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  1. Does it matter? After a few centuries, who is to say what the original arching was when it came off the maker's hands.
  2. The bridge appears to have the dimensions of a brick.
  3. American 1890s. Transitions to 'normal' fluting towards the top of the back and continues round to the front. Deep red varnish - crappy colour rendering.
  4. Janito


    The winter grain is more pronounced in the torrified wood +/- UV. I have the impression that UV changes the summer wood colours more than it darken the winter lines. Do others agree?
  5. Do you have hairy hands?
  6. You should try a different fibre type. For example, change from stiff bristle to supple thin polypropylene haired brush.
  7. I think your problem is in the state of the brush when you dip into the varnish and your technique applying it to the surface. You have air bubbles tapped by varnish/solvent between the hair fibres and these are being squeezed out as you brush. (Reference: Personal communication)
  8. That's why my violins don't smell like Stradivari's.
  9. I don't nail the neck to the body, I don't use a laminated fingerboard and...I don't leave areas unvarnished.
  10. When you apply on glass, do the bubbles emerge at the edge of the brush fibres as you apply the varnish or does the bubbling happen later?
  11. Does this happen when the varnish is applied as a coat on a clean plate glass?
  12. Janito

    Ode' to #5

    Wordsworth, n'est-ce pas?
  13. If you want to see whether the varnish is homogenious, place a drop on white paper and leave it overnight. A central 'thick' ring with a surrounding halo will indicate the 'amount' of unincorporated oil that is diffusing into the paper.
  14. I have a very similar violin (alas scroll replaced by Voigt in London many years ago). I seem to recall a suggestion of "from V's brother's workshop in Brussels". Is that probable?