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  1. david k, i checked out mark woods' page... I LOVE the viper and stingray models! they rock! I do love playing classical, and moreover vivaldi, monteverdi and some madrigal-type music, but I adore electric violin! I believe that hearing something funky can change a person's view about the violin, in fact, I have changed people who thought the 'fiddle' was an archaic and snooty instrument into something that is as cool as an electric guitar... and yes, I own a Fender FV-500, not the best, but hey, upkeep on the other 'animals' isn't cheap... I do love listening to ELO and the like, and love to discover new electrified bands on my favourite websites... http://www.lightbubble.com/bowed/ - that is bowed electricity and fiddlechicks http://www.fiddlechicks.com/default.htm they have some artists that rock the cusbah... well enough out of me for now! Kristyn-the hair-brained violist
  2. listen - all I was trying to do was introduce something new...is that so bad? I am not expecting you guys to adore them, even though I think what these girls have already accomplished before starting their band is totally note-worthy... I just was trying to bring something new and fresh to the board, that's all. KRISTYN
  3. Oh chill out! I say they rock! Have you heard them play? obviously not! This is the stuff that makes hearts race! and no, they aren't hairspray barbies... all these so called chick bands nowadays don't play musical instruments whatsoever... (dream and wild orchid to name a few) I do get David K's joke, but please give these girls a chance... they are trying to get strings into everybody....and everybody into strings. so Please M Rankin and Ludwig... give me a break... Also take the time to listen to something new for once... have you heard of Jump, Little Children? Wonderful Cellist by the name of Ward who graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts with degree in cello performance... or the Corrs? The sister who plays violin is extremely talented if you have ever heard her play on the CD or live... I am not saying that 'the Boss' stinks, in fact I love his music, but please...At least I am not promoting N'Stink, Bratney spears or Chriostina Gagulera That is all I have to say.. kristyn
  4. go to http://www.cdnow.com and type Bond... their album is "born" they have much better clips than the one that they had on their web site... Have you read their bios? these girls are on the top of their form... the other clips are awesome, what you heard was a dj remix of their song "victory"... which is included on the CD...and has added synth... listen to "winter" Now talking about publicity photos, they were not naked, so chill... I mean at least they weren't barely dressed like bratney spears on a daily basis... Thank you David K for undersatnding that the effects are cool, but they are not all effects ... these girls are accomplished string musicians with backgrounds in orchestral music... I have said my piece, I would just like to relay that they play extremely well and the synths sound cool, but that isn't their essence... thank you for making me realize that my tastes are totally eclectic, and NO I do NOT want to picture Itzahk Pearlman in a thong... or Yo-Yo Ma.... i love him, but ::shudder: ewwwwww.... kristyn, the extremely futile basket case
  5. http://www.bond-music.com/ this is Bonds' webpage, they all play Yamaha electric violin viola and cello... they rock! please tell me what you think of them or if you have heard of them kristyn
  6. wow.... i had no idea others had something to say about this.... cool... I am attempting to learn bass ... funnn
  7. no, it is because I am not accustomed to reading bass that it takes me a while and i start to sight read and I blow it.... cello is strung up the same "ADGC" as a viola and an octave lower... i was just wondering if anyone does the same kris
  8. I have realized that since I started cello, I predominantly use alto clef. Probably because I'm a violist first, but it is sooooo much easier for me than struggling with bass, which I am not getting used to... I actually PLAY more when I am using my suzuki viola 1 book (allegro and the three minuettes sound pretty good considering the change.) but when I am trying to read bass, I sound all scratchy....ARGH!!! anyone else with this problem?
  9. now i heard the composer for crouching tiger thank G. Schirmer, so i will check into that now, but heard nothing on the patriot yet, i know the tune you are talking about and i was equally impressed! if you find any leads on that or any part of the score for red violin, post it! kristyn
  10. Did anyone else see Yo-Yo ma and Itzahk Pearlman play the themes from the best score nominees last night? WOW.. I didn't watch most of it, (practicing cello) and on the red carpet Yo-Yo carried his cello on his back, THAT was cool. They played...chills. any other comments? Oh, and the composer for Crouching tiger, hidden dragon won over Williams' for Patriot kris
  11. okay... i just got my baby wednesday...and it says in latin: Francesco Cervini Pater&alumnus antoni Straduari fecit columbo anno 19__ (no date entered) made in Sri Lanka weird? also, what are some good tips... i started playing a tiny bit beginning of high school, but quickly gave up when I got my viola... so spill it cellists! kris
  12. lesseee.... in a violin, i like natural wood colours to comethrough... beautiful, like the darker rings from a stump. i love my ( 1930's ) violin, beacuse it kinda has raised grain on the top and a real thin thin varnish... that bird can SING!!! my viola, has to be that lighter auburn-ish colour it looks distinguished and very pretty amoungst the other 3 violists in my orch....ugly orage violas..ewwwwww my cello is dark mahogany colour with a satiny- smoothe varn... i just love to touch it.... of course the occasional fender elec. white violin is cool too... has anybody thought of taking an unvarnished insturument and staining it blue, fuschia or purple? i had a dream on staining one once and i wanna try it... or am I really weird? kristyn
  13. I know it sounds weird, but did anybody? there was a group of chicks all playing electric strings, I think the yamaha series (cello viola violin) and i was asleep and didn't catch their name, my ma told me and now i want to know. can anyone help? kris
  14. lessee, now that i have a job....(grumble...at blockbuster) I don't have as much time...I play in my room with my door locked so i do not get disturbed by nosy neighbours or my ma asking where the cahnnel changer is...again... in the morning around noon-ish...and / or before or after work if energy permits, i used to live in farm land, so either me and my cellist friend would work in my old airstrem trailer or amoungst the trees...i do miss that! well enough from me... but seriously, go into a forest and play, it is awesome kris
  15. here is my trick.... Degree antipersperant, black tak top and button-up sweater... as the concert goes on, i just take off the sweater and i have a classy taktop to play in... this saves alot of hassel and carbona sweat stain removal on my clothes kris
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