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  1. At this point my biggest question is whether you (Don) know what a good violin sounds like. Not saying I do, but whether you do? From your recorded and posted "opus" so far, they tend to my year toward "fast", "loud", and "dryish" in tendency...
  2. I only counted seven tracks... but #3 of all of them was my favorite... less dry on the bottom.
  3. http://journal.sjdm.org/15/15923a/jdm15923a.pdf
  4. Canada's east coast has lots of interesting town/village names... "Dildo" Newfoundland "Crapaud" Prince Edward Island. Imagine... Fecit Crapaud 2015
  5. Do you get cranky with holocaust denial, pushback, or just the whole icky thing? There are days when we get out of bed and have to stand for something? "This is a violin oasis" is well and good, till it isn't.
  6. A sanding disk plate on a table saw also makes short work of this step. Looking down on the sweep of the arc one can quickly and by eye get it done...
  7. I take it Nathan is suggesting that purposeful confident work can be both neat and exciting. Lingering fussiness blurs character.
  8. "...The poster (p.i.) child for this is National Geographic (gotten a good map from them lately?), compare a 1950's issue with a current one and see what I mean..." Yes. As I recall, there were a lot more articles on African tribes back then...
  9. You don't look old! You look like Santa! Timeless, can we say???
  10. Pffft! In North America, we man sit. http://www.bustle.com/articles/34279-why-do-guys-spread-their-legs-when-sitting-on-the-subway-my-weekend-of-sitting-like
  11. I bet that's right. And a jigsaw, yellow glue and varathane,
  12. "My husband might not want photos of his "shop" floating around but it is a 6' x 6' area with a 7' ceiling,..." That's pretty cozy! Does the door by any chance have bars?
  13. "Well, you know what happens when you bend a piece of wood; you squize out some air, therefore there is less left in the wood to resonate! In my limited experience it is the air in the reeds and the structure of their walls that give the spruce/fir tonewood the resonance." But as the compressed cells become smaller on one side of the bent piece, aren't the cells on the other side getting stretched and bigger, cancelling out the effect?
  14. That, and possibly a sense that there are already enough of them available to satisfy any practical makers' interest?
  15. Each to their own, but I only subscribed to get the posters.
  16. "I recall a discussion on MN about this issue with that poster. Do a search and see if it pops up." I recall that thread too... couldn't find it, but as I recall, the long arch profiles are taken along the middle of the plate, and the highest point of the arch has moved to the post side as a result of distortion. Is that right?
  17. "...A lower arch enables more of a level surface on the soundpost ends and bridge feet - a more direct line for vibrations and tension to flow through evenly." Is that good or bad?
  18. "...Failing that, any properly misspelled "Stradivarius/Made in Germany" label from eBay should do. Or perhaps "Australian back"?
  19. "...The problem is the pitch hops about 1/4 tone at a time..." More than close enough for violas.
  20. Would it be possible to see a photo of an instrument made with one gouge? I'm fascinated.
  21. Are you sure Carl? Just a quick Wikipedia search comes up with "...His violin teacher and possibly his biggest influence was the famous violin pedagogue Thedore Pashkus." I looked, because he sure doesn't sound self taught...
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