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  1. deans

    Rosin recommendation

    Funny, its an aspect of violin that I never put much thought to. I don't think I ever purchased rosin more than once or twice in my life. I use it very sparingly compared to others and have lived off of giveaways from violin shops. One day I'll probably get a bug in my head and go out and buy 30 brands to test.
  2. deans

    Opinions on this label

    Now you have three choices. You can believe the paper you just found, the guys on this board, or the Cremona guy. Dendro might help if you are considering all of these choices equally.
  3. deans

    Methods to increase speed and quickness

    This is something I was taught. It will allow you to work out the bow usage, which can be hard to translate well when learning longer passages at a slow tempo and then trying to work up the whole thing at speed. One of the things to try is to play the first bar at speed, stop, and see if your bow is where it needs to be to play the next few notes. If not, figure out how to get there. Mentally plan out your attack for the out next next "riff" and pause again, always conscious to end each phrase in a position to play the next phrase. Eventually the pause in between riffs will shorten and everything will connect.
  4. deans

    Bridge position: What's most important?

    Yes I agree, this is the factor that concerns me the most, and sticking with instruments that follow the 2:3 rule is the best way IMO to be able to switch to between different instruments (esp different size violas and violin). Other players however may prefer a standard string length esp if they don't need to go into higher positions.
  5. deans

    Bridge position: What's most important?

    If it were mine, I would set the neck:stop ratio to 2:3. That seems more important to me than string length differences. But there's a limit, if that left the string length really short, or put the bridge in a really weird spot, I'd pass it on to somebody else.
  6. deans

    Anyone identify this violin?

    The scroll looks very Mittenwaldy to me. Check the corner blocks, for m-wald type construction.
  7. deans

    Rupprecht violin Vienna 1860

    Ah, I see he is American. What an interesting violin community over there.
  8. deans

    Rupprecht violin Vienna 1860

    Well the bloke isn't an American, but why would that make it "worse"?
  9. deans

    Violin finds / treasure hunting

    Fortunately for me I don't have to worry about the moral or potential legal issues of possessing something of great value for which I paid little. I do look around a lot though, looking for things that are of interest to me, but are hard to find in dealers shops. In this case I have found some "treasures".
  10. deans

    Johann Christian Voigt II ?

    The thread about the NMM had me looking at that site. Here's another fiddle with that purfling motif at the button. Just thought it was on topic.
  11. deans

    Violin endpin in viola?

    I'll bet if you put in a request to a supplier they will make you a custom batch. How about Meyer fittings?
  12. deans

    Mittenwald Violin ID

    Nice one. I would say yes for m-wald. Highly likely kloz, and possibly george.
  13. deans

    Which violin to choose

    Here in the bay area, the cost of living is ridiculous, almost comical. But the violin shops I usually visit do not seem pricier than equivalent east coast shops. The exception is probably in the better student market, especially older French/German trade fiddles which can be more interesting to students (parents) than a good Chinese. I've seen a few overpriced priced JTLs. But in the OPs price range(s) I think he would be in a strong position to find a good instrument. Get in the six figure range, then you might want to travel to Chicago, Boston, or maybe overseas. On the flip side solid repair and set up work seems to be at a premium. Just me casual observations.
  14. deans

    Which violin to choose

    I don't understand why the reluctance to come into one of bigger shops. In your price range you will be overwhelmed with choices that will blow away the stuff you have been showing.
  15. deans

    Which violin to choose

    Looks like a cool old German violin to me. But not in the category that you seem to be seeking. Bow doesn't look to be to be anything interesting to me.