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  1. Based on playing with a lot of different size violas here's my take: 36cm will often work with most standard viola sets. You will probably see better results with the heavier versions if they make them. Metal core strings like Helicore/Spirocore seem to also work better on shorter intsruments in general (my opinion). 35cm is getting to be more problematic, many standard strings will probably seem flabby. I would immediately go for the Dominant set 141.34 which is designed for around this size, and works well (if you like Dominants). I'm usually trying to work with violas on the large size with string lengths above 40cm. Fortunately there are a couple really good choices.
  2. Yes, try to avoid the back of the viola section sitting in front of the trombones.
  3. A "Duiffoprugcar" model, which is something of a fabrication of the violin trade in the 19th century. Yours looks like a German one. Fiddlers like these, but it looks like yours has a SPC, probably making it less interesting.
  4. Monical's book, shapes of the baroque is a must. Although Im sure there are points in there that can be challenged. You often see late 18th century instruments, with original neck, tarted up as 17th century Amati or Stainer. Weird when you think about it
  5. A little bit off on the estimate. 100X might be a record. Lot 154 looked like it had your name on it, by the time I looked this morning it was high enough that I wasn't temped.
  6. They are usually quick to clarify these things if you specifically ask. I suppose they don't have the time to write up a detailed report on every crack on every instrument, but they will go back and double check for specific concerns.
  7. As far as insurance goes, its something you should bring up with the company. I suspect in this price range it would be unusual for an insurance company to push back on the price you payed if it was destroyed or lost.
  8. I like your original price point, its very sensible considering your current situation, and I suspect appropriate to your playing level. It puts you solidly in the range of well established contemporary makers. Just as one example, Dolce (never been there) has 2 Raymond Melanson violins listed on their page. Have to think you need to look at those, among many others. Looks like Ifshins has a Greg Alf, might be in your range. Perhaps you aren't interested in new instruments, but if you are, then you'll be a kid in a candy shop. No doubt you can find a great sounding instrument in the 5-10k range, you'll have to look harder though, esp around here. And you'll probably will be looking at a lot of stuff comparable to your current 2K instrument (which may go for 5 these days).
  9. Feller should have a nice selection in this price range.
  10. deans

    UV Meter

    At one time I did UV irradiation experiments on bacteria. Used light meters measuring in mJ/cm2, if I recall. Tricky to set up reproducibly, always needed some other control, and never knew if our meters were really well calibrated. I suspect your set up isnt working at all. I would try to get my hands on a meter, if for anything to try to calibrate your device. Try an old prof at a university, or look in the used science equipment places.
  11. As far as gut strings go, they will work perfectly fine on any violin, and were the norm well into the 20th century. No reason not to give them a try on your current instrument.
  12. How many auctions does one country need? Seems like everyone in UK has a violin for sale.
  13. I would go with Dominant 141.34 first, if they are a little flabby maybe the 141.12. I might also be tempted to use violin strings and order just the C. A lot of people like Helicores for small violas though, if you think the player might lean that way.
  14. It isn't priced at all, the guy doesn't seem interested in selling it. But who knows, maybe it will pop up somewhere.
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