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  1. I don’t know. There were 4 generations of Johann Fürst in Mittenwald with day job as Guitar/Zither maker. I had a Fürst violin from the 1920’s until I sold it last year. I don’t know if a Fürst made it, or just bought and labelled it, but it didn’t look like the OP pictures. I can’t tell if a violin is Mittenwald or not from out of focus pictures, taken from oblique angles, so if the OP has found it on ebay, he should scroll on down the page and leave it
  2. what does "I like the violin for Mittenwald" mean?
  3. Nor am I, however I agree with him this time (it happens), you are barking up the wrong tree
  4. I think it is high time that you make a Bass Clef violin yourself, and then post pictures, so that we can all adjudicate which tool marks were part of the normal building process, and which were incompetence
  5. I think you are getting things backwards. Tool marks aren’t “mistakes”, they occur as part of the production process. This isn’t only with violins, but all sorts of craft work, wood carving for instance. You shouldn’t conflate with vain attempts to feign the work as “antique” or from a particular person, like the famous “screwdriver ageing” attempted
  6. Because it seems a shame to make something pretty, and then sand the shit out of it
  7. Yes, principally how much we charge to restore smashed in or otherwise wrecked old violins
  8. Depends on your perspective. The prevailing Maestronet polemic resents anyone earning anything from violin making
  9. I believe it is called “snake oil” in the US
  10. Make a new one, and don’t bother with “Tap tones”
  11. I see nothing "better than average" or "French" about it
  12. I’m sure an expert will contribute to your thread shortly
  13. To borrow your logic, the fact that nobody has ever seen a ”black” one, doesn’t mean he didn’t make any
  14. Perhaps one should point out that these wretched violins were made for the American market. Amongst my Austrian customers, the name EHR has, to date, never rung a bell. I have had my own shop here since 1987, and have up until now only ever sold one Roth violin, and was lucky that a Canadian tourist walked in and bought it. She must have been pleased with it, since I still occasionally get a Christmas card from Vancouver
  15. Speaking correct English is “fancy” in Texas, is it?
  16. Mr. Various is entitled to his “humble opinion”. One could share it, or one could disagree. Telling him to shut up isn’t a tolerable discussion though
  17. Rubbish, that is what Fora are for, amongst other things
  18. One of my favourite entry's in Lütgendorff’s dictionary: (Philip will help you translate it) Er war als Geigenmacher ein Kunstler, als Mensch aber ein sonderbarer Kauz, den seine Vorliebe für Katzenfleisch öfter vor Gericht brachte. Auch soll er den Spiritus, den er zur Arbeit brauchte, häufig, selbst in denaturuertem Zustande, getrunken haben.
  19. Lot 105 | T2 (t2-auctions.com) Someone should click on the “Ask a question” button and ask the Tarisians in which year it was manufactured
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