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  1. deans

    Kloz ID

    Cool fiddle. George seems to be a popular pick these days, used to be Sebastian.
  2. Unfortunately I never payed enough attention to things like this back then. Im sure there are still guys around that might know, its just a matter of finding them.
  3. I think in rural parts makers learned by reverse engineering whatever fiddle was at hand, usually a cheap old Saxon or similar. Back when I used to roam around the hills of PA I'd occasionally see through-neck fiddles like this that were attributed to some old timer. But for some reason I think this one was originally from Europe, maybe decorated here in the US. I cant back that up in any way though, just a suspicion.
  4. deans

    Help Identifying Violin

    Even though I am the king of paying for sentiment, I'd put this aside for now and look at ready to go instruments at reputable shops. For quality work you are looking at over 1K in repair costs if it needs a new fingerboard along with peg work, bridge, soundpost etc. I am suspicious of the neck set as well. Put this money towards a Jay Haide, higher grade Scott Cao, or something similar and you will be better equipped, and start a good relationship with a violin shop. Get this one fixed up later on.
  5. deans

    Help Identifying Violin

    Must be, I would have expected a "dust bin" comment first off.
  6. deans

    Viola ID Help

    I think it depends on how stable the top cracks are. Open seams are usually an inexpensive fix, looks like the pegs need to be better fitted, but I don't see a huge cost there. I don't see a 2-3K "restoration" to get this in working order, unless those top cracks really need attention.
  7. deans


    Not any direct answer to your question, but just looking at this along with your description of the fiddle, I would just set this to the side and focus on other work. Or, since your are making your own instruments, just make a new scroll and neck altogether.
  8. deans

    Damage to bows caused by rehairer

    I'm with David, when you find a good bow rehair guy (or gal) stick with them, even if it means shipping. Some of my regular shops have had wide swings in quality over the years in this area too. Rudeness is another issue, only thing you can do is to try not to be rude yourself. If it persists you should find another shop, no need for this in your life.
  9. deans

    Octave violin?

    Yes, the Hutchins "tenor violin" is such a thing.
  10. deans

    Schwietzer violin

    You must be new to Ebay.
  11. deans

    Schwietzer violin

    No, but I've seen dozens just like it. Usually sell for a few hundred bucks in the US. Savvy dealers can push the price into the low 4 digits.
  12. deans

    Jacobus Stainer real or not?

    Why would you even think Stainer then? He was dead before the tree was even a seed. Was this dendrochronology? Just looking at the fiddle you have to think the wood was 130-160 years old. 200 is certainly possible, but I suspect these makers used wood as soon as it was ready, probably a few years after cutting.
  13. deans

    Jacobus Stainer real or not?

    Not a Stainer. I'd say Saxony or there about, late 19th century.
  14. deans

    Is this a soundpost crack?

    I suppose its a soundpost crack if it happened with the soundpost placed at that position (soundposts aren't always placed at the "right" spot). But does it matter? Either way I'd probably want to see a patch there.
  15. deans

    T-Nut on Viola

    On violas with pegbox "shoulders" it can give your hand clearance in lower positions.