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  1. I tried to use my real name from the Marvel Universe Atomic Viola Boy Alas I had to settle for the one my parents gave me after having an argument when I was born. Could have been Rutherford, I guess I got lucky. DLB BTW my side kick is named G String!
  2. I don't think they look painted on or fake but the cut of the wood of the back isn't a perfect quarter cut with straight grain. The flames might have been brought out with some chemical treatment perhaps? I'm not at all sure though. DLB
  3. The wider center bout may require a bit different approach with set up. It does work out fine even at viola size and I don't run into the edges with the bow at all, or at least no worse than with any other instrument. The measurements on my instruments taken with a digital caliper are 122mm for the violin and 141mm for the viola. Josh Beyer who made both of them did have access to the original Stradivari Chanot-Chardon through the kindness and good graces of Bein and Fushi who had it in the shop for sale at the time and let him examine and measure it. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=41483 DLB
  4. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199322624&cpid=3670605824 They could just be waitiing for me to die :-( I looked at the listing for this maker on Cozio the label looks spot on. He had the habit of writing on his label and putting a number on them. On the other hand I'm pretty sure someone with a tiny amount of skill could have faked it pretty well. The viola is a nice size and does not look like junk to me (that has a hole the size of Manhattan to drive through!) The blackened chamfers on the #59 viola look kind of odd but I do see them in one of the instruments listed in Cozio done in the same kind of heavy sort of way. On we go into the fog! DLB
  5. More viola bows and violas this time. I guess it's what they have or they got stuff they are saving for the fine instrument auction? DLB
  6. These violas seem at least interesting. Any thoughts about what they might be or not be? https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199322624&cpid=3666378752&filter_key= https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199322624&cpid=3680354304 https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199322624&cpid=3670605824 #59 Looks like it might be a useful instrument. DLB
  7. The Chanot-Chardon design works perfectly. It even enlarges to a 16" viola just fine. The issue of bow clearance really hasn't come up. My instruments made for me by Josh Beyer have been tested by the former concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Andres Cardenes (both violin and Viola) and members of the viola section of the same orchestra. https://beyerlutherie.com For what it's worth (very little!) I love both instruments! DLB
  8. I always knew there was a reason I liked you :-) DLB
  9. Just getting the pegs done will cost a two or three hundred for decent pegs and fitting. The instrument is not worth that at all. DLB
  10. The odds of it being a 1666 Stradivari are vanishingly small. That label is fairly famous as it is the first year of any Stradivari label . In any case we need to see the fiddle. DLB
  11. This might help. The stamp doesn't look like the one listed but I really don't know. DLB https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/browse-the-archive/makers/maker/?Maker_ID=376 There was a Lecchi sold at the last Tarisio auction. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199207936&cpid=3230433280&filter_key=
  12. https://www.vintagehardware.com/proddetail.php?prod=25946 https://whitechapel-ltd.com/8pag1.html I kind of like the second one but I'm pretty sure there are a zillion different ones. I guess you would have to peal back the ining to do the handle (yes I was going to misspell handle or Handel or something :-) DLB
  13. Perhaps a brass handle from a company that makes reproduction brasses for furniture? The case is really nice on the outside. DLB
  14. Thanks Martin, That was the understanding I was in search of. DLB