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  1. Dwight Brown

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    Peter of Mantua. That is the one Stern talked about. DLB
  2. Dwight Brown

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    An old friend plays the ex-Szegetti Peter Guarneri. I guess he had a few clubs in his golf bag. DLB
  3. Dwight Brown

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    Both. DLB
  4. Dwight Brown

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2198863872&amp;cpid=3538223104&amp;filter_key= Before I rob the bank. What do you folks think? Doable? DLB
  5. Dwight Brown

    ID jolly old 3/4 violin

    It looks well loved in any case. Wish I could say the same for me :-) DLB
  6. Dwight Brown

    Cornerless interior

    Please, I am nothing of any importance. If you speak to Josh, I'm sure he will talk with you. I have been fascinated with the C-C violin for years and Josh has been very kind to put up with me! The violin and viola were very successful. Check out his web site . I had a crappy day at school and I decided to have a double scotch or two of rather expensive single malt :-) Yours respectfully, DLB
  7. Dwight Brown

    Cornerless interior

    They only have top and bottom blocks. I have a violin and a viola based on the C-C both made by Joshua Beyer (he is a member of Maestronet) This link may be of some use to you. https://helenviolinmaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Trade-Secrets-Oct-07-high-res.pdf Josh was able to spend time with the C-C Strad at Bein and Fushi so He did see the original up close, measure it and photograph it. https://beyerlutherie.com DLB
  8. Dwight Brown

    Modern bow makers suggestions

    David Samuels DLB
  9. Dwight Brown

    Interesting Website

    http://www.isabellesviolins.org/ I rather enjoyed this website with descriptions of her instruments. She takes a different tack in documenting and describing her collection and is a skilled web designer. DLB
  10. Dwight Brown

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    If it is an instrument for you to play I would suggest that you do not look for an instrument by a particular maker. Go to reputable dealers and try out instruments in your price range and see what you like. "Investing" in instruments and bows, except for the very rich ,is a bit of a fools errand. I own a number of modern violins and violas by good and even great makers, I play them all and enjoy them but I really never plan on making any money from them, in fact I will give them all away some day. You may want to wait for the fall auctions with real auction houses with reputations and histories. Tarisio has one in New York and one in London coming up. I have found them to be trustworthy and easy to work with. Don't get in a big hurry, that is a formula for rather expensive mistakes. DLB
  11. Dwight Brown

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    I have once again proven that I can't see anything! DLB
  12. Dwight Brown

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Arching a bit full for 1699? DLB
  13. Dwight Brown

    Flamed wood as a violin top?

    The top is not made of the same wood as the rest of the instrument The top is spruce and the back, ribs, and neck are maple (usually). Spruce doesn't usually show that kind of figure although it can show a little. DLB
  14. Dwight Brown

    New Yita Cello - Detailed Unboxing and questions.....

    Looks fine. A little light antiquing accounts for the marks. The back shows locator pins on the top and bottom, they aren't nails. Some makers use them to get the back plate re-alinged with the ribs after carving the back. For the money I would play it and not worry about it. Now go practice :-) DLB
  15. Dwight Brown

    Violin restoration by John Dilworth

    So kind of you to post this. Very nice to watch John Dilworth work. I own a viola he made for me and I was thinking that he used the same tools to make my instrument. DLB