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  1. French Viola 18th century.

    Cork sticking avidly to varnish on a 1760 instrument. Strange?
  2. violin knife steel PM-X

    Sounds like you need to come over for tea, cakes and show-and-tell...
  3. Stavanger's bench

    Darnton: www.violinmag.com (11/11x)
  4. Stavanger's bench

    Very impressive. A couple of points that jumped at me regarding the oblique photo of the unvarnished violin: > The bridge feet do not fit well and they are too thick. Have a look at bridges at violinbridges.co.uk (register and pay a small fee to see all the measurements). > the low point of the arching is inside the purfling which lies on a flattish area which doesn't look very elegant. Have a look at Roger Hargrave's or Michael Darton's PDFs on edge work to see how to approach the fluting and purfling in #2.
  5. Messiah wood (again....)

    Interesting point! Have you taken the Strads (or other instruments) in your database and compared systematically the ring patterns in the top and lower bouts on one side to assess the degree of variation seen over ~14" of wood? If so, (i) what is the degree of variation for a given side, and (ii) would an 'averaged' tree ring pattern be a better way to compare pieces? [I noticed some hazelfichte in the lower bout of the Messiah, presumably avoided in the analyses).
  6. Julian Cossmann Cooke's bench

    Without cross-references to other Craske violas, this particular one could be a one-off 'experiment', so I am not sure what would be achieved by making a copy or keeping the outlines and conventionalising the graduations. Craske himself may have provided the answer through subsequent instruments.
  7. Good verses Bad Arching....

    If 'Lord Wilton' arching is good, does that mean that 'Brothers Amati' arching is bad?
  8. Perhaps most likely because it will not be 'IT' unless it is the most exacting of copies, and even then...it still isn't 'IT'.
  9. Interior details of Guarneri DG violins

    Remarkable how shallow the purfling channel is in places.
  10. Id needed Czech bow

    is the credit card relevant to the question?
  11. Janito's bench

    Spotted in the Algarve - the power of a branding powerhouse...
  12. Janito's bench

    I reread the section on baguettes in Bertinet's 'Crust' and I must inform the general public that the misshapen loaf in an earlier post of 19 October cannot under any circumstances be labeled a baguette because it does not have the official 7 slashes necessary for such a designation. Nevertheless, it tasted great!
  13. !8th century working methods

    No sure I agree. There are instances of 'catastrophic' fires associated with varnish-making, for example.
  14. !8th century working methods

    FWIW I never have photos in posters or books on the bench for reference when I am working. I go by what I like. Sometimes aspects need reigning-in by an external expert when my 'eye' has drifted. On the other hand, it is very pleasing to be told, for example, "I see the hand of the same maker in these scrolls".
  15. Janito's bench

    Thanks. Clearly, there are good and bad things regarding media as Sir Joshua Reynolds found out! I made a pig's ear of varnishing a cello when I added an essence that prevented it from curing over a period of more than 20 years (see earlier posts in this thread). I was amazed by the example of safflower weeping from the paint blob - a very cautionary tale regarding choice of components for a varnish. Materials may leach from containers that could have a deleterious effect on a varnish.