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  1. Maybe worth one shot, until you get hooked, decide to roll the dice again, and again, until you have eaten into your budget. Then its the repair part, sounds like there are some surly shop owners over there. And that's when showing up with 10K in hand, wait till he walks in with an auction fiddle asking them to fix it up.....
  2. With 10K in hand, and all of UK to look, you should find plenty of pleasant dealers with good instruments
  3. Agree 100%. Although your location could make it unrealistic. But if thats the case, you probably cannot visit many auctions either. When I first started the only shop was run by a waxed mustached fellow who had a complete disdain for anyone local (I have no idea why he chose his location). Eventually I got a better car and was set.
  4. I thought the millennials were coming with all kinds of new ideas. What about cronuts?
  5. I was just fiddling around with one that I always thought was a later Thir, (maybe not). But with the usual rubdown and some condition issues. I have been in the market for a nice clean one, plenty around, but hard to find one that checks all the boxes.
  6. deans


    I agree with Nathan and Stringcheese. A lot of people say you have to try a violin. But how can you if you are just starting? Find a good reputable brick and mortar dealer, it is to their advantage to get you into something that at least works.
  7. I'm in the "dumping ground" camp. But just because a violin doesnt sell elsewhere means that its bad. Its hard to sell violins full retail, even good ones, some guys have a limit to how much effort they will invest into selling something, and then its time to move it out.
  8. It started at 20K, dropped to 10, then 5. Cant tell if it actually sold, or another offer was made.
  9. I think you answered your question. Its the violin. At least in this case. Nothing this guy or anyone else can do to make it sound good. I've heard a zillion times that some guys can make any violin sound good. Ain't true, there are many violins out there that are beyond hope. But to be fair, the opposite is true for most of us.
  10. I would wait until you really are ready to sell. If you are not getting your price, and people are poo-pooing, then go back to one of the many experts you showed it to, and pay up. (assuming one of these has some real muscle). From what I see, real Vuillaumes are still very popular. It should sell, unless the violin markets really take a hit
  11. It sounds like a cheap fractional violin. Amazing that the player can pull it off, but I dont want to listen to it.
  12. If you are a dealer in a bigger market, yes, and probably more if you clean it up a bit. But any given individual might be lucky to get 1/4 of that. That one looks pretty good though, most are hardly worth anything.