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  1. I didnt complete my post. But where I live the average home owner is sitting on about $1.5MM where in central PA (where I used to live) its easily 1/10 that. Even though they might do the same job. Sorry, a socio-economic comment irrelevant to this board, and probably meaningless.
  2. Not a bad idea. I think it would still be a viable place for a violin shop. Tons of small colleges around, Harrisburg symphony, Penn State up the road, there are a surprisingly a large number of active string players. Sometimes I think more so than where I live in the bay area.
  3. Maybe this is true. But consider that being in an environment where there is a lot of other makers might result in better work, both through learning and competition, and the higher price reflects that. Of course they could all be in collusion to produce overpriced crap. But my experience is that there is currently a lot of nice stuff coming out of that area. I might be inclined to believe it wasn't like this 30 years ago. Some of the highest current prices I see are among American makers, some I think are justified, others not.
  4. I've owned modern Cremona instruments by Marco Nolli and Marcello Villa. At the time I purchased them they were cheaper than many American made instruments. They were solid violins. There is nothing magical about instruments made in Italy. But I would not poo-poo Italian makers as some sort of frauds either. Many are well made, not overpriced, and some will probably hold their value well (mine did). But forget about violins as investments, if you happen to like a violin made in Cremona, then go for it, If you like an American one, then go for it, but not because of investment potential.
  5. There are ball end adaptors, but I don't know if they come the other way around. Anyway, get some extra fine tuners if this situation arises in an emergency, a must have in the pocket of your case, especially if you are a teacher.
  6. Charge for hours worked? But perhaps even at minimum wage it might be high.
  7. I don't know, but its never a good idea to shop for instruments at Olive Garden.
  8. Yes but these features should not be all weighed equally. This "delta" should given little if any weight, same with an inlet saddle, which many associate with M-wald for some reason. And the corner blocks can trump 5-6 miscellaneous features.
  9. Maestronet terminology that is, at least to me, valueless.
  10. deans

    1782 German Violin

    Wouldnt be surprised if the bow was stamped "Tubbs"
  11. Cant help with the technical aspects, but never mess with a girlfriend's (or spouse's) violin.
  12. deans

    1782 German Violin

    I thought you would have quit with the blackened pegbox.
  13. deans

    1782 German Violin

    From what I can see this violin does not appear to be from that era, maybe 100 years later.
  14. Cant really get into the heads of those people now. I would say antiquing and/or the idea that quality violins have head grafts. No significant evidence of fakery, although some of the labels are pre-dated a bit (I've seen 1906, on instruments likely made in the 1920s). Not just Juzeks but other German/Czech fiddles as well, I have a Carlo Micelli right now (actually on its 2nd graft).