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  1. Yeah, but maybe that means there'll more in NY
  2. Looks like a "Schweitzer" to me too. Or maybe an Amati label. Some fake cracks mixed in with real ones. The photographs and memorabilia might just be window dressing to make the lot more interesting. Maybe you can tell if the violin is in the pics.
  3. I always thought some of the best sounding Roths were the higher grades from the 1950s. Hate to even admit something like that here.
  4. Be thankful it wasn't another Juzek thread.
  5. Bad things always seem to happen when a non-player decides to buy a violin as a gift or surprise for somebody. You would think that just walking into a decent shop they would at least have a chance of getting something reasonable. But they tend to migrate toward the problem instruments and problem dealers.
  6. On my instruments yes. It seems to me that the long scale D'addario strings are the same weight as the regulars, just longer. I could be wrong about that, maybe somebody knows exactly. But the mediums seemed to be tight. If your string length is much above 38, I would go with light. Unless you think your instrument would like the tension. I like the Zyex long scales, but the lights work best. I like the long scale Pro-artes too, but I think they are no longer made. They also make an extra long Helicore set which I've tried on my Strad copy. Seemed to be very high tension, hated them.
  7. Yeah, I had one of those at one point. Right now I have a modern copy of the Strad Tuscan (almost 19" with a 17" string length). Both of those models work well with the Dominant 4121s, thats probably what he has. I've switched to Tonica 43cm. I found that I needed an even lighter A than the light gauge Jargars, which barley fit, even after peeling the winding off. Fortunately Jargar will specially make extra long/extra light strings.
  8. What's your string length on that viola?
  9. Lots of money spent on commercially available products as well as special orders. I have some big violas though. Its scale length that matters of course. If your scale length is less than 38cm, you can probably get away most standard strings but probably want light tension. When you get longer than that matching both tension and physical length can be difficult with the different products that are out there. Some are better designed than others. I have violas with string lengths as long as 43 cm. Tonica and Dominant both make several well designed choices between 38. an 43cm. But A strings are the more difficult, I special order Jargars. Most 17-17.5" inch violas have string lengths between 38-40cm, relatively easy to deal with. The Tonica 40cm, or either the Dominant 4123s or 4125s. or if you like Helicores and your instrument likes the tension. Obligatos, Evash, etc can ruin the tone nstruments when the string length gets much above 38 IMO. I wish Pirastro would make Obligatos and other choices in the same long sizes as Tonica. But the Tonicas these days are pretty good.
  10. That's a good question. But perhaps they were just willing to accommodate different sized people, as many makers are now.
  11. deans

    What is this?

    I would say its just a whimsical creation by an individual. Made in the 19th century but based loosely on features of old instruments. Probably always strung up and played like a violin.
  12. Yes strings, I could write a book on strings for violas with longer scales. There are surrisingly many solutions.
  13. I have a 17 3/8 sitting comfortably in a standard adjustable Bobelock. Upper bouts are about 210 lower bouts 255. Yours might be tight in the upper bouts, but because its a little shorter I'm thinking it will work. I also have an old American Case Co case that it also fits nicely. I believe that one might not be made anymore. For my bigger violas I have gone with Kingham. They make any size.
  14. Aircores used to be a very popular A to use with gut D&G. They sometimes even offered them with eudoxa set.
  15. Tarisio has sold many, many, Roths. I think the estimate speaks for what they probably think. But not everything always fits.
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