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  1. Why settle for just a "good" violin when there are plenty of dealers that only stock "fine" ones?
  2. I like the Morassi. And of course the Zyg viola.
  3. Another consideration is your instrument, not all instruments work well going up the G.
  4. deans

    Advice violin

    I would have guessed Bubenreuth, or maybe Romania, esp since thats where it was purchased. Could be chinese. Looks fine for the price either way. Ask the seller
  5. It depends on what type of instrument you are looking for. Even though prices can be higher, in many cases its worth it to establish a good relationship with a local shop.
  6. I'd say do a neck graft. I dont think any repair on this fiddle is economical, but it seems like you have a soft spot for it and want to see it playing again. Its not a sin. Of course if you are in the violin trade it would be a very poor business decision, but you probably wouldnt have posted this if that were the case.
  7. Stress and wear on the pegbox has little to do with the type of peg, but how the pegs are fitted and how well the instrument is cared for. I have a viola for 35 years now that has been a workhorse, daily tuning multiple times for years and years, there has never been an issue, you would detect little wear. I have only occasionally pulled the pegs, and applied hill compound. I can say the same for dozens of old timers who have played for decades on one instrument with no peg problems. On the other hand some guys can put 100 years of wear and tear in a week.
  8. Violins are a European thing for sure. Many modern American Makers whose families came here centuries ago often point to the European traditions in their own making.
  9. Actually from a dealer's perspective your figure is way too high too. Walk into a violin shop around here with a fiddle like that and you'll get zero. I dont care too much about violins like this anymore, but if there was nothing terrible with the top I'd certainly buy for more than 100 bucks. Button break and all. Your correct though about offering an opinion without seeing the thing, but I did put a disclaimer about seeing more details. The top could be a train wreck.
  10. I dont think all MA have grafted scrolls, most do though, esp when you see that type of fluting. I wonder what happened to the varnish
  11. Pretty decent 19th cent. Mark/schon is what I would guess from the picks. I might change that with more details. 1200-2000? Condition will be huge factor
  12. Sometimes shops just like to poo-poo everything. And plant seeds of doubt. And of course sometimes they're right. Do as Martin and Three said.
  13. I think good f fluting is subtle, and can make the ffs pop without really noticing the fluting itself. Different than trade instruments where someone just swiped a gouge down the wings. Some make a big deal about, important sign of quality etc. etc. But sometimes its not there at all and the instrument sounds great.
  14. Even though I've seen thousands of "Hopf" stamped/labeled violins, I'm not sure what a Hopf model is, but I wouldnt associate it with S. Germany. Anyway I take back my S. German comment on this one.