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  1. deans

    Upscale Roth violin

    Looks like a grafted scroll, maybe originally a "Carlo Micelli" (not as good as a Roth) or something like that, before the varnish was messed up
  2. deans

    Upscale Roth violin

    IMO, German trade violin, not up to the quality of a typical Roth, possibly some finish issues. Maybe tonally similar to a Roth.
  3. deans

    Upscale Roth violin

    Did he seem positive or negative. Many more expensive violins are equivalent (or worse) to Roths IMO.
  4. deans

    Scroll to pegbox transition

    Here are some unprofessional pics of my viola. I have to retract the comment on the corner blocks, I was confusing it with another instrument, they are not of the S. German/M-wald type. The viola is on at least its 4th neck and the original scroll is not attached right now. Most people, including myself have assumed the top and back do not go together, but I am not so sure of that anymore. Its a good size, 44cm, and has a tone that makes it worth keeping (who would buy it anyway).
  5. deans

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    I would go all in and go for this one. And you can get some good Indian food.
  6. deans

    Scroll to pegbox transition

    This is a weird one. The top is unpurfled and the sound holes look "Bohemian" to me, if that means anything . But the back is purfled. The shape of the corner blocks and a one piece bottom rib had me thinking "South German" but its been quite a while since I looked hard at it, even though I play it often. I could be mistaken. I'm thinking composite but maybe not. I can take pics but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Your input would be appreciated. I recently got one of those flexible cameras but have yet to try it out, maybe its time.
  7. deans

    Scroll to pegbox transition

    Here's another, from a big old south German?? viola
  8. deans

    Peg dope?

    What exactly did you use? The Hill stuff? That works but you do have to get the right amount, I would try rubbing with a cloth repeatedly from the peg.
  9. deans

    cool viola

    All I know is that it reminds me of my favorite beer back in the day.
  10. deans

    cool viola
  11. deans

    Can you tell anything about this violin bow?

    I'll bet I can come up with some silver bows that you would find very uninteresting (E. Dupree, F.N Voirin, etc)
  12. Maybe "Paul Knorr" the famous Ebay buyer will chime in.
  13. deans

    Button in back neck heel.

    Could be a break, but I think you're right, the notches were there from the beginning.
  14. deans

    Thoughts on use...or value

    Jay Leno's violin?