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  1. "David, which direction are you talking about when flexing your guitar plates side to side or lengthwise?" Both ways, and twisting.
  2. Hello Bert M, Referring to stiffness of a spruce plate, grain spacing has nothing to do with stiffness, as I said above. This comes from handling hundreds of spruce guitar tops at ca. 5 mm thick. There are tight grained plates that have considerable flex, and wide grained plates that are very stiff. I'm not the only one who has had this experience.
  3. I have a European spruce guitar top that was used as packing material, and the grain spacing is at least 1/8". It is the stiffest piece of spruce I've ever handled. If stiffness is a criteria for a belly, grain spacing is irrelevant. I've also handled plenty of tight grained spruce the was pretty floppy, not usable for tonewood.
  4. " It looks like they found a new venue for their wares!" ...more like created a new venue.
  5. From what I see, all the buyitnow offers are new Chinese, of unknown quality. The one you reference to looks heavily antiqued, but there are surprisingly no age related signs of use, or real antiqueing. That is my opinion, but the observation of the BIN is without any doubt.
  6. It's here:
  7. Try Citristrip. Sanding varnish off is the absolute LAST resort.
  8. "I was impressed with the man making a violin in 33 minutes.... Videos are fiction, time is not real, believe me:" I don't think anyone who watched this video thinks he made the violin in 33 minutes. What's your point?
  9. I like this one a lot better.
  10. German trade fiddle, which may or may not be worth the price paid.
  11. I thought it looked German, but earlier than suggested in the other thread.
  13. I've run across several Mirecourt violins that have around 29 mm projection at the bridge. Was this typical set up for the early 1900's?
  14. luthier

    Bad Bow Hair?

    Not that I know anything, I would assume you set the (middle of) tightened bow hair on a beam or finger and tilt back and forth to find the point or angle that the hair has equal tension. You'll need some "Feingefuehl" for that
  15. luthier

    French violin ID

    The drop down saddle is a feature found in Mittenwald violins pre 1850, to my knowledge. Is that also found in French work?
  16. A lot of German turn of the century and earlier mass produced violins got a Techler label, which is what everyone so far is delicately trying to point out, and generally the model has nothing to do with what the maker's name on the label actually built.
  17. In German it's called a Stimstock, translates in English to tuning or voicing stick.
  18. The J B Colin violins are around in the U.S., not marked as made in France, so they could have been imported in used condition from England, France, or elsewhere. This post was informative for me, thanks all for the insights.
  19. Use them for spiral bushings. I have my bag.
  20. Where is the separation?
  21. I saw this one, and couldn't believe the price...a couple of total (how do you say idiot in a kind way?)...bidders. There are always a number of nice German or Czech Maggini's that need little or nothing at all that never get close to this price, mostly going for less than half.
  22. The case is worth that, so you got a free violin.
  23. Here's an interview with Rob Landes that I also found interesting, even inspirational.
  24. Just like you bend any other bow, with an alcohol lamp. I've never tried it, but I think boiling it in water would have disastrous results.