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  1. That cracked me up! I've always enjoyed your posts.
  2. Here's a picture of the head.
  3. Good catch on the camera lens being a few degrees out. Sorry about that. Thanks everyone for the comments so far. I am not the maker, I'm just trying to develop my eye(s). I've seen two-piece backs flipped on I think an Amati and a Grancino. And, there was a thread quite a while ago where Michael D. said that doing this mades the back more stable - if I remember correctly. The sense I got out of that thread was that flipping one half was a personal preference of the maker on that particular day. Out of curiousity, how do you all feel about doing this wit h your own violins? The neck looking unfinished is also a problem with the photography. In real life, it doesn't look this white.
  4. I'm always amazed at what luthiers see. I'd like to post a picture of a violin and solicit observations, if that's okay. I can also post other pictures of other parts of that violin and from other angles. Once this thread winds down, I'd be happy to reveal what I do know about this violin - though it's not that much. Thanks everyone.
  5. I can't argue with that. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  6. I'm a violinist and an amateur woodworker. It's funny how my non-musician friends always tell me that I should make a violin. As I and my musician friends know, making a violin with "acceptable" sound and response is not so easy. That said, I think I'd like to learn to carve a bridge and then later learn to do a setup on a violin. Can someone recommend a knife or knives for bridge carving? I just got a Rockler coupon in the mail, so if there's a knife that Rockler sells, which will work, that would be great. Or, if there's another knife that's highly recommended, that would be great too. Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks to all who replied and also my apologies for responding so slowly. What was said gave me a lot to think about. I did buy one of the violins and after a bit of playing in, a new set of strings and a different bow, the extraneous sounds are much much less. I find that these extraneous sounds make the violin, as a tool, much harder to work with. Thanks again.
  8. I tried a bunch of new violins yesterday and though they were well mannered for the most part, I noticed that when I played double stops, most of them produced a lot of extraneous sounds. Is this your experience too? What is it? Will it go away after the violin is played in? Thanks everyone.
  9. No need for too much concern. I've read that someone is developing a vaccine for this.
  10. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33108848/ns/te...cience-science/ Does any one here know Francis Schwarze or Michael Rhonheimer?
  11. Hey, come on! She played all those invisible instrumets while also playing that repaired violin too. She deserved to win. Plus, they didn't show her running around with Rocky chasing the chicken for training. If you had knowledge of all of that, you would have given her the prize too.
  12. IHS

    True Story

    Wow, he sounds like a warm and generous man. BTW, I love his playing.
  13. 14? I was guessing early 20s based also on the hair, dress and the watch. I actually like the photo. I took it to be "If you look like this, you need 'Play The Violin Perfectly'"
  14. Thanks for your reply. Do players in your area have a summer bridge and a winter bridge? I remember the cello professor telling me that he had one for summer and one for winter. I'm guessing the neck projection would change with the seasons.
  15. When I was in college, we got a new cello professor. He had previously taught in colleges in Texas. He told me that cello bridges (and I assume other bridges of the violin family also) only last a couple years in Texas because of the large fluctuations in temperature and humidity. He was quite the fastidious cellist, so I can't imagine that any of his bridges were allowed to warp. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Not including problems with warping and strings digging into the wood and the like, can temperature and/or humidity shorten the life of a bridge?
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