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  1. Fortunately I'm a viola player. People break into homes to leave violas.
  2. I think I would, in this extreme case. As tempting as it might be, I think it would come back to haunt.
  3. All the legal stuff aside, sometimes people will still let you off the hook when you made a mistake. Have you tried?
  4. Yes, take it as carry on. I was just wondering if there are any compact cases just for a violin (no bow). There used to be, but I cant find any right now. Who makes one?
  5. I have no knowledge or interest in Japanese swords. But I'm now convinced that 98% are fake.
  6. Here's my take. A certificate from a world renowned expert has value on a high-priced, historically interesting, high-stake instrument. A certificate from a bozo on a run of the mill trade instrument has little value. Most of use need something in between. I think insurance appraisals, or just the bill of sale, are usually good enough for the majority of needs.
  7. Looks like a German/Czech trade instrument. Has some condition issues, and probably not well set up. I'd pass, especially for your purpose.
  8. Do you want to return the instrument for your money back? I would start by calling them and explaining that you feel that the description was not accurate. Maybe that's all you will need to do, but maybe not.
  9. Yes I agree. On the other hand if you are 16 years old and not shooting for the moon you probably aren't going to even make it over the fence. Especially in classical music.
  10. The ones I've seen (violins) appeared to be pretty decent quality French instruments. But I might suspect that a mix of both French and German instruments could have gotten this stamp.
  11. I agree. I'm just reporting things I have often heard, not what I believe.