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  1. Ratcliffiddles

    Another violin ID quiz

    Maybe the clue is visible on the label, which says "Yamaha"?
  2. Ratcliffiddles

    Mittenwald back stamps

    I have seen several of these with the stamp on the upper back, sometimes described as French, or Caussin, which these are not, as they bear all the wholemarks of late 19th century Mittenwald work. I have seen different models and different quality of timber, some with very decent backs, often with one-piece fronts. To my eye there have a certain individuality, compared to some of the other production, but as Jacob said, they are most likely something to do with Neuner & Hornsteiner at the period. (What Verleger fiddle didn't in Mittenwald then?)
  3. Ratcliffiddles

    Dodd, English or Germany?

    This has nothing to do with Dodd,
  4. Ratcliffiddles

    Mittenwald Violin ID

    Why "Interesting"? Isn't that what I should be doing in a dendrochronological report? (ie. commenting on the wood rather than the violin) I mention Oztal or Ötztal, because that is where one of the most widely used regional published reference comes from, and it is the one that obtains the most significant statistical response (from these published references). This means that what I write can be checked by others if they so wish. I have no doubt that Mittenwald makers used wood from their surrounding valleys, and did not travel to Oetztal to get what they could on their doorstep. As far as I know, no regional Master reference specifically from Mittenwald has been published and, as mentioned, the most significant result in this case happens to be with a publicly available regional Master chronology from Obergurgl/Ötztal. Yeah... I can't even tell the exact spot where the tree grew...
  5. Ratcliffiddles

    interesting old violin, ideas anyone

    I am pretty sure the op's scroll is not by Richard Duke
  6. Ratcliffiddles

    Old Violin label

    Although I know precious little about 18th century Romanian instruments, this looks more like a 19th century Bohemian/ Markneukirchen violin than anything else to me.
  7. Ratcliffiddles

    Walter H. Mayson

    What are there "names"?
  8. Ratcliffiddles

    interesting old violin, ideas anyone

    That does look a bit like an English fiddle second half of 18th century, with a bit of research, the maker should be recognizable. A bit like a Banks, but not quite.
  9. Ratcliffiddles

    Old Violin label

    Let's see from pictures how decent and old it actually is.
  10. Ratcliffiddles

    Walter H. Mayson

    Certainly doesn't much look like any Walter Mayson I have seen. I have seen some weird ones, some with questionable measurements, and choice of wood (including a belly that was some sort of fruitwood), but all aspects of the crafstmanship itself were well executed, is somewhat a little idiosyncratic. I know of a one owned by a very fine player.
  11. Ratcliffiddles

    Wolff Bros Violin 1898 -- Information please

    It look like the usual Markneukirchen ware to me
  12. Ratcliffiddles

    Please help me identifying this violin

    I totally agree, but in my eyes, they never quite do it for me, whereas these do..
  13. Ratcliffiddles

    Please help me identifying this violin

    Graft or not, I don't think that head belong to that body. and still can't see those ffs or model late in the 19th century
  14. Ratcliffiddles

    Please help me identifying this violin

    I am not sure I see a graft on the neck, which looks like a later Saxon addition. I agree the the body looks Bohemian , but to me, it looks early rather than late 19th century
  15. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin I/D

    Looks early-ish 20th century Markneukirchen to me.