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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/after-receiving-25-million-bailout-jfk-center-stops-paying-musicians
  2. I have the impression, that many were swilled out with some sort of walnut stain (Nußbeize)
  3. You will need to remove and shorten the bottom saddle and glue the centre joint, otherwise I agree, not buggered (yet)
  4. Straight Forward "Dutzendarbeit" from the Markneukirchen area, late 19th C.
  5. I was very sorry to read in today's newspaper of the death of the Polish composer, Krzysztof Penderecki, aged 86. In a previous life as a cello student at the Royal Academy in London at the end of the 70’s, I fondly remember a week, studying with Maestro Penderecki, with a concert at the end of the week. We played his Therenos(?) for the victims of Hiroshima, his oboe concerto, Polymorphia, and another work who’s name I can’t remember. Everyone had his own score, and all the Italian was in Polish, although with an index at the back, where you could work out what it meant. Everyone at my student hostel thought I had gone mad when I practised my own score to work it out. At the start of the week, everyone found him a strange grumpy little man, but by the end of the week we all liked him very much. After he left we tried his string quartet, which was fun, but only after we realised that you need about 20 music stands. "Normal" music sounded strange for a while after that.
  6. If you scroll down this page of the Terrier site, the Couesnon catalogue, https://luthiers-mirecourt.com/couesnon1934.htm#Mirecourt , you will find Leon Bernadel as one of Couesnon’s medium trade marks. “How does it sound”
  7. I remember, as a youth, looking for a job, I visited a violin maker in South Germany. He proudly showed me a small Gagliano viola, that he had cut down to a violin. I said, “oh, a Hopf”. I didn’t get the job
  8. Since many have misunderstood what I was trying to say in the other thread, I didn‘t predict a collapse in prices in the march sales, rather that the individual who paid 17,000 pounds for the violin you mention, will be biting himself in his arse come autumn when the virus dust has settled
  9. Try scrubbing it with soap & water first
  10. Gingerly chisel (gouge) a far corner of the „chest patch“ out, somewhere where it is not critical, and you will soon see if it has been „let in“ or not.
  11. The Austrian Federal Government sent me an email, that they will pay every self employed person between 500 and 1000 Euros a month to start with straight away, and then up to 2000 Euros when they have worked the details out. One may apply from 5 o’clock this evening. Nice of them, I suppose they don’t have any Boeing or such to pay Dane geld too Höhe der Förderung Wie hoch ist die Förderung? Der Härtefall-Fonds bringt einen Zuschuss, der auch später nicht zurückgezahlt werden muss und besteht aus zwei Phasen: Phase 1 – Soforthilfe (Antragstellung ab 27.03., 17:00 Uhr) Bei einem Nettoeinkommen zwischen 5.527,92 Euro p.a. und 6.000 Euro p.a.: Zuschuss von 500 Euro Bei einem Nettoeinkommen ab 6.000 Euro p.a.: Zuschuss von 1.000 Euro Antragsteller, die über keinen Steuerbescheid verfügen, erhalten einen Zuschuss von 500 Euro. Phase 2 (genaue Kriterien und Zeitpunkt sind seitens Regierung noch in Ausarbeitung): Der Zuschuss wird max. 2.000 Euro pro Monat auf maximal 3 Monate betragen. Der Zuschuss richtet sich nach der Höhe der Einkommenseinbuße. Der Steuerbescheid muss zumindest für das Steuerjahr 2017 oder jünger vorliegen.
  12. A customer of my fathers, Mr Ford, probably the richest (and stingiest) person in Nottingham always smoked a cigar when playing his Techler cello. The ash just dropped off, slid down the arching and into the f hole. When the cigar got so short, that it was in danger of burning his nose, he would crunch it up a bit, put it in his pipe, and smoke it to the end. He told me (a young boy then) that I should only convert to Christianity on my death bed, since that would be a first class ticket to heaven and save all the bother in the meantime. I somehow doubt that I would meet him there though. The ash did no harm to the cello, about once a year it needed to be put on a deck chair in the garden and have the ash blown out with an air compressor. It probably scared off any woodworm too.