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  1. Perhaps refined by 'distribution of the weight across the plate'.
  2. A plan is in hand to finish the violin.
  3. "Cool" from you is like #11 on my amp.
  4. I am going to try to have the setup done in Scotland. More soon.
  5. It would be great to have the setup done in the UK. Having scanned through the previous pages, pegs, chinrest and tailpiece have been donated. This leaves the bridge, soundpost and strings. ------------------------------------ ps Sad to see how involved Craig Tucker and Addie were in this project.
  6. Humidity cycling has increased the rippling of this maple, but not all of my backs have reacted in the same way.
  7. Neil's name was mentioned and that triggered a question. What is the status of the instrument and where is it? It would be good to get it into the hands of a young musician as soon as possible.
  8. Much better in Latin when it is an official apology. Something along the lines of "Mea culpa. Ego sincere et seq." or something to that effect.
  9. Does it matter? After a few centuries, who is to say what the original arching was when it came off the maker's hands.
  10. The bridge appears to have the dimensions of a brick.
  11. American 1890s. Transitions to 'normal' fluting towards the top of the back and continues round to the front. Deep red varnish - crappy colour rendering.
  12. Janito


    The winter grain is more pronounced in the torrified wood +/- UV. I have the impression that UV changes the summer wood colours more than it darken the winter lines. Do others agree?
  13. Do you have hairy hands?