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  1. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    Sure its not brass, or maybe copper-nickel?
  2. I might agree with this. But at 13K US, which was the final bid, I'll bet I could find something better in Martin's shop.
  3. Why do you say that? Just curious. If I were to put money down I would say more modern "eastern European". But I don't think I could back that up with any technical points.
  4. Publishers and clefs

    Sometimes viola parts have treble clef in a range lower than you normally expect, sometimes all the way down on the g string. I dont know why, you just have to get ready for it.
  5. Circa 1750 German Violin

    Yes this time, and usually. But there are a few old threads we could pull up.....
  6. Circa 1750 German Violin

    I'll move it up to later in the 19th century.
  7. Circa 1750 German Violin

    The darkness in the center is probably from rosin build up. Looks later than 1750 to me, maybe late 18th, early 19th century, and the scroll maybe even later than that. But its hard to say from the pics. Others will be more helpful.
  8. This post has been deleted

    I think this might be even more common. Throw in a useless appraisal too.
  9. Seems so, but I guess you never really know what he'll ultimately sell for unless you are genuinely interested. And if you hold your horses some might appear at auction.......
  10. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    I think David's post is spot on. I might ask, are there recent makers that deliberately try to shoot for a tone that significantly deviates from the old Italians? Are they successful in achieving their goal and what modern players like them? I might think that viola makers have been more successful at introducing different tonal palates than with violins.
  11. This post has been deleted

    One time I was in a violin shop waiting and a customer was trying to chisel down the price of a Chinese 3/4 by $50. This was in a very wealthy school district. I have to say that I might have wanted Jacob there. It got to the point where I was about to pay the 50 bucks myself just to get it over and get my bow.
  12. This post has been deleted

    This thread and message board in general seems to be dominated by dealer/shop perspectives and not so much from customers/end users. Maybe we should start a thread about telling dealers to piss off. Unfortunately I don't have any of these, but there have been a couple times when I carefully put my fiddle back in its case and slowly backed out of the shop........
  13. This post has been deleted

    Perfectly reasonable. I might add that you might want to present it in the context that the customer is not a gargoyle but perhaps is a newbie, didn't know better, is sincere about learning to play, and might some day be in the market for a $50K instrument.
  14. Germany or French

    Put me down for German/Czech, and I would expect either a Schweitzer or Amati label. But I could be wrong.
  15. Selling in a saturated market

    In some areas this dominates, and the student teacher relationship is absolutely key. Sometimes I still walk into a shop and the first thing asked is "who's your teacher".