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  1. Favorite small viola model?

    If a person was to go off the reservation a bit Helen M. does small cornerless violas. The Chanot=Chardon Strad violin would be a good model to scale up. Keeping the center bouts wide is another of H.M.'s thoughts on viola design. I think she is right on the mark, but I have no real scientific evidence to support it. DLB https://helenviolinmaker.com/trade-secrets-making-the-ribs-for-a-cornerless-viola/ https://helenviolinmaker.com/making-violas-reconciling-size-and-sound/ https://helenviolinmaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Dartington-talk-transcript-with-pics.pdf This last link really gets to the heart of the matter and is one of the best articles I have read on the subject.
  2. so ugly it's almost cool...

    I can imagine someone that really wanted to make music and they didn't let anything stop them. DLB
  3. Lots of Books at T2

    Looks like lots and lots of books and other paper stuff at the latest T2 auction. Also interesting is a Guadanini Guitar. Nothing in viola land is lighting my fire though. DLB
  4. Favorite small viola model?

    Holy smokes! Great player, great instrument. Just look at the color of that thing. I like the piece very much as well. DLB
  5. Favorite small viola model?

    Ben, Thank you so much for taking the time to enrich the discussion. One of my favorite violas is an instrument copied from a very early Linarol probably a Lira cut down. It has a very flat arch and a very broad center bout. John Dilworth restored the original and used it as a model for his copies. I am of the opinion that keeping the middle bout wide is a big help in the power department for violas. This one is 405mm so not large and not small. DLB
  6. Favorite small viola model?

    I have to admit I am very taken with the basket weave decoration on the cut down gamba/viola. I imagine that gambas were not at all in demand at the time and the workman was just harvesting wood he had laying around. Different times. DLB
  7. Favorite small viola model?

    I remember walking up to meet Mr. Trampler in the cafeteria at Interlochen one summer. I asked him what the inscription in gold leaf on the ribs of his viola said. I had seen many pictures of it on album covers over the years. He was there to play chamber music with the winner of the Van Cliburn contest and some others. DLB
  8. Brescian Viola Thickness

    There is an article in the "Trade Secrets" books about Brescian style building on the back using no corner blocks and just some linen reinforcement . DLB If you need the article I can get it to you.
  9. Brescian Viola Thickness

    I would reccomend taking the direct approach and emailing John. That is how I got hold of him and he made me a wonderful viola based on an early Venician model. He is a nice guy and I think he should lend you some knowledge. jjdilworth@virginmedia.com Here is the viola he made for me. http://johndilworthviolins.co.uk/blog/ Scroll down a bit and you can see it. It plays a ton. DLB
  10. That Cuypers viola is a real dish! I better get going on that bank robbery plan :-) DLB
  11. turtle shell frog bows

    Ouch! We have some big suckers here abouts! could take off a broom stick! DLB
  12. turtle shell frog bows

    I never know, But I just want to avoid the "Ivory " problem. We always call it Tortoise shell, but I am under the impression it is usually from sea turtles? DLB
  13. turtle shell frog bows

    I have seen some very fine new bows from Europe using turtle shell frogs. I really don't want to say who or where but they were posted in public by very well known makers. Am I correct in saying that the rules vary a great deal from country to country, as I am pretty sure it is a big no-no here in the USA. On the other hand they may be using a good imitation (I have no idea) I really do not want to stir up problems but I would like to know how to avoid trouble. Thanks, DLB
  14. I kind of wish it applied to all instruments but I can understand that maybe it makes a dealer a target for theft or worse. After the assault of a concertmaster and the theft of his loaned Strad things have taken a bit of a turn. DLB
  15. Favorite small viola model?

    Sorry, I may have been obtuse. I meant whether the Primrose Amati was cut down. DLB