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  1. A German violin with a bogus French label, probably re-varnished. Buy something else
  2. Old 19th and 20th C German bows is a subject of interest and research and discussion of a fair number of people. Apart from those already mentioned, I would consider amongst others Josef Gabriel’s opinion certainly worth having. I hope he’s not cross with me mentioning him here. The problem with “expertize” is that it is a lot more difficult than people think. If I am convinced that an anonymous violin is by Caspar Strnad, for instance, my conviction is based on me knowing at least 20 of his with an original label. With old German bows, the situation is much more complicated, due to the i
  3. A pearl slide with metal boarders (whatever the proper English word is) is as far as I know only to be found on Markneukirchen bows
  4. Yes, why not? I certainly have 100% consensus with fiddlecollector already!
  5. BF is wondering if the Frog belongs to the stick I think (P.S. Germany are playing Portugal at the moment, so you won't hear from him in a hurry)
  6. We didn’t. He posted his bow without mentioning the certificate, and only got ratty after I asked him how he knew it was from the year 1920, which with all due respect for Schmidt is still an estimte
  7. No apology required. There is nothing “vitriolic” about pointing out the difference between an opinion and a fact
  8. If you were ever to go to Vichy, you would notice that outside the “Hotel des Vents” the streets are lined with French gypsies selling stuff out of the boots (trunks) of their cars
  9. In exact English; An unstamped bow, attributed to Fritz Meinel estimated to be from about 1920. What sort of comment were you looking for, or do you just want a pat on the back?
  10. Does it have a stamp? How are you sure that it’s from Meinel? I’m sure he didn’t write 1920 on it, so that is another presumption stated as “fact”. Ebay must be busy
  11. I would presume that it is one of those the Markneukirchener called “Kopie”, but would check the corner blocks to be sure
  12. https://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno?aid=pab&datum=18980514&seite=11
  13. Here is an advertisement in the “Prager Abendblatt” from May 1898, where one can see that Basta was a wholesaler from Schönbach, offering the whole range of the usual stuff (top right of the page) https://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno?aid=pab&datum=18980514&seite=11
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