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  1. Soft black-brown can look good, especially when the shaft and head are congruent. I burnish the shaft with well-used fine sandpaper (1000 or higher). Nose grease is cheap, organic, renewable and, in my case, non-GMO.
  2. You do know, don't you, what happened to the 'Cold Fusion' delusion?
  3. Janito


    I should be keen on a Linseed Oil Ground discussion Group - aka 'LOG-dG".
  4. There is also the practical consideration of the position of the bassbar and the width of the bridge needed to cover the bassbar appropriately.
  5. Yes. If tempted, wait for FOREX on November 1, 2019.
  6. If in UK: https://luthiers-bench.com/ The iron and strap are lovely tools.
  7. Super colour - how does it look between 2 glass slides?
  8. If you place a drop in a sunbeam, does the drop dazzle like a ruby? I am wondering whether you would get a redder (less brown) hue with cooking at a lower temperature. Temps and times of your cooking?
  9. Perhaps refined by 'distribution of the weight across the plate'.
  10. A plan is in hand to finish the violin.
  11. "Cool" from you is like #11 on my amp.
  12. I am going to try to have the setup done in Scotland. More soon.
  13. It would be great to have the setup done in the UK. Having scanned through the previous pages, pegs, chinrest and tailpiece have been donated. This leaves the bridge, soundpost and strings. ------------------------------------ ps Sad to see how involved Craig Tucker and Addie were in this project.
  14. Humidity cycling has increased the rippling of this maple, but not all of my backs have reacted in the same way.