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  1. My question is what is the price? Is he selling it at a price that reflects the cert? Or is the price in line with a tarted up Markie? Sometimes people feel the need to make trade instrument more interesting just to move it off at trade instrument prices (or a just a bit higher). In which case, if you really like the playing qualities of the instrument, just buy it and chuck the paperwork.
  2. If you dont have a violin shop near by, I suggest Shar, they have some low priced options, and your setup etc will be better.
  3. Fred Oster's web page shows another attributed to MI Stadleman, similar design, but some other differences
  4. A lot of museums here in the US also seem to be chock full of them, I think the Yale museum has about 8 too. Although there are several notable 18th century works for these instruments, I'm surprised there isn't more, considering how many were made. I think a lot of players just spent time noodling around, it seems the perfect instrument for that.
  5. Can we a choose a different maker? $3MM probably puts you in the lower end of Strads. How about one of the a Peter Gs?
  6. $20-$30K is a barrier to many players. But in spite of that I see a stronger demand for newly made instruments than any other time in my life. For those who are priced out of the new handmade market, and don't want a Chinese production instrument, an old Markie can be a great choice, just not this particular one.
  7. Looks like a cool cello. I wouldnt consider any violin related purchase a good investment.
  8. I notice a lot of verbiage like "top notch" and "high end" thrown around here. Like any field there is a top 5-10% that do outstanding work and command a premium. Well worth it in many situations, but that's not where this fiddle should go, if anywhere. Most home town brick and mortar violin shops can tackle a soundpost patch and a few other cracks and do a good job of it, and do it routinely. But the cost would still be 2-3K. Still doesnt make sense economically for this instrument, but getting down to "mad money" range for a lot of people if there is sentimental value.
  9. You could do a neck pull up, seems to be a popular procedure these days. 5 mm for the e can start wearing on you after a while.
  10. Here are a couple that are sort of like yours. Things like this seem fairly common, looks like there is also a fair amount of variations.
  11. I think so, maybe earlier too, possibly still made. I have 2 or 3.
  12. I believe its a rebuilt 19th century German fiddle with a new neck/head. Looks like it could be a cool player.
  13. If you're reading these message boards you have to believe that. Otherwise we'd just be off practicing on our Rudolph Doetsch or whatever.
  14. deans

    Undervalued - much?

    are you taking students?
  15. deans

    Undervalued - much?

    I think a lot of people have 14000 French violins that are really only 1500 Mirecourt fiddles. It might not be any fault of the teacher, many violins are not properly appraised.