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  1. Inspired by Chris Jacoby :-) https://www.amazon.com/Historical-Emporium-Deluxe-Embroidered-Smoking/dp/B019794FE6/ref=sr_1_17?crid=2X48WOPK7MK2M&keywords=fez+hat&qid=1553172004&s=gateway&sprefix=fez%2Caps%2C398&sr=8-17 DLB
  2. Next revelation, There are progressive readers available. Very little correction on top with more toward the bottom. Much better gizmos. DLB
  3. I went back to school today following Spring break. I used the eye chart in the school nurses office. The chart is set up to be read at 10 feet. I can read the 20/20 line at 14 feet! DLB
  4. The other complication is finding a practice that is in network with your insurance. I just did my best to find someone and I got a lot better vibe than I did from the doctors before. DLB
  5. This is what he did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couching_(ophthalmology) DLB
  6. I think the same guy blinded Handel too. DLB
  7. The figure I got was an over all number. I think that like anything the operator matters and his or her skill. Again I really don't know my right eye especially was to the point that if my vision had been like that with both eyes I would not be able to drive or work. I was very nearsighted (-7.5) Now I am seeing things I had missed for a very long time. DLB
  8. The success rate is extremely high. I think around 98% DLB
  9. The success rate is extremely high. I think around 98% DLB
  10. I think my Torch Red Corvette looked OK but I will check again in the sunshine . DLB
  11. It was all in the hands of the surgeon as far as I know, There wasn't a robot. There were lots of machines and a large operating microscope reassuringly labeled Zeiss. To a camera dude that meant it was good stuff. Carl Zeiss was one of the first companies in the world to offer health benefits to their employees :-} DLB
  12. I had a nightmare on Monday night about going to a lesson with Heifitz! He kept saying nice things about me and my playing! I knew better and was waiting for the other shoe to drop! DLB
  13. About like this. Not exactly though. DLB