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  1. 1. Interesting cross-arch. 2. Remarkably white wood where is was not exposed.
  2. Another method that also works is to cut into lengths and then wrap the pieces in lots of paper, followed by wrapping in plastic sheet/film. The paper is replaced every few weeks with dry paper (amazing how much moisture can accumulate in the paper) and resealed again in plastic wrap.
  3. FWIW, a couple of comments from the Peanut Gallery: > I have used the Chinese digital iron for several years without a problem. The iron shape is good. > Bought a Luthiers Bench iron a couple of years ago. I wasn't in a rush, so all went smoothly (it was shipped to a UK address and I picked it up later). Mr Studdard responded reasonably quickly to my emails. Also, worth pointing out that they do a version that works at 120V - I simply cut off the UK plug and installed a US 3-pin on instead.
  4. Van Dyke crystals dissolved in water can leave a nice matt brown coating that can crackle varnish if used appropriately over partly dried varnish. Search MN - lots there. For example:
  5. Nussbaum (Van Dyke crystals in water) - any craquelure adds interest.
  6. The anxiety of making V1. Just go with the Strad - nobody will know the difference from the original (it's locked in a case).
  7. A practical suggestion: For V1, it will make little difference what the original model was like - it is not going to be a bench copy. So I would just get any poster that has sufficient information to proceed. When finished, it can be called "whatever".
  8. Some progress...still a way to go.
  9. using '@' exposes email addresses to trawling software and later spam. instead use: XXXX(at)xxxx.com
  10. David Wiebe - already mentioned
  11. The references in that paper are here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329708816_Synchrotron_radiation_micro-computed_tomography_for_the_investigation_of_finishing_treatments_in_historical_bowed_string_instruments_Issues_and_perspectives I am not sure I would submit a paper to ANAL BIOANAL CHEM