like
  11. My favourite cello bow is made of Paduk (Sp?), is that on some Appendix too?. It took me months to find out what the wood was called, so god help any customs officer
  12. Who told you that it was Mittenwald last time?
  13. A whole chapter of the book “The Violin Makers, Portrait of a living craft” by Mary Anne Alburger,Victor Gollancz 1979, ISBN 0 575 02442 9 starting on page 26 is dedicated to Julian Emery
  14. I could imagine that the more probable explanation would be that “Mat(t)hias Karner” is a made up fictitious name of some American wholesaler, who glues this label into some school celli that they import from wherever. I agree with the OP that is seems excessively expensive
  15. Interestingly this violin doesn’t have a “rectangular cut out” but an innovation that I hadn’t seen before, and wrote about here https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/339564-seidel/&do=findComment&comment=789240 Perhaps we should all bow to the obvious and award David with the 1st. prise for his innovation, which is evidently head & shoulders above anything else https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/328110-look-ma-no-saddle/
  16. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/338413-leo-aschauer-label-violin-comments/
  17. We are discussing ones like this, not your tap tone optimised ones
  18. You can push and shove to your hearts content. what is too long isn't shorter
  19. Indeed, a carved integral bar is more work than sticking one in afterwards. This tells us that it was the style and tradition of the area, and not a time saving short cut, as often ridiculously claimed. It finally became extinct when they started using milled plates. You are quite right, if you spend decades doing something day in, day out, you get pretty good at it
  20. It is routine, that when re-glueing bellys, there is to much rib, and not enough belly outline due to wood shrinkage in the width, but hardly in the length. The usual solution is to shorten the ribs
  21. Spruce is far more bendy “on the slab” than it is with annual rings standing up, sod “tap tones”
  22. the critical thing about necks, ist that they point at the bridge once one is finished
  23. Glue the box together, then fit the neck into the "socket", which I would call a mortise
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