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  1. Good point Gowan.It depends on whether you trust a dealer or not.I had real trust issues 12 years ago when I was shopping for a Modern Italian violin.I wanted an expert who could not only do the "wheeling and dealing" but someone whom I could sit down and listen to a lecture from regarding authenticity,history,set up ,repairs etc...It can be a leap of faith sometimes and I think all players get a case of the "jitters' when they start putting out the bucks....
  2. This topic has run its course....lets move on....
  3. Its great to see Tim working on the Baumgartner Strad.I had use of that instrument for six weeks back in my university days.It had not been played for quite a while when I got it but it opened up very quickly.The value back in 1986 was $600000 CDN,or so the owner claimed.Its now $4000000? What a solid investment!
  4. Thanks Jim.I'll ask the former owner tommorow.....
  5. Sorry,I guess I strayed off the topic....
  6. I remember the Barrere Strad very well,having observed and listened to it each week during my lessons.Is there something peculiar about the belly of this instrument ? I heard a certain dealer say the original top was damaged and replaced in the Stradivari workshop? Is this correct?
  7. Susan Hou plays the Heath Guarneri.
  8. I agree David.A friend of mine is a professional luthier and he expresses his frustration over using only books for figuring out varnish colour for his violins.I do my best to take him backstage and let him see guest soloists' Strads or Guarneris "in the flesh". I remember the Heath Guarneri hardly had any original varnish left when we were observing it backstage .I don't know how much of the Milanollo Strads varnish is varnish or just layers of old polish.It was stunning nonetheless.....
  9. When Corey played with us two years ago he put his case beside mine so during the break I had time to view the Milanollo Strad.Its so much lighter to the naked eye as compared to the Strad poster.It had endless depth and unbelievable richness of tone....and powerful!!!
  10. I've been watching the Tarisio auction.It must be a sign of hard times having so few bids on the more expensive instruments.The Garimberti looks lovely along with the Ventapane.I wonder if they'll even meet their reserve bids?The violin bow without a frog and adjuster and described as a Sartory is receiving a lot of attention.Im curious what others think of that bow....
  11. I wonder why the seller didn't show the photos that accompany the Francais papers.
  12. Fulton seems to hint at it towards the end of the interview on the DVD portion of "Hommage".
  13. petacus

    Amati Books

    I also had delays getting books from this company but Christian was wonderful to deal with and everything was sorted out in the end. Speaking of books, has anyone heard whether a fifth volume of Eric Blots' Modern Italian Violin Making is being published?
  14. We just played with them on Thursday night.They were fantastic! The bass player was superb.They have wonderful chemistry with each other on and off stage.It was an honour to accompany them....
  15. Hows that Melving? The shop paid for the book already.I did not OK the sale of the violin and bow because I might get a book out of the deal.I recommended it because they were excellent for the price .A few weeks later I was back at the shop and said i loved the book and would they give me a discount .They just gave it to me instead.Never mind the fact that they just made a hefty profit off of me for a violin I just purchased.Lets dismount from our moral highhorses shall we?
  16. Read the post again dj whatever.The student didn't pay a red cent more than she had to and the book came out of the stores' profits.Why would the student have to know?How is that a kick back? The key?????
  17. That sounds fair.A few years ago I sent a student to a certain shop in Toronto where her parents spent a considerable sum on a violin and bow.Instead of a kick back,I asked the shop to give me a copy of Eric Blots "A Century of Italian Violin Making"(volume II).It was a "win-win" situation.
  18. I wonder if this "NewYork" set up is only loud under the ear of the player but thin sounding to the audience.Does anyone have this type of set up on their fiddle?
  19. BTW,what about Gaetano Sgarabotto? Ive played quite a few examples and they are excellent.Should he not be included in the"hit"list?
  20. As Jeff knows,Ive had a 1925 Garimberti for ten years now.Overall,for what I paid,its an excellent violin and just keeps getting deeper and darker and more powerful.As Jeff says,each violin must be taken on its own individual merits.Ive tried four other Garimbertis to date and the difference between all of them is remarkable.One of them,a 1963 example was awful!! Another from 1932 was "OK" but the settup was probably not the greatest.A 1942 example was superb although the varnish was rather "mucked" up by some very bad repairman.Just my two cents worth..... Peter Carter
  21. I just bought that book.That man led a hard life. The cellos are beautiful to look at.