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  1. It looks like some sort of Bohemian violin maybe just before 1800. Does it have a neck? a picture of the head profile would be nice.
  2. Neat 7/8 violin for ID

    Looks like Bohemian, Czec fiddle 20th century
  3. old violin for ID

    yes, looks like the usual Mirecourt merchandise of this type from the late 19th century.
  4. Interesting violin on my bench

    Interesting violin. I know for a fact that Wulme Hudson did use double white purfling as I have seen it on at least one example, although it was a straight fiddle (not a copy). Dendro may indeed help...
  5. Thoughts on this violin?

    I am finding it difficult to see anything else than a nicely wooded Bohemian violin ca1900.
  6. Verleger Premium over Markie?

    Did you mean to say that? if you did, I don't understand the statement...
  7. identification of two violins

    I think the first one may be Markneukirchen early 20th century, and the second some sort of Caussin late 19th century
  8. Matteo Goffriller ?

    of course not..
  9. Dodd - German or something better?

    Most definitely not a Dodd
  10. Where from?

    From the ff's< i would say, it could be English late 1600s.
  11. Violin for id

    That looks like a slightly unusual Mittenwald violin, but Mittenwald nonetheless, around 1870
  12. My violins and violas ID

    Looks like Markneukirchen ca1800 to me
  13. Violin I/d

    Yes typical cheap French merchandise. I fell sorry for Caussin for all these mis-attributions though...
  14. Nicolò Amati / Stradivari connection

    Look like diamonds to me.. and the white of the purfling looks like ivory. Interesting to see that every shape is slightly different in proportions to the next, which seems to suggest they were not sliced from a strip with the appropriate diamond shape profile, but individually cut??
  15. Nicolò Amati / Stradivari connection

    I agree, and the Prague Amati purfling decoration, assuming it is all original, is less than perfect in execution, but then he was well into his seventies...