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  1. Resolution is important, sharpness is important, distortions actually create very little issues unless important, of course, using fish-eye lens is not a bright idea. It is the ring-to-ring variation that is important, i.e. from one ring to the next, and to make any difference, the distortion would have to be significant and will have no effect on the final tests results. If one is particularly picky, it is not difficult to apply a mathematical curve to correct the deviation. With a tripod and a decent camera, most people should be able to produce decent pictures. Although I have a purpose built microscope with linear encoder to record measurements, I have not used it for a few years and all my tests are now from digital images, some from cameras, some scans. You would have to ask the auctions, but I don't think they would have a problem with this. Sending digital photos doesn't cost much in my experience.
  2. It does on a big screen too, like JTL no6 or similar, pretty worthless with that front damage, walk away.
  3. Mid 19th century Mittenwald from what I can see
  4. I think probably more like Kennedy
  5. Yes, that looks like a Mttenwald, which did originally have a saddle, a small one, same shape as the edge. It's obviously fallen off and was replaced by light wood. I don't see why the neck should not be original, and it is certainly is not Chinese. I have seen many Mittenwald with griffin heads.
  6. Markneukirchen without a doubt. Make mine a Chimay..
  7. One's gotta do what one's gotta do
  8. I know it sounds preposterous, but when I saw the front I thought it looked a bit like Grancino.
  9. Many Mittenwald soundboards were made from one-piece, so were a good number of mid 19th century French. From the little we see here, corner, colour and appearance I would go for mid to late 19th century Mittenwald, can we see more/
  10. Find a luthier who workede in Lunéville apart from Lupot starting with "De" and you're just about there
  11. aren't Hill numbers always on the bass side?