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  1. I would generally take a dim view of swapping bits around. At the end of the day, one, or future Generations of experts, might come to the conclusion that it was someone else who made the scroll anyway, and you certainly have a Cello without the original scroll, quite apart from having a certificate for the bin.
  2. The Kreuzinger are/were a large dynasty of violin-makers in Schönbach/Markneukirchen/Garmisch/Augsburg/Znaim etc, the most recent of which was Willy Kreuzinger, who worked for Withers in London before becomming self employed in London. Quite which one used the Illustrated stamp is unknown to me. If Willy is still around you should ask him. "Brand on fire" is an interesting, if frightening way to put it!http://directories.thestrad.com/servicescourses/stringservices/willibald-m-kreuzinger-violin-maker-rye-violins/
  3. I remember a Baldantoni like that
  4. It should not be forgotten, that Mathias Thir would make one a violin for 6 Gulden, or one for 12 Gulden, depending if you wanted a really good violin, or a basic one (which also work remarkably well) Mathias Thir was one of the few Viennese makers who died, leaving a largish wealth, so he obviously knew what worked well. Here, there are plenty of the 6 Gulden Thir’s in a beaten up state, which are well worth painstakingly restoring, if you get one for next to nothing, and the 12 Gulden ones, which are really nice objects, and are far to nice for Ebay.
  5. all of a sudden. Maestronet is back, without me doing anything. I didn't even say abracadabra.
  6. To me it seems more as if someone has regularly colided with the corner, with the index finger of the bow arm whilst playing. This could be (please check) because the neck has been fitted with "tilt" downwards towards the e string, an idiotic notion in my opinion (we have argued here before). If this is the case, you will need to correct the neck set first, because it would be a waste of time to retouch it nicely and make a new corner only for it to get rasped off by the next person's index finger.
  7. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    do you get mis-labeled Motor homes?
  8. Does Bruce or Eric Blot really write certificates for Mathias Thier, or is that just unarranged name dropping?
  9. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    It doesn't look anything like a Mönig Vienna to me. Mönig was an alcoholic, and his fiddles often look like it. There are/were many anecdotes of him having violin-making races with Prüller. I don't know who won
  10. Could the fact that my Maestronetless Laptop has Windows 10, and my PC with Maestronet, Windows 7 have anything top do with it?
  11. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    Martin has copyright though
  12. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    I can't tell from your pictures, but by that time outside mould quite possible
  13. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    Typically they would be largely made by a schachtelmacher and the other divisions of labour, then finished by the bloke who put his label in (or not)
  14. jacobsaunders

    Violin ID

    You will need marketing copy like this though This is a happy violin – I love it. It has a bright and reedy sound, it’s very responsive, and it always sounds sophisticated. There’s a lovely shimmer to the tone, yet it speaks clearly – very smooth and even, and feeling quite effortless. It retains these qualities throughout the range – it sounds great on the G, and it keeps sounding great all the way up the E into the dusty reaches. “Mozartian” … is that a word?
  15. Curiously, Maestronet now works on my PC in the Office, but not on my lap-top!?