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  1. That doesn’t address the nonsense Wood Butcher criticised you for, or which I criticised you for further up
  2. That is a popular myth. There is another violin-maker just around the corner from me, and people sometimes nervously admit in conversation that they were at his shop, as if they had committed a crime. I always have to explain that we are good friends, and are both committed to helping the other one out where possible, just as I work together with many other colleagues. There are plenty of situations where it is a great advantage to have a colleague 5 minutes walk away, and you would be pretty stupid to give up such synergies .
  3. I admire your effort. On the other hand I have long since concluded that being an Ebay lifer is a chronic condition, only cured by a garage/attic brim full of junk, or an empty bank account. In short, a lost cause.
  4. No, quite different https://www.petzkolophonium.com/shop/werkzeuge/sonstige-werkzeuge/endknopfabzieher-aus-aluminium.html
  5. Petz Kolophonium Vienna, which is the most used violin makers wholesaler here, offers a “endknopfabzieher” (end button grabber) in well engineered aluminium for €29,80 retail incl. 20% VAT, which works well, so that it seems a waste of time and energy to make one oneself. I use it more for holding the end button whilst turning it perfectly round in the peg shaper, than for pulling end buttons out. If you twist an end button clockwise to remove it from a violin, and the damn thing won’t budge, the trick is often to just twist it anti-clockwise instead. One also has the option of clamping it in the work bench, and twisting the violin
  6. Thanks, that leads me to here which only works if one is logged in
  7. Didn't work. Incase the file was to large I will try in instalments, Here part I (if it works) Squier teil I - Verknüpfung.lnk Damn doesn't work either
  8. The article from the VSA Journal Vol. V, No. 1, Winter 1878/79 by Mary Steffek Blaske that I alluded to is a fine piece of reporting from someone who evidently had extensive access to the family, there notes and photo album and so on, and includes much personal information about the family life of the Squiers. It also includes details of Squier I’s success as an itinerant cobbler. One should in no way take this as a pejorative, since shoe making in the 19th century was a very skilled job, just like violin making, and one should not forget the likes of Gobbetti who was also a cobbler. At the end it also reproduces Squier II’s calling card in Germany, and the published literary works of Squier and much more. I would recommend everybody to thoroughly read it Squier VSA - Verknüpfung.lnk
  9. To judge by the usual mechanics of the violin trade, I would assume that Squier imported this cello from the Markneukirchen trade around at the turn of the century, fitted it up (bridge pegs etc,) and sold it. This is much as many colleagues do today with Chinese (or Rumanian) instruments. Describing old “repairs” as “Solid” is an Ebay euphemism for a bodge from some DIY operative that hasn’t fallen apart yet. They will surely not be from Squier, who was an excellent professional maker, but from some less competent odd job individual during the last 120 years
  10. The dismaying aspect of estates, which I get sent to value by the probate court, is explaining to heirs, who have been told what riches await them, that they should shove the junk in the skip outside. Up until now, it was never worth the petrol/train ticket/time going there. If you like wallowing in junk, you should be able to fill your garage though.
  11. Fleabay is a good venue if you wish to clutter your whole garage/attic up with worthless garbage