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  1. I just mean that there is less between you and the instrument. If you're talking about sustain, I have no idea. Here's an old thread: https://www.violinist.com/discussion/archive/28322/
  2. I'd love to see it when you're done. I'm sure that it will look nice.
  3. I don't really use side mount, so I don't want to give advice on what placement is best. You should be able to find an over-the-tailpiece chinrest that is comparable. It's common for people to say that their instrument sounds better with no chinrest, but usually because the sound is going straight to their head. If you search this forum, there should be plenty of topics related to no chinrest.
  4. At least I'm not the only one flubbing tailpiece vs chinrest today. I think he meant the same as me... over-the-tailpiece style. I edited my post to prevent any more confusion.
  5. Sorry, I meant chinrest. I was just thinking about the over-the-tailpiece chinrests when typing. I rarely get way with slapping a chinrest onto an instrument without modifications.
  6. Similar carved scroll instrument from many years ago IDed as "cheap Dutzendarbeit"
  7. I'm sure that we'll get varying opinions on this one. There are often so many cracks around the saddle potentially due to chinrest placement, and saddle fitting issues. I rarely use a chinrest as it is, without any modifications to the fit. Creating an angle over/away from the saddle seems common. I prefer over tailpiece chinrests, so that (if there is saddle contact) the pressure is even and hopefully over the block. Pressure on one side of the saddle might be problematic over time. Are modern makers extending lower blocks for chinrest support still? I'm always alarmed at how far in some people place chinrests, way too far onto the top. We've all seen lovely clamp edge dents. Examples from the internet with contact:
  8. Jacob is known for accurate slight replies, and joking. I'm happy to take his comment at face value. He quoted me talking about Michael's violin. I know what's required for ID, and to imply that new users know better than me is silly. Again, I bumped the conversation back to Michael's instrument, not my instrument. There is not enough information to ID my violin, only to roughly date it's period of use and to observe that the finish is similar to Michael's. I'm still inclined to believe that it's 20th century, which carries no weight. I'm not trying to be rude here. If you can operate like this, and see no need for adjustment, awesome. I will try to avoid participating where you participate if this is always the outcome. I'd prefer to be able to talk, but it seems like we communicate in incompatible ways. Again, the conversation for me was just about textured varnish and timeline. I can't provide any of the finer information that you want. Don't go out of your way to devalue my participation. The Pegbox has historically been a place where I could come and talk with friends about instruments, without this level of nonsense.
  9. The violin in question is not mine, but the OPs. Good try though.
  10. Funny that I JUST posted this peg style advertisement in another violin thread.
  11. Implying that I was pulling imagery/dates from a dubious internet post was insulting. Directing me to MN standards of how to share photos of an instrument, and quoting my own comments back to me just to say that they are not useful, is all a bit silly. The measure of what is and is not useful clearly varies. Your bar is high, and this approach to interacting with people can come across as rudely dismissive, especially when everyone else is doing the work, and you are simply asking for more. I took a photo of a chair back for you, just to relay that yes indeed, this type of failed finish exists on other items. Yes, Michael was telling the truth. Proving truth for basic basic statements can be tiring. I was originally commenting to share a violin with similar varnish quality, similar era, with no hard facts for you. It's all visual/texture information only, and dates are ballparks from public records. You can say that my violin is from the 19C, and I can say it's from the 20C based on ownership and context clues. I'm not here to provide sterile information for a database, it's just conversation. Is everyone uncomfortable with agreeing that Michael's violin is from the date inscribed? Does every alligatored finish have to be from an expected date range?
  12. Happy new year to you too. The information that I relayed is not hearsay, it's a visible paper trail for Michael and my instrument, to help establish varnish timeline/era. I did post a violin. The images are for varnish texture reference only, not ID. I don't have to give you pegbox standard photos. I don't have them, and you do not need them. If my information is too unfortunate to be useful, from your personal point of view, I cannot help you. For my specific item, there are tangible dates of existence of player, and existence of instrument. Your assumptions about time have tried to push me back in time more and more, but when I look, I am pulled farther away from your expected region/timeline. If you want me to lift some varnish off of my chair and mail it to you for chemical analysis, happy to do it.
  13. That sounds like a handyman special.
  14. all manner of nightmares available ...
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