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  1. You can write to Mr. Dilworth, he is still quite active (he made me a viola on commission) DLB jdilworth54@gmail.com He is a very nice guy.
  2. Maybe make one of these? https://www.medicalmuseum.mil/micrograph/index.cfm/posts/2020/exploding_skeletons DLB
  3. I don’t want to be a Pollyanna but I rather regret starting this thread. My own country has become so decisive and a place I hardly recognize. The world is rather broken. We had 18,000 visitors from Haiti under our bridge for about a week and there was a great deal of fear and hatred attached but very little concern or kindness for the strangers among us who were in need. Again, I’m a nobody and of no importance at all, but I wish we could lock this thread. DLB
  4. I bet Brexit had a lot to do with it. (Not getting involved in anyones politics!!!!) It will take some time and adjustment I imagine. DLB
  5. Could be, It just seems strange. The Berlin Auction has some real stars though.
  6. The London Tarisio auction seems really small, only 20 lots. Nice stuff though. One viola bow and no violas :-( DLB
  7. They gots to be something!? Spidey senses are saying Milanese cheap jack????? DLB There was another right next to it in the catalog that did the same!
  8. I did find a polar viola back there that was close and I did order it. Thanks! DLB
  9. I just talked to Dorian Barnes and the Case is on the way to him in Houston. It's a nice American Case Company Manhattan oblong case. I have some of them and the work out well. Here is the kicker, Turns out that Dorian's Dad was my Viola professor at Ithaca College! I never made the connection as I am a bear of very little brain! I actually knew him when he was a kid. His brother plays in the Philly orchestra just like his dad did! Go Figure :-) DLB
  10. Should I send a case?? Just let me know the address. I have the chinrest but it looks like it has already been done. DLB
  11. Well I'm off on another tangent (Oh dear god nnnnoooooooo!) I would like to find some poplar from a trustworthy tonewood dealer that would be close to the sort used on the back of the Stradivari viola "The Gustav Mahler" Populus Nigra I belive is the correct genus and species. I would be just fine paying extra or even buying 'cello wood If I have to. After getting a Whedbee viola with a willow back I have become a bit of a convert to WOTM (wood other than maple) I found a dealer on line from someone's link and I can't for the life of me find it again! https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=41367 The link is to the viola in question. Thanks Folks, DLB
  12. I believe the intention was to simplify. I quite like it, it is also easy to hold on to:-) The upper scroll is by Joseph Curtin on a 16” viola, the lower one is by William Whedbee on another 16” viola after the Brothers Amati. I like both a lot. DLB
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