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  1. jacobsaunders


    At first sight, it would seem to be a vaguely Saxon Body, with a south German scroll
  2. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID - W.H. Spence Bulawayo 1962

    I think you will just have to ask any freinds out of Zimbabwe if his name is known, since it is obviously outside any "net" Henley and his ilk has, and doesn't look like a bought-in-the-white trade box
  3. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID - W.H. Spence Bulawayo 1962

    Could it not, just as well have been made by someone in (then) Rodesia using the Herron-Allen book
  4. jacobsaunders

    18Th century violin?

    Originally it would have had a wedge shaped pine fingerboad, veneered with some stained fruit wood (pear for instance)
  5. jacobsaunders

    18Th century violin?

    This was the typical making style/method in Vogrland untill mid 19th C. The through neck is very often higher than „the belly arching“. These violins had the ribs built on the back ie. without any form, inside or outside. Yes, it is the original neck, if manipulated in the interim.
  6. jacobsaunders

    Interesting cello or no?

    Normally, one can write and request aditional pictures from an auctionier If it weren't slab cut, it would be "Birds stripe Maple
  7. jacobsaunders

    Tarisio T2 January auction - Interesting Lots

    I rather like how Herrn Schmelz has translated „aus der Blüterzeit der Tiroler Schule“ into „from the flowering time of the Tyrolese School“
  8. jacobsaunders

    Blond Violin ID Help?

    “Repairing” a ramshackle object that someone else has already ruined, that a customer “really loves” is dangerous, since if he doesn’t “really love” it afterwards, it is your fault. "Running a mile", is naturally a figue of speach, I would probably need the hospital afterwards
  9. jacobsaunders

    Blond Violin ID Help?

    It seems a Little, as if someone had put something together out of Saxon bits, then stripped and re.-varnished it. I would run a mile before ageeing to "repair" that
  10. jacobsaunders

    Is this an interesting violin?

    Seems like a 19th C. Saxon one, with a post crack in the back. What is "interesting" or not is subjective.
  11. jacobsaunders

    Question for the Bow experts re: Old MOP

    A cheaper grade of pre-WWI Marknukirchen bow. I suppose a parket slide enabled them to use up MOP offcuts
  12. jacobsaunders

    Please help identify my great grand father's violin

    You have one of the cheapest grades of Cottage Industry Instruments from Markneukirchen or Schönbach, imported by one of the American depatment stores of the time (Sears etc). Someone has fitted now decrepit patent pegs. Suitable for hanging on the wall.
  13. jacobsaunders

    Quittenbachtal in winter: workplace of the Hopf family.

    One should bear in mind that there were some 40 violin makers called Hopf, and that the "Hopf Model" became an article in ist own right. Zobisch illustrates a "Hopf" stamp from the inventory of the wholesaler G.A. Pfretschner on page 105 of his book on the Hopf Family. They would have used it to dob thousands of "Dutzendware". All together, wanting to sort all the Hopf in violins to individual makers is certainly about as futile a persuit as one could imagine.
  14. jacobsaunders

    Scroll broke off!

    I always count till 20 slowly, ie. one elephant, two elephants…., then put it down somewhere where it will not be in the way of children, women with vacuum cleaners or any such, and don't go near or even touch it untill the next day.
  15. jacobsaunders

    Old bow (English, French or Germany)

    Well, I'm unsure, although I personally have never seen a top hat motice on a non-english bow.