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  1. The first time I met Sam he asked about my father since he hadn't seen him in some time. I'd known who Sam was but he didn't know me, but still he sought me out to ask about my dad. Sam was that kind of person. I forget how long ago that was. Indeed Sam was from another time, not your ordinary fellow. He will be missed.
  2. Hi to all again. I forgot to thank JimB and Michael for a fantastic workshop. Michael, I don't know how you do it. We asked a tousand questions and you gave up the goods. Many thanks. And JimB you put on a great workshop. The fan and extra blankets made it comfortable but you didn't have to add the air-conditioner; and the chocolates each evening were totally un-necessary. Darwin
  3. Chet! How you been? It's been a while. We thought you were going to the workshop. Andres, that's the view from the cabin. Have you recovered from the workshop yet? You finish that fiddle yet?
  4. Hi guys, This is my first message so hope this goes well. I too was at the workshop. Hi Jennifer, Andres, Sam, JimB and any others I don't recognize. I had a great time. Michael does look happy but I think he was pretty tired. We worked him hard. Hope to be back next year! Darwin