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  1. deans

    Help ID with a nice Guarneri style violin copy

    I'll go with recent Chinese, with some real wear to go with the antiquing
  2. deans

    Zygmuntowicz at Tarisio

    "I tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin"
  3. Cool fiddle. To me it looks way too clean to be Salzklammergut. It seems that that's the first guess these days for anything with painted purfling. I suspect the dark varnish is original
  4. deans

    I like the look of this viola......

    Does look like a player. Perfect size, 200 yo, interesting look, right now the price is about the same as a Jay Haide, got to figure it at least has an interesting sound. But yes, get your eyes fixed, especially since you have really good violas already.
  5. deans

    Worth a 4 hr commute to check out?

    Don't worry, maybe Jacob will come along
  6. deans

    1905 Violin Bow Ad

    For what its worth, just checked an inflation calculator $11.00 in 1913 is about $280.00 today. A good hand made bow today is 10-20X that.
  7. deans

    Zygmuntovich at Tarisio

    Makes sense, but I can think of some makers who eventually priced themselves out of the market. Seems this guy hasn't hit that ceiling. I suspect this particular is instrument is known among a certain violin community, and a known is often worth more than an unknown.
  8. I would take a chance on it, if its as sound as you say.
  9. deans

    Is this violin bow worth any kind of fuss?

    Where I live its hard to go out without dropping at least a C-note. Even a trip to the taqueria for a burrito and a beer for two will cost 40 bucks after taxes. Its easy to think that spending 10-20 bucks on a violin or bow is a good bet, until your garage is full of worthless $20 violins....
  10. Joseph Klotz 1795 is a very common fake label. From my small screen I think you might have a Saxon instrument. Maybe from that time period though. I might change that guess with a better look.
  11. deans

    Client's WWII-era (?) decorated violin - ID anyone?

    If you want an idea of value you can look here: Actually if I could have gotten that much for these instruments my life would have taken a much different path....
  12. deans

    Client's WWII-era (?) decorated violin - ID anyone?

    Very common decal. Usually found on 19th century saxon. I would guess yours is from the last quarter 19th century
  13. They did IMO. Many great German makers throughout most of the history of the instrument. I believe if you look at new hand made instruments (as I often do), the prices of German, American, and Italian are currently comparable. In fact I think there are some bargains among the current crop of Italians.
  14. deans

    Extreme instrument danger!

    When I was back in the northeast it was pans of water on all the radiators until I got a humidifier.
  15. Yes, if things keep going they way they are. But bubbles burst.