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  1. One of my favourite entry's in Lütgendorff’s dictionary: (Philip will help you translate it) Er war als Geigenmacher ein Kunstler, als Mensch aber ein sonderbarer Kauz, den seine Vorliebe für Katzenfleisch öfter vor Gericht brachte. Auch soll er den Spiritus, den er zur Arbeit brauchte, häufig, selbst in denaturuertem Zustande, getrunken haben.
  2. Lot 105 | T2 (t2-auctions.com) Someone should click on the “Ask a question” button and ask the Tarisians in which year it was manufactured
  3. What makes you think that it isn't from the Markneukirchen area?
  4. Since you have evidently researched the subject in detail, may I ask as a matter of academic interest, precisely how would you describe the OP instrument, were you to market it?
  5. There are violins with purfling close to the edge, and such with the purfling far from the edge from all geography's and epochs
  6. if you ask such no na questions, I don’t expect anyone will be able to conjure up a satisfactory answer
  7. Take it to a violin maker before you damage your cello/injure yourself
  8. You would have to rent a new antiseptic dustbin, more like
  9. I’m afraid I’m not much help. The unusual (wrong?) placement of the f holes, rather far up are of putting, and would suggest something a bit exotic. On the other hand it is easy to get this sort of rural British and Saxon fiddles (and others) mixed up
  10. The neck angle is quite normal up to 1870ish, the projection was created with a wedge shaped fingerboard
  11. Does it have a "through neck", or is the neck fitted into a top block?
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