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  1. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199093248&cpid=3589308416&filter_key= Seems pretty low priced also a bit red? DLB
  2. Sorry, but you know there are some serious gear heads here. I take the blame for topic drift. On another front I’m pretty sure a ‘cello would fit fine in my car. The C8 has a rear mid engine and I doubt it would fit in the frunk. Interestingly the debate as to whether an original patina look is more desirable than a fully restored perfectly shiny car is a hot topic in the collector car world. Quite a number of parallels. I’m afraid that includes eye wateringly high prices. DLB
  3. A man after my own heart! I have a 2018 Torch Red Stingray with 7 speed manual . only 455 HP but plenty of fun :-) Best part is my morning commute is 30 miles with only one traffic light and a speed limit of 75. It really is the bargain in preformance cars. I'm hopping that the toothfairy brings me a C8 in four or five years. DLB
  4. But you really want one of these :-) Lots more everything and the body doesn't rust! DLB
  5. Are you sure it's real? It looks pretty new to me. Please don't be insulted, I'm just suspicious as heck. DLB
  6. Milan TRBOVIC (TREBOVIC) By: John Dilworth TRBOVIC (TREBOVIC), Milan Born 1912 Dower, Ohio USA. Violinist and violin maker. Established Belgrade c. 1936. Returned to USA and worked in Chicago, Illinois and from c. 1964 Los Angeles, California. Personal models, some with multiple purflings. 100 violins, 30 violas, and 22 basses completed, with both oil and spirit varnish. Milan Trbovich / Beograd- Op.. 19.. [Wenberg] DLB
  7. This is wonderful. That violin meant a great deal to me and got me through some very tough times. I remember trading cases around a bit in the instrument library and putting it in a lovely leather Jaeger case with silver lining. Aa-51 was a special girl. We were not supposed to take school instruments home on vacation but I goofed and took it home with me when my dad was dying, it was a great comfort. It got back to Interlochen just fine BTW and it's still there. :-) DLB
  8. I checked four of my bows two violin two viola they all have the stick touching the back side of the hair with the tension is almost off but not so loose as to not be an organized ribbon. I’m not at all sure if this matters or not. I guess it’s the way I’m used to it being. I wouldn’t worry about showing to your bow guy. At the present price of bows it’s worth putting your mind at ease. DLB
  9. You can have problems with both ends of the problems. I had to run a hairdryer over my bow hair before a rather humid audition at Interlochen. i remember reading the instructions for students coming to Meadowmount for the summer to be sure to have their bows rehaired a bit short as the humidity was high there in the summer. I don't think your bow is in much danger but I am with you as far as the condition that makes me the most comfortable with the bows ability to loosen and tighten. If it bugs you I'm pretty sure your bow guy will take care of it. I have put a little water on my finger and run it up and down the back side of the bow hair when the condition was a bit extreme. On a second look it appears that all the tension is off the bow in your picture as the bow hair does not look organized into a ribbon. Does the underside of the stick usually touch the inside of the hair when the bow is loose or almost loose? or is this the usual amount of camber it has? I'm pretty sure a bow wizard will chime in here soon. DLB
  10. I think you are spot on. DLB
  11. I have had pretty good luck with my Fischer 3% hygrometer. Evidently if you want a 1% hygrometer it’s $$$$$$! It is just as you say on your website that hygrometers are notorious for inaccurate readings. My instruments don’t go out of the house that much and it stays between 45% and 55% all year. I have no idea why. We put in all new windows and that helped too. In the far off past winters at Interlochen we’re pretty hard to deal with. At Ithaca they had humidity control in the music building and almost all of us kept our instruments in lockers there. It probably saved a huge number of broken instruments of all kinds from falls in icy stairs as well.
  12. Is it at all common to have a summer post and a winter post? I’m not a cellist. Bridges as well? DLB