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  1. Really amazing. Such an inspiration. Hope your well.
  2. Thanks Ben and thank you Kubasa
  3. is a video clip of my last violin and a cello my dad and I made four years ago. I prefer to leave the players nameless because I am not sure they would like it to come up in every google search for their name.
  4. Manfio, Unfortunately its not my first I should have mentioned that I am going to antique this one and the chamfers are not complete. Thanks to all for the comments. Thankfully its still in the white and I can do a bit more to it
  5. Here are some pictures of my latest scroll in the white. As always constructive criticisms welcome! In the first photo the left wall of the pegbox looks fatter than the right but I think it must be the angle of the photo because it doesn't look that way "in real life".
  6. Don, I tried ordering a strad poster from IVC and found their "stock" of posters very limited and mostly very old ones. Pebbles, I would try just calling the strad, of course they are about six hours ahead of the US so remember to call in the morning. Also credit cards sometimes do strange things when used in a different country and a call to them (credit card co) may fix it.
  7. For what its worth and from an amateur. I use a small (regular) chisel as a scraper for the third closest to the nut and then cut the rest with the same chisel bevel down. You have to have it pretty smooth before you can scrape as it tends to follow the bumps. Note: be careful cutting towards the nut as you can lift the fibers (stroke the cat backwards) and end up with even more to smooth out. JS
  8. Thanks Kevin I just thought that as the way it was
  9. "The violins that they made have good homes." Comforting I guess Sounds like puppies or kittens.
  10. "you can get a buzz if there is a gap...the plate will bounce off the bassbar as it vibrates" Really? Sounds dramatic.
  11. Yes fifth. Thank you Joe. In answer to the varnish questions? I used Joe's varnish. So, if it came out at all well then the merit is Joe's if not its my fault. The varnish is good stuff and Joe is a great guy. But, I do think I am getting better at applying it. I looked at the bridge and I do not think that there is any permanent twist although it may have been a bit funny when the photos were taken. I am not sure that it was brought all the way up to pitch on all the strings which would affect it. Thanks all, Joseph
  12. I have used a stainless strap but find that an old sanding belt works better for me. I feel that it gives more support and they are made to withstand heat and friction. No long distance heat transfer either as with the metal ones. Just something to think about.
  13. Well, I don't claim much deliberation over what form to make it on. The Strad magazine published a poster, and that seemed like as good a reason as any I will probably make a Titian model on the same principle later this year.
  14. Yes, I think the scroll is a bit bulky. Two things to consider though: I should have said, I used the Nicolas Lupot poster as a guide throughout. Also the photo may have been taken at a bit of an angle (camera lower than midpoint of the subject within the frame). Thank you all for your comments, criticism and encouragement. It all helps me improve for next time. I am making a viola now. Joseph
  15. Hello all, It has been a while since I posted but with good reason as I have been busy making violins and reading about violin making. But, here is my last one. All constructive criticism welcome. Joseph
  16. Thank you all for responding. Jaro, E-mail me and I will send you a picture once I get some. My e-mail is joseph at sign josephsellers.com Thanks all, J
  17. I am about to make a copy of a very nice old violin, but am a bit stuck finding suitable wood. The violin has very tight grained one piece back, completely plain. I want top quality but find that in most sources plain means junk and that won't work. Any advice and especially some sources greatly appreciated. Thanks, J P.S. It's been a while since I've been on but that's good it, means I've been too busy making
  18. I use diamond stones and a leather strops nearly exclusively for all my sharpening. I use the stones dry. Sometimes if using them for heavy grinding such as redefining a bevel or a sharpening a tool for the first time I will use a bit of oil or water. Why? It carries the steel particles from the area of the stone that you are using thereby cutting slightly faster. I feel that the oil works a bit better for this than water but is messier so I use them both-- water when I either don't want to spoil something on the bench that I am working on (it gets everywhere eventually) or when the job at hand will only take a moment. Be careful when sharpening extremely hard steels such as those used for Japanese tools as if you are not careful you can fracture the edge. Diamonds are the hardest material known to man so if sharpening these hard steels you press to hard or in the wrong way you can make more work for yourself. So, work lightly and carefully and they work very well. I think you have made a wise choice using diamond stones, they will work well for you. J
  19. Hello JWalker, I have been faced with this very question and many others like it before as I am finally getting my toolbox filled. Sometimes what I come up with is only a substitute for “the real thing” that works for a while but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. I was looking at a friend’s Japanese gouge and thinking that I would sometime replace my short-handled Swiss gouge with one of those, but it turned out that he was having a bit of trouble sharpening it, it wasn’t impossible just a bit harder than you would expect, whereas my Swiss gouge sharpened beautifully and easily. So, I had a look at the Japanese gouge handle, went back and turned my own and have been happy with it ever since. I also use a very nice old gouge that I got for £8 ($16) at a woodworking show for knocking off the ridges left by the other gouge. Here is a picture of both. Hope this helps, J P.S. Here is a link to Woodcraft which carries the Swiss gouge with the original short handle.
  20. I did it after. Is there any significance to that?
  21. Thanks everyone! I have more and better pictures. Again comments and suggestions welcome.
  22. Three, there were two cellos. I started with the 'Betts' but filled in with the 'Viotti'. Thanks to all for the comments, encouragement and suggestions.
  23. I used Joe Robson's varnish. Maybe Joe would like answer that...? I think madder.
  24. Ken, Could the transparency issue be that the wood (Bigleaf Maple) has a grey hue and is generally a darker wood than European Maple?
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