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  1. Janito

    Leeds Piano Competition - Eric Lu

    oops. Best viewed on Keyboard for sensitive souls on Fingerboard.
  2. An extraordinary performance of the Beethoven 4th Concerto by Eric Lu. Listened to it live and I am still sitting in disbelief at such a mature performance from someone in his early 20's. https://leedspiano2018.medici.tv/replay/final-with-eric-lu/
  3. Janito

    Wood ID

    Wouldn't you expect to see 'snot trails' in bigleaf wood? Sugar, for me.
  4. Janito

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    The Lady Blunt
  5. Janito

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    If you use the neck button chamfer to create 2 tiny triangles where it intersects the chamfer of the back It will help define the shape of the button.
  6. Janito

    Is this a good book to read?

    I was taught by Juliet and have a signed copy. At the time, she used a propolis-based spirit varnish that was difficult to use as a beginner. I think the varnish chapter may have been co-written with her son. I agree with the earlier assessments.
  7. Janito

    Don Noon's bench

    The white of the purfling comes though rather starkly. Brushing a water-based stain after gluing would make it less conspicuous.
  8. Are you able to print-to-file a whole thread as a single operation without multiple cut-pastes?
  9. I have not been able to download a thread in its entirety for some years now. Copy-paste across pages is so '20th Century'...and a pain in the butt.
  10. Janito

    Scroll eye question

    This is the Viotti Stard in the Royal Academy of Music in London.
  11. Janito

    Scroll eye question

    Yes... Same or different maker?
  12. Janito

    Scroll eye question

    Both eyes are flat.
  13. Janito

    Janito's bench

    was...enjoyed it greatly.
  14. Janito

    Oil Varnish

    Why is Melvin's comment being ignored?
  15. Janito

    Janito's bench

    Different Quintas