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  1. I just came from the viewing at Tarisio. An appropriate hush fell over the showroom. And many MN-ers and other joined me in pressing my nose against the glass. It is an amazing violin. Words can't say what those pictures do. And as always, the depth in real life is even greater than even the spectacular photos reveal. Happy to be Lady Blunt's lady-in-waiting, Marilyn
  2. Yeah, that picture. I just couldn't place the fella as I was fact checking the newsletter. :-) This also explains a strange phone call from the other afternoon- some one asking if I remembered them, but mostly drowned out by the sounds of baa-ing sheep. Marilyn p.s. in time, the new management company will get us all figured out, well, at least our names! David, if you didn't know by now that I think you are somebody, now you have proof.
  3. It is lovely, congratulations. Glad it came out so well. Marilyn Wallin Boston
  4. I am not familiar with 5-strings, but I have set up a lot of violas in a wide range of sizes. In my experience, the afterlength (that distance from top of bridge to tailpiece fret) is more important than the distance between the tailpiece and the saddle. I have never had 15mm there, but I have had a few with several mm of tailpgut exposed. Perhaps changing the subject. But to my thinking (and experience), the stability of material used to span the gap is more likely to effect the tone and playability than the distance from saddle to tailpiece. Marilyn Wallin Boston
  5. Dr. Margaret Downey-Banks gave a lecture on Guldan factory violins at a VSA convention 15 or so years ago. I do not have the year, but some one with a complete collection and the older index could perhaps place it for you. Her research was thorough. I do not remember that she gave values. One interesting feature I remember is that the upper ribs were notched into the neck heel; the neck heel was the same piece of wood as an extension into the inside of the body that served as the upper block. Marilyn Wallin
  6. Hello Jose, and other Maestronetters, In an effort to bring this thread back to Michael's original post, I wanted to write a bit about the varnish workshop, and some plans Joe, Roman and I have for the next one. We hope to have many things the same: The participants bring two instruments, one with a ground of their choice, and another "in-the-white". The participants will spend an intensive week in a well lit and well ventilated workshop focused on new instrument varnish. Each will apply during the week the ground to the white instrument, and the color coats to the previously grounded violin. The participants will observe and/or try a variety of approaches to these applications, to the rubbing out, pigmentation/coloration, antiquing, polishing, etc. with frequent demonstrations. We hope to continue to have our esteemed guests bring antique and interesting instruments for us to study. We hope to build daily study of photographs and samples into a more structured routine. There are other things we continue to refine, and we hope for better weather! I emerge from this last workshop with a renewed zeal to look at every fine contemporary and antique violin family instrument I can get my hands on. To look, really look. Without preconceived notions of what I imagine I will see. I am trying to discern what I can about each different layer. The intensity of color, the thickness and nature, the color of the wood itself, opacity and other characteristics. Anything that will help me create the best finishes I can muster. I have an approach, a system, a plan which works for me, sometimes better than others, of course. I continue to study because I want a palette complete enough to achieve all the looks I can think up. Marilyn Wallin
  7. Hi Joe, There are two unique opportunities to see instruments for VSA 2010: the Hors Concours Exhibit the Study Exhibit. The turnout of instruments in both is great. This will fulfill a goal Fan Tao and I have long shared- to get great instruments to see before the Competition Room opens. The Hors Concours Exhibit will be open all week during the day, except Thursday morning. This can be checked out anytime from 9 to 5, without planning ahead. The Study Exhibit will be open Mon-Tues-Weds, and Thursday afternoon after noon. This exhibit will have timed entrance tickets. Tickets for the Study Exhibit will be available at the Registration desk. This will assure that there will be a manageable number of people in the room at any time. Everyone will have to plan ahead for this one by stopping by to get a ticket early in the week. Joe- lots of great varnish to enjoy, eh? Marilyn Wallin
  8. Carlo Chiesa is speaking on Weds. at 1:30-2:30 in the grand ballroom. Title: "Little-known Facts about the Great Cremonese Makers". Competition instruments will be available to be viewed upon the completion of judging, and the judges control their process. While the Competition room is often open on Thursday afternoon, each year is different. It will certainly open after the Banquet which is Thursday, Nov. 11, and remain open all day Friday, closing finally at the end of the convention which is Friday night this year. Marilyn
  9. Hey Joe, Three weeks? My calendar says two and a half weeks until the driving begins! Polish, polish, polish.... There are three new additions to the program just this weekend. I hope no one plans on sleeping there! Marilyn
  10. On Tuesday, Nov. 9th at the VSA in Cleveland Joseph Curtin, Fan Tao, and Terry Borman are presenting: “Measuring the Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesù” A Lecture by Philip Kass: “Monograph on an Instrument Featured in the Study Exhibit” A Panel with Jim Ham, David Gage, and Jay VandeKopple: “Report on the First VSA/Oberlin Bass Workshop” A Lecture by Tom Croen “A Fresh Look at Fingerboards” OUR VERY FIRST: Double Bass Forum Led by Jay VandeKopple Lecture by David Samuels “Celebrating Dominique- in Honor of Peccatte's 200th Birthday” Lecture by Christina Linsenmeyer “MIM-Phoenix: Building a Museum and a Collection from the Ground Up” Looks like a lot of people are preparing! Marilyn
  11. Carlo Chiesa's lecture is in the main hall, and will be recorded for future publication, I am glad to report. Marilyn Wallin
  12. Hi Darren, Allowing photography in the Study Exhibit would require permission from all of the lenders. The use or exclusion of cameras will be posted on the door. Allowing photography in the Innovation and hors concours Exhibits would require permission from all of the lenders there also. We probably won't know until a few days before. Increasingly, the VSA conventions have information that you just have to see and hear for yourself, live and in person to get the full benefit. Some panels and forums are not included in the journals, and there are just many more things to see than could be photographed in just a week. Marilyn Wallin President, Program Chair, VSA
  13. Hello Maestronetters, The VSA Program Committee is pleased to announce that the Program Schedule is available on the website. If you are routed to a memberclicks page, just re-enter www.vsa.to On the front page of www.vsa.to there is a button below that says "click here for Convention Schedule of Events". A several page document will appear in your downloads. it contains a schedule for every day from Nov. 7 to 12th. There are NEW features at this convention: A Study Exhibit of older interesting violins. A special honor to those competitors who have been designated "hors concours". Expanded offerings for bass makers and repairers. Double sessions. And of course RETURNING favorites: the Vendor Exhibit; Innovation; forums, panels, concerts and lectures, and the Competition Exhibit the last two days. Marilyn Wallin President, VSA
  14. Michael, I am paying my dues! And in more ways than the usual. But from here forward, I get to sit back and enjoy the efforts and energy of other volunteers creating other programs. I look forward to seeing how future presidents of the VSA will make use of this annual "classroom" called the Violin Society of America Convention. I hope they find it as rewarding as I have, although I am not done yet.... back to those room layouts, and banquet menus, and bio's, and schedules, and..... Marilyn Wallin
  15. Hey Joe! I am still waiting for mine! Can't wait to see what typo's I missed...... For those who want to see the basic line-up, although it is still in transition, go to the website and look under newest newsletter. I will post the official, final line-up late next week when it goes to press for the Program Book. Marilyn
  16. Hello Maestronetters, The late summer newsletter of the VSA is arriving in mailboxes starting this coming week. It contains many articles, and an estimated schedule of events for the upcoming convention. This posting is to let you know that as I finalize the schedule towards the end of September, working with the program committee as they hear from each speaker about travel plans, I will post the exact times and days on the VSA website. Marilyn Wallin President, VSA
  17. Hello Maestronetters, The late summer newsletter of the VSA is arriving in mailboxes starting this coming week. It contains many articles, and an estimated schedule of events for the upcoming convention. This posting is to let you know that as I finalize the schedule towards the end of September, working with the program committee as they hear from each speaker about travel plans, I will post the exact times and days on the VSA website. Marilyn Wallin President, VSA
  18. Thank you David. Did you dampen the other open strings? Marilyn
  19. Hello Michael, There will be a lot of free time for members on Sunday Nov. 7th. All that will be happening is that people will be dropping entries off to the Competition Committee at the doors to the ballroom. Perhaps MN-er's could congregate, (after they drop off if competing), in the lobby? The lobby of this hotel is super huge, has dozens of sofas and a fountain in the center. The Opening reception hosted by Ellis Hershman of Heritage Insurance is Monday evening this year, after the first full day of lectures and panels. For those who use Facebook, I started a Violin Society of America facebook page which you can search and like, and then be connected to updated information. (Not to be confused with Violin society OR America- a misspelled page that is inactive, but I can't seem to remove.) Marilyn Wallin
  20. Hi Ryan, Thanks to you and to Jerry for all you will be doing to make this happen. Seeing is believing, and I was very pleased with the images Jerry showed the Board when he was developing this project. The prototype from the camera and printing process to be used. I have had two professional photographers shoot my work in the last year for gallery shows in my area. And I have also seen other professional shots for violin shop newsletters and sales fliers. Also good photographers. What Jerry showed me popped off the page- it is beyond cool. I thought briefly of resigning as VSA President so that I could compete and get a photo like that. But I resigned myself instead to waiting and hoping the VSA can do it in 2012 when I will be eligible to compete again. If I have the energy.... big "if"! Marilyn Wallin Concord MA
  21. I will answer this one myself, but do add to my response if you so please, Mr. Burgess! The VSA is run by a volunteer Board, and volunteer Officers, some of which are unpaid part-time jobs. The professional management, for which I am most grateful, replaced our administrative assistant and 10 year old office in Poughkeepsie NY, for which I was also grateful. The things managed by the office (before and now) are bookkeeping, taxes, printing the newsletter I create, mailing out membership notices, etc. Now with management, there are more jobs taken off of my plate and those of the board as well. Freeing me to work on a program for the convention. I am looking at a great line-up! As to the dues: the $160 is for two years, a reduction from $100 a year that we instituted 5 or so years ago. The dues have not gone up in years. Marilyn Wallin
  22. Hi MN'ers. Thank you David for relaying the names of our instrument workmanship judges. I think we have a very talented panel. As to the location of odd year conventions, I have not myself chosen one, since I inherited both sites of my presidency from the previous administration. And I will not be that involved with future sites under our new management. Our professional management company has put out the 2012 convention to bid with the advice of the site selection committee in hand. Joe and Helen discussed with the board their rational for location selection. As I remember it, they put the number of members from each state onto a map and observed that the most VSA Members could drive under 250 or 300 miles to locations in the New Jersey/Philadephia/Delaware/Maryland area. The off year doesn't involve a host shop, or didn't last year anyway, but they work extremely hard for the good of the competitors on competition years. I am excited about our Cleveland location. The Rennaisance is a beautiful hotel right in downtown Cleveland. You can get from the airport to the hotel on the light rail without even going outside. Really. That will be helpful for those toting up to a quartet and a suitcase, hopefully on rollers. And there are dozens of cool restaurants in every price range nearby. The September newsletter will have the specifics of the convention, but it is coming together very nicely. Marilyn Wallin President, VSA
  23. Feng, This competition looks great! Respected judges make all the difference. I have put this competition on my "to do" list. Thanks for spreading the word. Marilyn Wallin
  24. > If a participant has a method that works, but needs "fine tuning"...we will work with that. If a participant wants to follow step by step in the method either Marilyn, Roman, of myself is demonstrating, then that is their choice. Also one of the "blocks" to learning varnishing is the expense involved, so there will be lots of "sandbox" time with materials and violin-shaped-objects to work on. There is no one right way to do this! This seminar is a workshop offering of the North Bennet Street School in Boston and is open to professional and serious amateur violinmakers. It is an offering of the ever expanding NBSS Workshop Program which includes courses from a weekend to a month in length on scores of topics in the serious craft category. The North Bennet Street School has been doing this sort of thing for about 135 years in 12 fields of study. It is appropriate to discuss it on this forum in the same way it is appropriate to discuss VSA/Oberlin courses. Roman and Joe have created a curriculum on a subject of great interest to woodworkers. The full time students of violinmaking and of cabinet and furniture will benefit from having this advanced class going on in the same building, and some will participate. I am looking forward to this teaching opportunity. My association with NBSS, first as teacher and for the last 10 years as advisor, goes back over 20 years. I will be using my own methods and materials, and also look forward to materials Joe brings to explore. I will help where I can, for as long as I am needed, working with each participant to achieve their own look. Marilyn Wallin
  25. The countdown is on. The VSA convention next week includes everything originally posted and now more. Sam Z is going to do a talk on the Strad3D project. And the "Show and Tell" which was inspired by requests on Maestronet after the last convention promises to be a good time. There are lots of makers bringing their instruments, bows and inventions. And a few antiques are scheduled to make an appearance. Remember, things start Weds. night with a reception and end Friday night with a Banquet-no activities on Sat. this time. See you there! Marilyn Wallin
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