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  1. Hey Guys doesn't look like Don has the poster after all so if anybody else has one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Dear folks, I am looking for the Gibson Viola Strad poster. I think its P111 Is there anyone out there that might have one they would be willing to share with me, I am happy to pay for it or I can copy it. I started a Gibson viola years ago and lost the poster in a move. Thanks in advance! Frank
  3. I am wondering if anyone that manages this forum knows of a way to add Maestronet to the iPad application "Forum Runner". I enjoy using the app because it allows me to manage my forums in one location, but when I do a search for Maestronet, it does not come up. If someone has another idea for an application that will allow me to view maestronet, I would appreciate that as well. Thanks Frank
  4. I'll take it if you still have it. Send me a PM if you do. I can send payment via Pay-pal you would like. Thanks
  5. Absolutely, another forum for violin making tools and wood. We need it!
  6. Hello to all. A friend of mine is making a violin along side me, and he is a couple steps ahead of me. He is trying to paint the inside of the Peg box and the f- holes using, Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour Burnt Umber 076 (Series I). This is the stuff that International Violin sells. The stuff is very thick and difficult to apply. My question is two fold. First, should we thin the stuff before applying it, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to apply it? Second, should we even be using the stuff to begin with? What do my fellow maestroneter's use? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Frank
  7. Thank you Andres, This all makes perfect sense. I do have the Mach purfling cutter and indeed the blades are beveled on both sides. I am going to try to make a set of knives and give this a shot. Thanks for all the help. Frank P.S. Do you mind sending a picture of the single blade knife that you use for cutting the purfling channel?
  8. Thanks Darren for the link and to all that have posted. I really like Manfio's suggestion using the french curve as a guide. The only problem with the above knife, is that it appears to go only to 3/32" at its smallest setting, Which is certainly to large for violin purfling. I like the idea of making a knife by putting two blades together with the bevels to the inside. But if you are going to use violin or viola purfling at 1.5mm then one of your knife thickness will only be .75mm which seems a bit thin. I guess you could have a bevel on both sides which would thicken the irons but then it will be hard to establish a straight side inside the channel. Any thoughts on all this would be greatly appreciated as I am hoping to tackle some freehand inlay work.
  9. Sorry to say, But I would throw that Harbour Freight plane in the trash can. When working on violins you must have tools that are extremely accurate and Harbour Freight does not cut it! Go get a Lie-Nielsen or a Veritas, both of these will be in line with the quality you are trying to achieve. Then you must have the plane set up properly. That's another issue.
  10. Do you have a picture of that double bladed knife that you would be willing to show? I thought about making one if I could work up a design.
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