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  1. deans

    Anyone buy from YM Music?

    I bought one too, an M20. Mine needed set up work. The string spacing at the nut was very uneven, it had a long tight soundpost, and I replaced the bridge. I guess the bridge could have been saved and better fitted, but I questioned its quality. Of course new strings. In the end it was still a solid buy.
  2. Yes. But often talented faceless workers.
  3. Here's what it boils down to me. You have a decent quality German trade instrument. Perhaps it was distrubuted through Metropolitan Music, perhaps somewhere else. Some guy named Karl Herman may have had his finger in the pie.
  4. Here's a "Morelli" looking very much like yours But looking at other Morelli's on the web they all seem to look a lot like Juzeks, shield or not. Most likely all from the same source.
  5. Yes some Juzeks had a shield like this. There were other trade names as well that had the same decoratio. I' m thinking Morelli? Or maybe some other Italian sounding name. But it does look like a Juzrk.
  6. deans

    Low end Markie?

    I'll also add that often 18th century Saxon violins from known makers like Ficker, Hamm, etc, often sell for surprisingly low amounts at auction, and it doesn't take a lot of work for a restorer to declare it "not worth fixing up".
  7. deans

    Low end Markie?

    I'll put good money down that its Saxon. But I don't know what to say about early. Instruments have been made by this method for a long stretch. I think its from around 1850-1870. It could be later, but I cant see it being much later than 1900. Is a low grade through-neck Saxon instrument from 1850 more interesting than one made later? Perhaps a Civil War re-enactor would like to know if it legitimately could have been around during that period, and value it more. Such people exist.
  8. deans

    Low end Markie?

    I've usually been very pleased after paying more than its worth to have something fixed up. Many times dealers give you that advice based on their perspective as someone who needs to profit significantly, and where sentiment is worthless. But I'd have a hard time spending much money or my own time on this one.
  9. deans

    Low end Markie?

    I have 5-6 of these waiting to be restored, all significantly better than the OP. I always pick them up thinking they will make good period instruments. But there always seems to be a glitch and you can go down a time/money drain pretty quick, time that could be spent playing....
  10. deans

    Low end Markie?

    I think its an early Markie or at least Saxon. Restoring it is your decision.
  11. deans

    Low end Markie?

    As opposed to a half setup?
  12. I always liked the Rudoulf Doetsch line from Weaver's shop. But I suspect that nowdays they come from China or Romania, I haven't seen one made in the last 10 years or so, maybe they aren't so hot anymore. The ones from the Weaver era were really good for the price, I still have one that can do almost anything you need from a violin. Look for an older one.
  13. I would take one of the Chinese you mentioned over this particular model. But if you buy directly from China you will most likely need some set up tweeks. I bought a Yita once, it was very nice for the price but unworkable straight from the box.
  14. deans

    Neuner & Hornsteiner violin

    Technical points aside, it just doesn't have the look of an N&H, I suspect that if you were to go through the checklist you will conclude Saxon/Czech. And Jacob is right, there are plenty of real N&H violins available, you don't need to resort to ebay if for some reason your heart is set on one.
  15. deans

    Viola strings

    I like Dominants, there are still quite a few players that use them although it might be a shrinking population. I see a lot of players with Larsen, but those that don't like them hate them. I think the same can be said with Evahs. Most players are familiar enough with Helicores. I think if you want your instrument to be showable to many different players then Dominants and Helicores might be still be good choices. Havent tried any Warchals on viola, maybe give them a try. What is your string length? A bit longer than 375 and I would go with Dominants, shorter then I would lean towards higher tension.