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  1. I went ahead this morning and restrung this thing with violin strings. It sounds wonderful! It has a huge sound and the E string seems normal to me. On examining the body, it does look more like a Stainer, with much deeper ribs and a bit wider bouts and probably the thicker G bar. But still, a good sounding violin. It wasn't originally a violin, because I have violins from the same shop and they are less thick, etc., as described. I guess it's okay for an extra violin around here. I could have put the small viola specific C string on it (the Pirastro "Piranito" as mentioned by Jack on rec.music.makers.bowed-strings), but since the chances of finding a use for a 14" viola in this community is miniscule, I think the revamping as a violin is okay. Been playing Bach on the stupid thing and it sounds great. Real bright, real good, actually - for a $200 instrument..Thanks!
  2. I have a 14" viola which belonged to a student; I upgraded their size and got stuck with this instrument. It really never did have the deep, warm sound on the C string for which students are often attracted to the instrument in the first place. I don't feel like I want to even sell this instrument to anyone, because of that problem. I use this instrument to demonstrate that the 14" viola is the same size as the full size violin, and in so doing, one of my students said, why don't you put violin strings on it. This never occurred to me (doesn't sound fair really) -- so the question becomes: aside from the strings, what are the primary differences between this 14" viola and a violin? Would it be horrible to put violin strings on it?
  3. Hi: I have a (circa 1890?) Ehregott Thoma violin. Does anyone have a violin book to look this up. I'm looking for information about this maker. Thanks in advance!
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