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  1. Ratcliffiddles

    Stainer-old wood

    There is at least one other Stainer made from the same tree as that instrument. Stainer does not always use wood that old.
  2. Ratcliffiddles

    Is this a good french violin?

    I see nothing French about it, decent Markneukirchen around 1890/1900
  3. Ratcliffiddles

    Old or fake ?

    Not sure the scroll belongs. It looks like you've got woodworm in the bottom rib and on the table, so possibly elsewhere as well. I think there is also a sound-post crack in the back, so not altogether a great proposition.. The body, to me looks like French late 18th century work.
  4. Ratcliffiddles

    Matteo Goffriller Violin 1791

    Forget the label, let's see the violin.
  5. Ratcliffiddles

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Either that, or Landolfi is himself the subject of a scam, whereby he is offered the violin online: "I have this lovely Stradivarius, it's been in my family a long time, and we want to sell, I think it's worth about 4 Million, but you can have it for $50K, but we need a quick sale... just transfer the money to my account in the Cayman Islands and I'll deliver it in person..." Works every time... I think Landolfi owes us an explanation?
  6. Ratcliffiddles

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Indeed it seems to be. https://tarisio.com/news/stradivari-1699/
  7. Ratcliffiddles

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Does it come with dendrochronological analysis? most Strads are made from the same tree as a bunch of others, which always helps when there is a doubt. (and this has happened on several occasions already). Looks like a Strad on first glance to me, but then a recent one I tested also did and wasn't. Back very similar to one of the same year. Are you seriously being offered this violin?
  8. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    In fact, yours is as much a "Schweitzer" as the op's is a "Caussin"
  9. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    no, yours is typical German..
  10. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    Not particularly, maybe they just got used to seeing them in the wrong place.. Post pictures of your fiddle!
  11. Ratcliffiddles

    Opinions on this label

    currently £220 or about $290 for successful test with email results. More for printed reports I know... far too cheap ...
  12. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    I was hesitating in calling it Caussin school. Some people would call it that, and I suspect that is what you were told, but honestly, poor "Caussin" seems to have become a generic, although uninformed sobriquet for anything that was made in France in the 2nd half of the 19th century and had original varnish distressing.
  13. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    Not that it really matters, but I personally see no Saxon features in this violin. That pegbox, although pretty ugly, is one of the shapes that recur in French inexpensive work. I hadn't considered the one-piece front until it was mentioned, but that too points to France, and so does the rather nicer than expected back button, and the position of the ffs, where the lower opening is closer to the edge than it probably should be, which is another feature of a number of French violins, sometimes caused by the overly long model, and a regular body stop. To me, I can't see that the model, although a bit rough on the edges, ( it is a cheap fiddle) could be anything else than French.
  14. Ratcliffiddles

    Violin ID

    You were told right.
  15. Ratcliffiddles

    Another violin ID quiz

    Maybe the clue is visible on the label, which says "Yamaha"?