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  2. For that particular one I would up it to 2-3K retail in a shop near me. Maybe more. These are usually good servicable instruments
  3. 12-20K Viola Suggestions

    Great guy. My first store-bought instrument was a Weaver shop viola (McKluskie) which I still have and still gets a lot of playing time. Which BTW McKluskie might be someone to try, he has made a ton of violas, and if you are in the DC area you have probably seen them. His prices are actually lower than your budget, so if you find one you like you will have plenty to spend on a fine bow.
  4. Self-taught violin makers

    Geez, who'd have thunk....
  5. Self-taught violin makers

    You wont offend me....yes that guy had some funny ideas. But I do own one of his fiddles, from the 70s, and Ive seen several others. IMO they hold up well against the current makers. I believe the theories and pseudo-science ended up to really have no effect, but a good eye, good hands, and a reasonably good model won out.
  6. Self-taught violin makers

    I recall Ed Campbell claiming he was self taught, but I'm not exactly sure exactly what path he took.
  7. violin provenance identification

    Origin is probably Saxon/Czech. Ugly crack, but at least its got a SPP
  8. violin label identification

    At least that's a step above the dust bin. I also think the top might not go with the rest.
  9. Slice/cut from violins query

    I always assumed this edge wear came from the wooden coffin cases.
  10. Verification on Markneukirchen Identification?

    Wasn't somebody recently looking for a tailpiece like that? Should be a decent serviceable instrument once you sink in some more money, figure 500-700 bucks more.
  11. 12-20K Viola Suggestions

    I think we all know the uncomfortable feeling of walking into a shop and being asked for a "price range" The OPs prince range however seems to correspond with rank and file contemporary makers (perhaps not the superstars), so maybe he/she already has some knowledge of the market and is looking for some specific suggestions. There are lots of good choices and fortunately many good shops from Boston and DC to find something. Start trying stuff.
  12. New stop length?

    That's pretty long.
  13. New stop length?

    Since you brought it up, what is the Cannone stop length? just curious, I guess I could look it up. Here in the US stop length is one thing that really gets poo-pooed if its off, unless, as many here have pointed out, its an old Italian.
  14. Is this particular to any school?

    I had an old Juzek Master Art from the 1920's with a similar type of fluting, but I forget exactly what it looked like.
  15. Help identify this fine tuner

    Its amazing how many different fine tuners have been designed over the years, I wish I would have kept some of the more odd ones, somebody probably has a collection somewhere.