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  1. Home made folk instrument. A person wanted a fiddle and could not afford one so they made it themselves. I have great respect for them. It is probably not worth much money but if one knew the story behind it that would be priceless. DLB
  2. Typical weight for any violin bow is 60 grams and 70 grams for a viola bow (give or take) I’m surprised that your Codabow is 67 grams. I don’t have a lot of experience with them but I do have a Codabow GX viola bow and it weighs exactly 70 grams. DLB
  3. I don’t know if they are strong enough but empty shotgun shells would offer some bigger ones. DLB
  4. https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/shop/tools/workshop/tool-maintenance/30021-brass-ferrules Robert Sorby HF16B Set of 10 Each 16 mm / 5/8 Inch Solid Brass Ferrules for Custom Lathe Tool or Chisel Handles maybe this? DLB sorry, I didn’t get the LV in your original post.
  5. I was a science teacher. All science is taught in metric (SI) here. American Customary Measurement is a PITA! I wish we would change. Only the USA, Myanmar, and Liberia are left, and I think Myanmar uses Imperial which is different again! Would you believe that most American made cars use Metric fastenings. My Chevrolet Corvette is all metric and I know all of Tesla is Metric. DLB
  6. Heel to chin, 127.5 mm Nut to end of neck 167mm Nut to bridge 365mm (vibrating string length) if you want the dimensions from the top of the nut for the last two add 10mm This instrument is a Brothers Amati Model with a length of back of 408 mm. measurements taken with a Mitutoyo vernier caliper or a Starrett metric tape measure DLB
  7. If you can tell me what to measure I have a nice 16” Whedbee here. DLB
  8. If at all possible the best route is trying out the bows in person. There are some articles about picking out a bow. https://stringsmagazine.com/a-guide-to-buying-a-bow/ This is just one, there are lots. If possible get a more experienced player to try them out as well or if there is a teacher have them try the bows. DLB
  9. I'm sorry I cannot reply to you in Italian. The number may be a catalog or inventory number from a violin dealer. I would not hazard a guess as to who. DLB
  10. Thanks! I have always been interested in the Stradivari violas. Viola stories have always been that they are not that good or rather other instruments are better but I’ve always figured that a lot of those stories were repeated by people who never played them. DLB
  11. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/cozio-carteggio/the-kux-castelbarco-stradivari-viola-of-c-1720/#Introduction I woke up to this! Can anyone spare me $15,000,000.00??? I wonder how it will do. I imagine someone has seen it or played it as it was on loan to a school in London for a while. DLB
  12. Nickel silver or German silver is an alloy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel_silver DLB
  13. Yes, It's a Curtin Ultra Light viola. I don't think that system could be retrofitted, but I thought you might like it. It's a 16" viola he made for me about a year ago. The chinrest is one he made to match one that I had modified from a Flesch with a hump. DLB
  14. This works out well. No clamps. The Wittner plastic chinrests have about the best designed clamps . They are really low profile and really much less fussy to install. They even give you a screwdriver with it. It just depends on if you can deal with the plastic thing and if the design suits you. DLB
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