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  1. A compellingly odd but beautiful violin

    Yea, that's about right (good try anyway)
  2. Who was "D.Johnstone" (around 1900)?

    I referred to the wholesaler Rushworth & Dreaper in Liverpool, where people could buy anything from an Organ down to a strip of purfling.. Some makers bought whole parts from them. Job Arden of Wilmslow, Cheshire springs to mind, who seems to have bought the necks & scrolls there, which can put a spanner in the forensic detective work, if you are not careful. There were other firms of course. I can well remember going to places like Thibouville-Lamy in the Clerkenwell Road (which dad always called „Tiddle-Lamy“) as a little boy, where they had every bit of violin-making paraphernalia one could possibly dream of.
  3. Gasparo Duffenpraegar

    These were a 19th C. French fad, no older. It is hard to find anyone who wants to play these violins, 'cos they are so long. Ebay would seem a worthy place for it.
  4. Bow familiar to anyone?

    I think it is always worth bearing in mind, that there was an immense bow production in the Markneukirchen area in the late 19th C (that is what I presume you have got, if it isn't a little later). The bows at that time were rarely stamped, or if stamped, stamped with the name of a dealer, rather than the person who made it. The Gewerbekammer Plauen held a survey in 1871, and in Markneukirchen and the surrounding 30 towns/villages (not including Schönbach) they counted 242 bowed string instrument makers and 254 Bow makers. Although many or most of the bow makers would surely have been making the cheap and nasty bows, I still think it pretty ambitious to try and tell which one of those 254 bow makers made your bow. There are some people who are presumed to be able to ascribe a bow to a particular maker, although in such cases I generally just sit there with my “yes George” face on. I often think it would be better, were one able to be satisfied with “Nice German bow, late 19th C”
  5. All my life, I have been an involuntary, often even unwilling listener to discusions, or arguments about the need or not of machine tools. When I opened my own business in 1987, one of the first things I did, was to buy a really good band saw – one of these.http://www.ehro.ch/index.php?id=20 My father almost excomunicated me, there was absolutly no need for something like that &&&, and indeed it was prominent amongst his marketing strategies, „no Maschine Tools“. I pointed out that he was a hypocrit, since for the last 40 years, he had given night classes in violin making at the West Bridgford Technical College, in their woodwork workshop, where there was an aray of all imaginable Maschine tools. Perhaps he had a good tactic there! I wouldn’t give up my band saw for anything, and don’t want or need any other maschines, a tea pot perhaps
  6. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Should you wish to get the 2 Volume „Grünke Book“ on German bows, you can order it here: http://www.holfter.com/Shop/main_bigware_34.php?items_id=61 Should you wish to study the bows of the Nürnberger dynasty, I would very strongly advise to to buy this book while you are at it http://www.holfter.com/Shop/main_bigware_34.php?items_id=305
  7. Angles between corners and belly/back plates

    I was describing observed fact, not advocating anything. As I said, the blocks (when used), were conceived as a sort of “Glue Block” https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Glue+block to hold the ribs together, and not as a means of enlarging the rib cage/back glueing area, which is ample already. If you have ever fitted a brand new block into rib corners, you will know that it is awkward to piggle out any rest-glue and dirt, right into the deepest far corner, and it will be much easier & quiker to cut the block at an angle, so everything looks like it is shipshape and fits when looking through the f hole, even if there is no end of “glue room” where you can't see it (until you have to take the back off) behind.
  8. Guns and violin making

    is that why you got so paranoid about it?
  9. Angles between corners and belly/back plates

    If you view this questioin from the point of view of antique violins, which have after all survived for hundreds of years, and in particlar contemplate those antique violins where the ribs were built on the back without useing any form, you will dicover that the end grain face of the blocks (should there be any) that were inserted afterwards, do not even remotely fit to the back. Rather they were generally sloped up towards the corners some 20°. This might horrify your engineer soul, but should one ask oneself what function a corner block has at all, I think that one would conclude that the block's function is only to hold the upper/lower rib to the middle rib, as a sort of glue block, no more, no less and that an airtight fit to the back does not have any particular utility. Seen like that, you may conclude that you might be tendentially fighting with windmills.
  10. Guns and violin making

    Oh Roger, I could think of a couple of Targets
  11. Circa 1750 German Violin

    Marvelous, now all we need is the sanctus of the obtuse "most intelligent Person in the room"
  12. Circa 1750 German Violin

    It is a violin as supplied by the Markneukirchen wholesalers, and made in the region, to everywhere around the world (also Budapest) in the late 19th C. y ou can check it off against the Markneukirchen half of this checklist It is dark, because it was supposed to be.
  13. This post has been deleted

    You can read what this thread is about by reading the top of the first page https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/339761-this-post-has-been-deleted/&do=findComment&comment=790538 and it is not wherever some phoney virtue seeking liar has been trying to manoeuvre it for pages.
  14. This post has been deleted

    You are not hilarious. You are a moronic lying arsehole
  15. This post has been deleted

    There is no „social contract“ on the site that says I feel obliged to fit a foreign Amazon bridge on someones ebay gargoyle, which is the theme of this thread. Perhaps it’s lonley in Wisconsin, and you’re glad when you have someone to talk too