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  1. It has a big patch between the middle bouts and several other strengthening repairwork has been done, there are a few labels inside. So, throughout its history craftsmen considered it worth doing extensive work on it. That showes it has been valued by those men enough ;-) No implosion, only if you want to play a post modern piece where this might be part of :-)9
  2. Good day, I just got this old cello, I guess back and sides made from poplar, various repairs done in the past. Any suggestions welcome. Wish the label was true ;-) Thanks in advance, kind regards
  3. Hi, that's fine. Took it ith my old Sony DSC-W70. Still my favourite for details. Handy. Focus is confused though as of the many details in small area. Needs little patience, but the result is good
  4. Alas the scroll... Right now it sounds pretty hot I am no player, but the woman I got it from was very pleased with it. Very responsive. She could not continue playing as of neck issues...
  5. Ok, I haven't been here for quite some time. Could you send me a link? I appreciate it.
  6. Hi, wasn't one piece lower rib typical for Mittenwald? Also the saddle setting looks older? Anothe inside view added. The younger label is already dated 1900, odd... Then again, labels...
  7. Hard to say which repair could have been done in that time. Thanks to the detailed invoice dated 1984 I know that then there were some repairs done, the top came of, bassbar replaced. Very well retpouched repairs are just visible within sunlight. No soundpost crack / repair though. I tried to decipher that handwritten not on the Winterlin label. It does not look like a sihnature to me. Still the question remains about the older second i.e. first and older label. What would you suggest for it's age?
  8. Yes, there are similarities in style. How is the arching? Very defined and high?
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. Any idea about the time when it was built?
  10. Hi, the Winterling label is correct in my opinion, but the handwritten note on that label might be a repairers note. I suppose the handwritten label is original. The varnish also looks more Mittenwaldish to me. It came in an old case with a repairers invoice from 1984. No bow.
  11. Hi, yes, correct. Thanks for the hint with UV. Should try this
  12. Hello fiddlecollector, thanks for your reply. I had Hornsteiner on mind, but there were two, "Hofschmied" and "Musikant" but not "Geigenmacher" as far as I know. That would mean made around 1800. Would you say that violin is from around this time? I am somewhat confused.
  13. I just got this violin, it bears two labels, the one of Winterling says "fecit" but I guess it is a repair note. The old handwritten label I tried to decipher with different methods like inverting colours e.g. but still struggling... First line could be "Joseph ..., middle part looks like "Geigenmacher", third line "Mittenwald". Not sure though. Does anyone know a technique to deciper washed out or yellowed labels? Thanks in advance