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  1. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    I am wondering if the neck is from another violin? (a Japanese one).
  2. Ratcliffiddles

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    so very sorry to hear that..
  3. Ratcliffiddles

    19th C English Violin ID

    I left Switzerland in 1979, but I promise, it wasn't anything to do with Jacob.
  4. Ratcliffiddles

    19th C English Violin ID

    Notwithstanding what Jacob said about "Furber school", that is almost what I would call it, and I'll go with "Furber workshop" with all that entails instead. Not a kit , not originally through neck, and always had corner blocks.
  5. Ratcliffiddles

    Florian Leonhard's Strad

    It is mentioned in my video/documentary on the dendrochronology of the Messiah in case you hadn't seen it. With my data, the treble side of Florian's is the second most significant cross-match with the treble side of the Messiah.
  6. Ratcliffiddles

    Dark Lines in Back

    Fungus, I believe. "Spalting"
  7. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin I/D

    Maybe not that far off a Thomas Urquhart
  8. Ratcliffiddles

    English violin ID

    Pretty sure it's late 18th century English, and I don't think Martin's Joseph Hill suggestion is far off.
  9. Ratcliffiddles

    Opinion; Markneukirchen or American?

    I see no reasons whatsoever to doubt that it is a Markneukirchen violin as to me, that's what it looks like. Surely, an American would have put his/her name in it? Admittedly, my experience in American violins is extremely limited.
  10. Ratcliffiddles

    Interesting old cello

    I'm not sure it's either English nor German
  11. Ratcliffiddles

    Reg George Craske with double purfling?

    That indeed looks like a Craske with replacement neck/scroll, like quite a number have.
  12. Ratcliffiddles

    J Panormo cello?

    I thought that was a Hill graft from what I could see, as per link, the number should be at the bottom of the fingerboard on the end grain. Shame about the nasty repair at the button.
  13. Ratcliffiddles

    J Panormo cello?

    Hill no. at fingerboard? Very nice cello!
  14. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID Assistance Please

    Corner blocks suggest French origin, maybe LOB too. On balance, it probably looks French, although am very unsure about the scroll.
  15. Ratcliffiddles

    Anyone can authenticate this violin?

    It's not so much a "mark" as a semi circular groove, one at top edge, the other bottom not far from the block,. Sometimes filled sometimes not.