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  1. deans

    E.H. Roth 1910?

    To my eyes that looks nicer than most Roths, cant say much about the video. Pre-war Roths seem to have solidly cracked the 5 figure price range in retail. shops.
  2. I thought serious luthiers used their teeth.
  3. Good deals can be found anywhere, but with flea markets, garage sales, and pawn shops you will need to spend a lot of time kissing a lot of frogs. Better off spending an equal amount of time working somewhere part time, and saving enough to walk into a shop. I used to spend a lot of time at antique stores etc., but my first real decent viola came after spending time at a warehouse unloading trucks. Some of the best deals are had between musicians, often good players are passed around among orchestra members. Of course the best deals are when somebody gives you an instrument. Happens more than you think and often with good instruments. I have been given a few decent items and done the same.
  4. I believe this is correct, but a lot is due to things like opioids and obesity that plague certain areas.
  5. Plenty of toxic substances have been used in violins over the years, and who knows whats in the varnish of some of the Chinese instruments. That's why I stopped eating them long ago.
  6. Looks like a later scroll. Would be a pretty cool fiddle if in better shape.
  7. Perhaps if it is done by the maker himself. But they would probably replace the whole neck.
  8. Lion heads on old German/Austrian instruments are generally accepted, but I think most people still prefer the ones with normal scrolls. Gamba and d'amore players probably are the ones that might actually prefer some other carving.
  9. I think everyone has your experience. I always felt self conscious in the practice rooms at college, wondering if people were listening. Keep in mind that your neighbor has seen it all, probably has heard thousands of beginners and was once one herself. Probably more understanding than anyone else.
  10. We routinely use 200 proof anhydrous alcohol in the lab. Not the cheapest thing, but super clean.
  11. When you are not enjoying them anymore. But on the practical side of things, if your collection has significant monetary value, and your heirs would rather have the money than the fiddles, or you need it for your own retirement, you need to fix this before you lose the ability to do so (like being dead). It all depends on your financial needs, space, heirs, etc.
  12. Somewhat related, how many cats can you have before you are that "crazy cat lady". I guess its also the n+1 rule.
  13. There are lots of really good sounding violins that the violin trade will not touch. Often times good ones will get passed around among musicians. Sometimes players will pay $1000-1500 for something a violin dealer wouldnt pay anything. But thats probably about the upper limit.