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  1. Looks like it originally had a dark coloured varnish, which has been radically sanded off, to the point that any sharp edges have been removed, rendering it impossible to ID, then re-varnished. Not Chinese. Don’t touch with a barge pole.
  2. Thomas Wörnle GeigenbauMstr. ▷ Instrumentenbau in Mittenwald (cylex.de) Your first task will be to work out if it is some Saxon box with a fake label first
  3. Now, there's an "un-ethical" question
  4. In the context of an ID thread, your arbitrary deliria re. “Sound” are both irrelevant and uncalled for. The violin is presumably one of those more expensive ones from the Markneukirchen trade that were referred to as “Copies” although they weren’t actually a copy of anything, and were dealt individually as opposed to in dozens.
  5. Have to be careful. George will probably consider “mis-gendering” the OP a grave ethical transgression
  6. If the gentleman is considering to buy something, it is perfectly reasonable for him to seek a third opinion. Curious “Ethics”. I couldn’t help wondering if the scroll isn’t later then the body
  7. Yes, there are tens of thousands of these not Amati copies with apocryphal Amati Fahrkarten. Reminds me of an anecdote I told some years ago https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/328294-emanuel-adam-homolka/&do=findComment&comment=586038
  8. So they haven’t introduced the old-age pension in America yet?
  9. It will be a perfectly adequate school instrument for some 12 year old, who has grown out of his/her ¾ fiddle, should it be correctly renovated. It is made of wood, just like a Guarneri, just that one would be a historic craft masterpiece, the other a run down industrial mass product Goodness knows what you want to see more of
  10. Next time you ring me from America and grumble about crappy cheap fingerboards you hat sent from India, I will have to remind you of that
  11. It is a product of the late 19th C cottage industry (Dutzendarbeit) from the Markneukirchen area. If it has a label inside from “Walter Feige” (Mr. Coward), that will be either a repairer or a dealer
  12. You would surely be best advised to direct your question to the Pirastro firm directly Pirastro - Saitenmanufaktur seit 1798
  13. for my money, it’s a Saxon Cello, ca. 1800ish with a later replacement scroll, although I’m a Cyclops at the moment
  14. I’m always tactful and polite and all those things, even if I don’t care what it sounds like
  15. Schönbach was in the Kingdom of Bohemia, even if its inhabitants were Sudetendeutsch, so I suppose one could have a futile argument
  16. Whatever it is, I would assume that the back is something else At the moment I must add the caveat that I was in hospital yesterday for treatment on my left eye, and should refrain from participating on identification threads at the moment ( got one wrong yesterday)
  17. I have regretted having bought so many violin books every time (more than a dozen times) I have moved house
  18. There is surely consensus that repairing that bottom rib (rather than replacing it) is the apex of forlorn hope for somebody with no vm background, and he would save time putting it directly in the dustbin
  19. The same as part one, just a different colour
  20. The makers of the Amati school (including Stainer) all used the method with the so-called "Dorsal pins”. Stradivari didn’t so he wasn’t. The other theory was that he was a Ruggeri pupil. The Dendro bumpf only goes around in circles trying to insinuate things without actually having said anything Dendrochronological analysis of the Stradivari’s harp - ScienceDirect
  21. To paraphrase Walter Hamma, “The long ones aren't shorter”
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