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  1. Aging Eyes and Seeing Things

    The good news is that the lower power ones will gradually drop off the go-to list, so you should be able to stay at ~4.
  2. Aging Eyes and Seeing Things

    Now have added a pair of +6 glasses for detailed work - sad.
  3. Top Plate Off...Almost

    The angle of the chisel edge = 'Russian Roulette' whether the top splits before it comes loose from the block.
  4. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Another Like (2 in 24h). Is there any information on rate of change of hemicellulose in spruce and maple tonewood (as opposed to lumber) and how it changes with temperature?
  5. Corradi rasps

    I have a selection of flats and curves and I would say that there is little that the coarser grades can do that the finer grades cannot in a similar amount of time. So, in hindsight, I would not have bothered with coarser Iwazakis. The Corradis look interesting, but I cannot argue convincingly to myself that I 'need' them.
  6. Corradi rasps

    Iwasakis need to be used judiciously. For example, the large flat extra fine grade is superb for achieving a super surface to the underside of a fingerboard - no risk of rip out with difficult grain. However, they can chatter very badly if used 'inappropriately'. The propensity to chatter is reduced with the finer grades.
  7. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    As said by Cockburn, Harte, Molnar et al - Like
  8. Taylor Lethbridge's Bench

    The wood appears to have a green 'dichromate' tinge where the varnish has been worn off.
  9. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Wow - very transparent. Or is it opaque?
  10. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Does the hat have to be red?
  11. Janito's bench

    I have been interested for some time in the ‘type’ of sound from different kinds of woods, as opposed to just loudness. The problem is that of controlling the variables - l am too wayward to be bothered with details, so no rigorous scientific method involved. In this case, it may just end up as ‘ I like this more than that when paired with the rest of the box and it was fun’.
  12. Janito's bench

    Different densities when I hold them in each hand (and I even do a crossover test). I measure very little with gauges, except when I am baking - shame on me. I would say that it is rather a mug's game to believe that everything can be controlled between 2 finished plates so that only one variable, such as wood density, is different.
  13. Janito's bench

    Some progress on violin, but have been sidetracked again by distractions... There is a lot of wood to come off so it looks like the shake will carve out of the nice billet of split Engelmann (old Sitka on the left). I started the exercise with the intention of completing both tops and doing a compare-and-contrast as a playable violin (same back etc)...but I have limited patience.
  14. Janito's bench

    I like some unintentional asymmetry. I hope in 300 years (should we get there) some poor sod doesn't waste time worrying why the violin shape does not conform to the mould found in a dusty attic.
  15. It is hollow. Regarding wood, there will always be a nicer-looking piece round the next corner.