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  1. If you can do good bridges and sound posts and put good strings on it I should think it would be worth the experiment. Somebody along the line thought it was worth the repairs. DLB
  2. Not sure I can help at all but someone thought it was worth a neck graft and some pretty nice pegs anyway. DLB
  3. Made by Billy-Bob Stradivari a little known cousin of Antonio. The instrument is known as "The Smallpox" DLB
  4. Absolutely. That might be a cool way to display an instrument as well. DLB
  5. That is really amazing! I don't think I will have that many bows though :-) I actually bought a really inexpensive television stand at Walmart that is very strongly built. It has room for a violin and a viola case and even has a stop on it to keep the top case from getting pushed off the back. I guess the crazy american need for bigger and bigger TVs has some use after all. DLB
  6. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a table to put a case on that had a large shallow drawer in it that you could fit up to hold a dozen bows or so. DLB
  7. How do you keep the kids and pets on the wall? We use velcro :-) Going to hell now.... DLB
  8. I’m sure you are right! I feel much better with mine in either a good bow case or a good viola or violin case. I will say that the new spinners that Dimitri Musafia puts in his cases are great. They are sort of sickle shaped and made of soft plastic. The bows never get loose. I really don’t own anything old and crazy expensive but some nice modern bows. DLB
  9. I would not, especially not by the tip. I would not worry about the bow not being loose enough. Just loosen it to the point that the hair is still organized. DLB
  10. Happy New Year to all! May it be a damn sight better than the last one. To ring out our Annus Horribilis on a better note I had a beautiful 16" viola arrive today from Will Whedbee. I will show some pictures soon. It has perhaps the most beautiful head on it I have ever seen on any instrument. We are thinking about putting a motto on the ribs that says " I Was Made in the Time of Quarentine " (In Latin of course) Thank You to all for putting up with me and my endless viola pursuit . DLB
  11. They are great bows above all but I was thinking about the innovative thought behind both men’s work. DLB
  12. I will certainly do my best to give a careful report. I like to encourage innovation, incremental or revolutionary. I also own a couple of Gilles Nehr bows, they should go right along with the viola. To be honest comissioning a viola from Joseph Curtin does not seem like much of a leap of faith. No matter who is keeping track he has to be one of the top luthiers in the world. I have quite a lot of faith in his ability to deliver a fine instrument or I would not have gone ahead with it. DLB
  13. I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics RICHARD FEYNMAN Love me some Feynman !
  14. This way you can be pretty sure who made it! :-) It is a collection that will be given to my school when I go to the great violin shop in the sky, or sooner. I am thinking my 70th birthday is about ten years off and it would be nice to see the sudents enjoy them. DLB
  15. Yes, 100% refund.60 day trial. DLB