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  1. Gordge violin case

    The lock may just be a replacement. DLB
  2. Harsh sound?

    What an instrument sounds like under you chin can be quite different that what it is like to other people or in a hall. Kind of like what your voice sounds like when recorded compared to what it sounds like to you. DLB
  3. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Well done! I love the head, and the choice of pegs. Thanks for sharing. DLB
  4. Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    I know at least one world class bow maker that does not put any stock in Lucci numbers. Tomato, tomato. (just not the same in print :-) DLB
  5. Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Well the stick did a little north of $71,000.00 all in close to the record of a little more than $83,000.00 that Tarisio's records give. Somebody liked it a lot :-) DLB
  6. Honed Bliss

    What we need here is a trained sharpening monkey. Think of the ease of tool selection! I volunteer my future services. At least I have opposable thumbs! Not as cute though. DLB
  7. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Done! DLB
  8. Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    What would make you think this was inferior? DLB
  9. Santo Serafin, Any Violas at ALL?

    One of my favorite makers is Santo Serafin, He must have had a hot line to the wood dealer or married his daughter! His maple is often spectacular. Dis he make any violas at all? I don't find any listed but I don't have great resources. DLB
  10. William Harris Lee 16 1/8 Viola

    I have a Whedbee viola. It is not the same model as this one. He is a nice guy and I think he will identify it if it is his. DLB
  11. Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    I have never seen quite that much figure in pernambuco before. A gold mounted Sartory, I’ll take it DLB
  12. Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Maybe a little heavy for some, but spectacular wood. I don't think I have ever seen anything with this much figure .https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2198732800&cpid=3513548800&filter_key=065c1722cefcc0fb764d75c16d6abd3b DLB
  13. Stradivari's nightmare?!

    sounds like a violin made of sheet metal. The player seems pretty into it. DLB
  14. Nice planes

    Infill planes are really cool. DLB
  15. Guns and violin making

    At least in the town I live in you can buy a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and an AR 15 all under one roof. (no kidding) DLB