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  1. Okay, so I was able to get in touch with the alzheimers association and pitched my benefit concert. They are willing to work with me, but what was a concert is now turning into a dinner to play at with art work being shown for an exihibit. I don't want this to turn into a strolling violin job or playing background music. My idea was a concert. Would making sure that this is a formal performance as a opposed to playing in the background, by asking for more details, be too prima donna like?
  2. Hi everyone. Its been a long time since I've posted. I would like to have a benefit concert to raise money for the local Alzheimer's association. My mom has had Alzheimer's for about two years now and I want to do something to help. I have played solo concerts before, just locally in a few libraries. I also sit first chair in a couple of groups. I'm not sure how to go about trying to organize a concert though. My friend told me to call up the alzheimers association and go from there. He also said to research which local businesses support the organization to get them to help with the p
  3. Thanks for all the info. I'm just trying to get my feet wet with this gig. I don't know yet if I want to do wedding gigs on a regular basis. I don't work with a regular quartet, so I think I'm at a disadvantage there. Also, occasionally when I have to play a gig in which the client requests a particular grouping of instruments, I contact many acquaintances who sometimes want to get friends of theirs in on the gig as well. So, what started out as my gig ends up being taken over by other musicians. It turns into too many cooks in the kitchen ruining the stew. So I rather just play with a
  4. My friend's friend needs a violinist for her son's wedding. My friend recommended me to her. Here is the problem, I don't do wedding gigs. I've only played at one person's wedding and the church director made the experience a nightmare. The playing was fine, but the church director was horrible. Anyway, my friend was trying to convince me to do it. I'm really reluctant to do weddings because as one cellist from my orchestra said, she doesn't rehearse with her group, they just sightread the music at the wedding. I guess that is fine, but I don't think this cellist plays with a set group
  5. Interesting topic. 1. As a freshman in college, listening to the conductor of the community orchestra tell the audience that we omitted one movement of the piece we were playing because the orchestra as a whole didn't have the chops to play it. (Well he didn't use those words exactly but, pretty close to it.) I was shocked by that. 2. Ah the joys of playing outside in the summer. At an outdoor concert a few summers ago, the woman sitting in front of me had rather large beetle that was nestled in her hair. She had an updo that day. She didn't have a choice but to play an entire piece
  6. I am revamping my press kit. One of the things my pianist and I would like to do is have new recordings made. I used one of my older violins for the current recording. I have since upgraded to a better sounding violin which will improve the overall quality of the sound. Also, my current demo was done at someone's home. The guy who recorded us, gave my pianist the option of using a steinway piano or a digital piano. I believe he wanted my pianist to use the digital piano as he could correct any mistakes that occured, but could not do so if my pianist used the steinway. My pianist really
  7. Hmm, interesting topic. I've never thrown anyone out for not practicing, but have been close. I had one teenager whose mother really wanted her to play violin, but never made her practice. I was her 4th teacher. My friend used to teach her until she moved out of state. It was interesting to see the comments written the music by her previous teacher. Everything was spoonfed to her and I soon found out why. She didn't play in tune at all, didn't hold the bow correctly and gripped the neck of the violin by nearly making a fist around it. It's not like she couldn't do these things, but she
  8. I'm an elementary school orchestra teacher. My district had to hire an instrument repairman from the bid list. That means, I can't use my repairman who is a string specialist. The new repairman isn't doing a good job. He has had to fix some cracks along the body of a few violins. Some of them were well repaired and others were not. Shouldn't a repaired crack feel smooth? Because a couple of the violins he repaired have had the cracks on the body glued together, but one part of the wood is higher than the other. He still hasn't returned my cello that he picked up in June! When I cal
  9. I just spoke to my teacher about some differences in opinion and he was very understanding about the whole thing. He said that since my ideas were sounded good musically that it was fine to follow them. He also added that if they didn't sound good musically he would definitely let me know. Just to clarify, I don't follow interpretations blindly. If I did I wouldn't have enough of a case to disagree with any point of view. I can play something convincingly enough, even if I don't agree with it. I sometimes have to do that in orchestras depending on the conductor. Also, any interpretat
  10. I have studied with my teacher for almost a decade (and have played the violin a decade more than that), but I'm an adult student. I've been out of school for a few years now. When I started studying with him, I was still in school. I appreciate everything he says, but once in a while I may disagree with his viewpoint. I try it his way in any case, however I find that I can't always play something convincinly if I don't get it or feel differently about it. Okay, maybe I play it convincingly enough, but not as convincingly as if I played it "my way." Does that make sense? I don't want m
  11. I've been studying with my teacher for many years now and have learned and continue to learn so much from him. However there are times when I disagree with his viewpoints on things such as fingering, phrasing or interpretations. If the disagreement is more technical like fingerings, it's not as difficult to explain my point of view. For example, there was a passage that my teacher thought I should play sul G, I agreed however knowing how nervous I get in a performance, I knew that I shouldn't risk it. My teacher understood and let me do w/o the sul G work. However when we start talkin
  12. Ooops, I meant to say: "unless you are super talented" NOT "unless you aren't super talented" in the previous post....sorry for the typo
  13. I think it is possible to have a career in music even if you have started later. It all depends on how hard you work. Being a "professional" musician has a lot of different definitions: soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician, teaching and performing, free lancing etc. A kid may start playing when they are 5 or 6, but may not take playing seriously until much later. I think we live in a culture that in some ways is obsessed with youth. So unless you start playing when you are 3 or 4 years old OR unless you aren't super talented as a kid, we often get the message that music, as a ho
  14. I'm knocking on 30, so I'm hoping it's not arthritis. Computer use may have something to do with it. That's the one piece of technology I've been using lately. Maybe I'm using the mouse too much, since I have been surfing the web more than typing. Whatever the reason, I hope this pain goes away.
  15. For the past few days, my right thumb has had some pain at the bottom joint when I clench my fist/bend my thumb. I don't know if it is muscle or bone pain. It hurts the most, in the morning. Or maybe I just get used to it during the day and notice it more in the morning. It's not unbearable pain, it's more like the type of pain that you get when you press on a bruise. My thumb or hand isn't swollen and it doesn't hurt when I play. I don't remember doing anything strenuous to hurt my thumb. I doubt it comes from playing because I grip my bow very lightly and it doesn't bother me when I p