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  1. Not a Stainer. It's a German trade violin from the 19th or early 20th century. In it's present condition it's of minimal value. Hope that helps. DLB
  2. Heifetz had a Tononi violin he was very fond of. DLB
  3. If you hit the side of the instrument against something it is more likely to hit the top or back than the 1.1mm ribs perhaps? It does form sort of an I-beam of sorts with the ribs and the lining. DLB
  4. I had never thought of that! Makes sense. I would think that most string instruments don’t have overhangs? DLB
  5. I have had this problem with quite new instruments and really nice cases. I wish I knew how to polish it out carefully. I think what I need is a cabinet to keep instruments safe but out of the case. I will be interested to see what folks think. Truly, I’m rather at a loss. DLB
  6. Wow! A viola bow by him would be very rare. I don’t think I would venture into those waters without my own expert! DLB
  7. I’m so pleased! Way to go codabow! DLB
  8. I have always thought that Stradivari’s labels were printed from a wooden block made by another artisan. I was having a conversation with someone that thought they were printed using moveable type. Any thoughts? Do we have anyone’s printing block or such extant? DLB
  9. I have a Coda viola bow that had something weird with the frog. They fixed it and rehaired it for free. I was only out the shipping front m me to them. They were very nice. DLB
  10. I would get hold of Coda. They may be able to help. DLB
  11. 74 grams is fairly heavy but it depends on how it plays I guess. DLB
  12. It looks quite nice. It may need a new tip plate but I really cannot tell from the picture. How does it play and how much are they asking? Nice that the owner put some clear tape on the stamp. DLB