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  1. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    I believe some will slide their thumb up the side of the board to get into position, potentially rubbing the top the full length of the side of the board. Its all sloppy play, and can be fixed. Davids example is classic pizz. wear. Some people don't tuck their thumb.
  2. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    What John said. Right thumb against the side of the fingerboard rubbing the top.
  3. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    For me that was definitely a pizzicato issue. Trimming nails and awarness fixed things for the most part.
  4. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    Funny, I just randomly picked that photo from the web. I used to hold my viola like that, I also used to sit with the scroll against my chin (I don't know why), and started noticing some wear.
  5. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    There was a recent thread on this with several tape suggestions. I'm convinced that a significant amount of wear at this spot comes when resting, not playing, so it can be minimized to some degree by changing the habit shown in photo. I
  6. Violin ID help

    I think he was measuring the button too. Went for too much IMO. I might guess South German, or maybe Vienna, but I might be getting into trouble speculating.
  7. Violin ID help

    If the crack in the back is fixed with a patch, it cant hurt setting it up, just to see, if it seems stable enough.
  8. violin marquetry

    Yeah, they are cool looking, I'm more of a fan of the flame soundholes . I wonder about the Gusetto models, seem to be a complete fabrication of the German/Czech trade industry, cornerless model with viola d'amore Fs. Funny now that the Chinese are making them.
  9. violin marquetry

    Sure enough it was at the very bottom of "The Pile". Does look similar to yours. If you come up with anything or make your own let me know, I'll gladly buy a piece.
  10. violin marquetry

    I also have one in my garage that's missing a piece, a Schoenbach "Gusetto". I'll have to go dig it out tonight and take a look and see if its the same pattern. Georges suggestion isn't a bad option, and its what I was thinking of doing (for decades now, its hard to justify the effort when I could be playing).
  11. Should I Hate This More??

    I like lot 60 better than the other one.
  12. Should I Hate This More??

    The estimate here is less than a Rudolph Doetsch.........
  13. Should I Hate This More??

  14. Violin restorer recommendations

    You might want to consider playing hard for a at least 6 more months with some soundpost/bridge tweeks in between, maybe even longer. One month isn't enough IMO. And just out of curiosity, do listerners who hear the instrument perceive the same loss in timbe?
  15. Was ist das? (German cello)

    I can see this sitting at $5K in a shop around here, if there are no condition issues.