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  1. I would really like to posting some nice pics. of the outside of my shop window ......if there are any window :-)
  2. I have ordering some tonewoods in Europe , It had been more than a month now , still waiting for it . Usually it takes about 2 weeks to here . Anyone have similar trouble too ?
  3. Does the gold medal winner's violin & viola has antiquing or not ?
  4. Try karin rost. Their wood purflings are excellent ! easy to bent , hard to unglue . of course , the most important things , it looks good !
  5. Here is the source I know of red willow block and linings , from Cremona : Red willow
  6. In short , that mean the soundpost was not fitted properly . You could tell where the post has really contact the top or back , by turning it with the setter . An unfitted soundpost could affecting in many way . One thing I've notice if the post was not in fully contact to the back . The bass and the power would suffering a lot .
  7. Shanghai is not in the southern China and not too humid !
  8. Thanks Chris , that's great ! Could you film more on the Il Cannone in more angles ? Such as from higher and lower angles ,less straight on it .
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