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  1. This is great Craig, I look forward to watching. I very much enjoy your photos too. Chris
  2. Nice work Don, I was able to replicate the Stickley Aurora finish on this fireplace surround using the instruction in the attachd link. Here is the link I followed the instructions except used satin polyurethane for the final finish. Chris
  3. Hi Jacob, Of course not. It turns out that the finish had not completely cured and it picked up a slight texture on the top and bottom of the back from sitting in the case. I polished out the finish and left it in the sun to fully cure. Chris
  4. For those of us who have no good tree from which to hang our violins. I have pine trees in my yard which have no lower limbs. They love to drop pinecone bombs so I came up with this “violin cage”. It allows time in the sun while providing protected from the pine cones and any squirrels that might want to inspect or see how it tastes. I put it together with nylon ties then tapped over the edges with duct tape. The bottom is attached to a thin piece of plywood with a large hole cut into it. I simply set a piece of wood on the ground, set the violin onto it, and then carefully set the ca
  5. Beautiful work Jezzupe. Nice wood. Chris
  6. Hi Scott, Thats correct. I used the Joe Robsons varnish and his recommended tapping application method which explains all of the finger marks on the base of the cradle (in the picture below). Its deep enough to be able to turn the violin all the way around. The heavy foam rubber at the neck position holds the neck pretty well but as I tapped it would bounce a little so I hold it with my left hand. A nice addition would be a stop on the dowel to keep the base of the violin from contacting the cradle and a hole instead of the open slot so that the violin cannot be knocked out of the cradl
  7. I made this one after seeing a similar cradle that Joe Robson made. Chris
  8. Hi Chet, You’re getting close and it’s looking great! I hear ya on the car thing. The transmission in our car decided to bite the dust on the way to the VSA competition in Cleveland last year. Chris
  9. Beautiful violin Ernie. There was some discussion on your edges earlier in the thread, I for one think they look great. Chris
  10. It looks great Chet, I look forward to seeing the sucessive layers. Chris
  11. Glad to hear that you had a good day Jeffrey, Happy Birthday. Chris
  12. Happy Birthday Craig! I hope your day was memorable. Chris
  13. I know what you mean Weller, These instruments are beautiful at many points during their construction and one hates to cover up any of this beauty. Like closing the corpus. Chris
  14. Hi Chet, It looks fantastic. Really nice. I love the heavy flame in the neck and scroll (which must have been a bear to carve). I can only imagine how great it must feel having your first cello closed up. Thank you for the great pictures and for sharing the ups and downs. Chris
  15. Chet, That's great progress. It's certainly looking like a beautiful cello now! How did the making of the fingerboard go for you? Chris