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  1. Ratcliffiddles

    Interesting french(?) cello

    One of my most challenging ever restoration was re-jointing a two piece back on a stunning Collin-Mezin cello with (as per usual) stunning wood. The problem was that it had started as flat pieces which had been subject to uninvited excess moisture and were desperately trying to get back the the flat position. So it wasn't just low end JTL's. I don't think that most of the time they look "exactly the same as carved instruments", distortion are often seen on fronts on the f'hole wings, and I have seen dozens of dipped centre joints, mostly top or bottom of the back. Visually, medullary rays are generally too consistent across, something which is not seen on carved wood. The light refraction I suspect will be also much more consistent longitudinally on pressed wood, and totally variable on carved belly.
  2. Ratcliffiddles

    Help ID with a nice Guarneri style violin copy

    Not that it really matters, but front is two pieces. I get slightly overworked Chinese work vibes personally
  3. Ratcliffiddles

    Newest addition to my family... Saxon?

    I thought Furber when I saw the scroll, but I think the rest doesn't stand up to that. Are linings smooth, as opposed to "with and angle" clean or not. Not usual to see one-piece tops on Furbers, and rarely that type which looks possibly of Swiss or Mittenwald provenance, although of course, possible. I am still wondering whether it is a quirky French 1820s'/ 30s, although with these funny corners, it might well be English
  4. Ratcliffiddles

    Latest eBay Purchase - in a Maine attic for decades!

    I don't think this violin has much to do with Mittenwald, maybe apart from the current appearance of the varnish. Jacob mentioned Jeffrey Gilbert, and I have seen several other English with this varnish texture, Richmond Henry Bird for one, Bernard Simon Fendt and also Henri John Furber . I wouldn't be surprised if that were English and if so it may even be signed somewhere inside.
  5. Ratcliffiddles

    Fake Frenchies, but scrolls look almost interesting

    the second one looks like some sort of basic Paesold. First one looks hand made but no idea where from, but not 1907 France
  6. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin 'English rural' with short neck?

    I see what you mean, but with back corner as they are stylistically and general model, I cannot see it could be anything else than Bohemian or near there.
  7. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID. Frenchie-Frankie-English?

    Definitely grafted.
  8. Ratcliffiddles

    Biggest cello????

    Hi Buko, do you know what your cello is?
  9. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID. Frenchie-Frankie-English?

    Yet I see no evidence for that. It would be interesting to know what led him to that conclusion. It should be easy to determine whether that is the case or not, examining the rib channel in the back and whether it deviates from current rib position and disappears, falling off the edge. *(assuming that channel was original)
  10. Ratcliffiddles

    Is this violin bow worth any kind of fuss?

    Happened to me too, with an early James Tubbs, unbranded. That's why I don't go to supermarket any longer...
  11. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID. Frenchie-Frankie-English?

    Pre-French Révolution Parisian instruments are often referred to as "Vieux Paris"
  12. Ratcliffiddles

    Exciting cello bow(?)

    looks pretty much as it should, although I am not personally keen on the thick headplate on Sartory
  13. Ratcliffiddles


    Some of us have nothing better to do...
  14. Ratcliffiddles

    violin ID - Mittenwald?

    Several things point to France early-to-mid 19th century.
  15. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin Id. Bohemian?

    I think much later fiddle than your suggestions. I can't see it would be pre-1850