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  1. Janito

    Mastic and purfing mitres

    Smithsonian identified 'shellac' as the dark substance from Greffuhle design,
  2. Janito

    Speeding up suntanning

    Just wondering given the effect of wavelength on penetrance Academic Q if the tanning occurs in the context of 'completely' finished woodwork. V cut or sawn at right angles and planed smooth.
  3. Janito

    Speeding up suntanning

    Did the tanning penetrate to the same depth?
  4. Janito

    A Tribute to Neil Ertz

    I was referring to the purfling mitres... It's funny what drops out when you shake a tree
  5. Janito

    High resin content varnish

    Another point I forgot to make is the potential effect of years of polishing with solvents on the selective removal of components with the result that the composition of "the varnish" changes over time.
  6. Janito

    High resin content varnish

    I would like to know, for example, if one starts with composition 4:1, 2:1 and 1:1 and submits the varnish to accelerated 'stress' conditions to simulate 300+ years of age, do some components disappear more readily than others, altering the post-stressed composition. And then there is the question of topological interpretation of the various layers as you mentioned.
  7. Janito

    High resin content varnish

    Is this stuff going onto the wood directly or do you have some substance on the wood before you apply this 'pre-dissolved' material? ps your 1.5:1 stuff looks pretty good, why try to fix it? pps In the nature of 'good science', I don't believe the B&G book information will be the final writ-in-stone.
  8. Janito

    A Tribute to Neil Ertz

    Mega kudos to Matt for keeping this project moving. My sincere thanks. The plates are already showing the signs of different hands at work.
  9. Janito

    A Tribute to Neil Ertz

    I was surprised to see the crack having seen how you adapted the 'burger in a bun' concept to protect the ribs!
  10. Janito

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    Just seen this - very sad. On a positive note, I am happy to see that GMM22 is able to post on the MN board after so many years of silence.
  11. Janito

    Top center joint gluing suction gap...

    I see a gap.
  12. Janito

    Pernambuco bow blanks

    end photos of the heads please
  13. Janito

    Fingerboard plane, Brian Derber style

    Flat-bedded Stanley 101 with a good old blade works great. The short length of the sole provides control over the degree of concavity along the length.
  14. Janito

    Happy Easter

    Very interesting piece by George Weigel on "The Easter Effect" in yesterday's Wall Street Journal Review. And another one in the Masterpiece section on the back page (commentary on an ivory plaque from ~1115-1120)
  15. Janito

    The Top 3 Beginner Mistakes

    You've watched the '60 Minutes' interview and the attorney editorials?