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  1. Janito

    Janito's bench

    From the UV light box: UV-induced new life forms...?
  2. Thanks for the responses!
  3. So you would not expect to see 'bleaching' of maple or spruce with UV light box exposures that would be considered practicable (say <3 months).
  4. I am interested in what happens to wood over time when an instrument is exposed in a UV box. How much time does it take for the wood darkening to change to 'bleaching'? I realise that there are many variables that can affect the answer to this question, but even rough estimates and some commentary on the conditions, wood type etc. would be helpful.
  5. Janito

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    The shaft looks thin. Have you tried it in a peg-shaper?
  6. Janito

    Help with making a scroll

    For a first scroll, the most important thing is to have a block of wood where the 2 sides can be planed perpendicular to the surface that will receive the fingerboard. A wedge block is a way to purgatory and eternal misery as regards good layout and side-to-side consistency...unless patches are glued allowing perpendicular sides.
  7. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    With a very strong/thick back and the front thinner in the centre and thicker at the edges in C bout area?
  8. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    Could a back that is being 'stretched' when the strings are tensioned cause a "squeezing-in" effect of the top plate at the C bout if the constructional circumstances are right.
  9. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    The asymmetry of the effect on the front suggests that variation of construction could make a difference to the shape. What would this 'movement' diagram look like if the back is very strong/thick and the front thin in the centre and thicker at the edges? Other constructional variations are conceivable.
  10. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    As the strings are tensioned, there will also be rotational effects of the top and bottom blocks in the shape of the back arch. Could this be relevant to the size and shape of these blocks and flat areas in old Cremonese instruments?
  11. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    But the nail is half out
  12. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    I don't agree that Edi's example of the breakage point in the cello neck/heel says anything about the "pivot point". My nail puller has the greatest range of movement (~ = most likely point of breakage) where the nail is engaged, but the pivot point is several inches away. And it is much easier to pull the nail out when the lever is closer to horizontal than when it is closer to vertical (torque). Sotto voce: Some of this thread brings back bad memories. I was crap at applied mathematics, but good at pure mathematics, so could not calculate where the projectile was going to land - sad.
  13. Janito

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    Correction, ne's pah.
  14. Janito

    Janito's bench

    New blade from John Schmidt - will test it on bridge feet coming up soon. The M2 blade is hugely strong, but hugely painful to sharpen.
  15. Janito

    Janito's bench

    The 'streaks' appear and disappear during planing of the fingerboard, so it is not a surface-preparation effect. They do not look like fungus through 8x lens, more like a mineral deposit. I may be imagining it, but they seem to have a pale green fluorescence under UV light.