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  1. Shocked to hear about Mike. I hope the commemorative build goes weil.
  2. Delivery and Assessment. Onwards to a student. IMG_1248.mov
  3. On the fifth anniversary of Neil's passing, here are photos of the completed violin which will be presented to the Head of Strings at St Mary's Music School later this week. One graphic artist, two amateur makers and 7 professional makers in the US and Europe were involved in getting the violin past the finish line.
  4. Peaking out from under a rock. Who's a lucky boy...
  5. 69th ranked submission to "Sky Portrait Artist of the Week" in Junior category (YouTube)
  6. These are photos taken inside with less photographic distortion (and an intermediate setup).
  7. Here are some pictures of Neil's violin (final setup) taken outside somewhere in dreary north of England. It has been completed and is awaiting delivery to the school. Kudos to all involved (you know who you are ) [Please excuse the photographic distortions]
  8. I expect notes will emerge shortly - more soon!
  9. Thank you! Maestronet is a gem - please keep it that way. P.s. I use the principle that there are a finite number of seconds that I am willing to spend on looking at Ads. Therefore, the fewer the Ads the more time I would be prepared to devote to each.
  10. Is it just me being lucky or are others experiencing the delights of posts being bookmarked by Ads. Refreshingly, the Ads are for maple wood etc. and not for Russian dolls etc. Nevertheless, It is making the Maestronet experience unenjoyable.
  11. FWIW I bought it recently to fix hard plastic - crap. So, one of the claims is suspect (in my hands). I think one problem may be the lack of UV penetration to cure the adhesive inside a crack.
  12. Also, the maker went too far with the inside arching at the C bouts leaving gaps between lining and back.
  13. Squirrel Guard - a mandatory requirement.
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