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  1. Mad Money

    I am rather looking forward to the next two auctions. They have two at almost the same time in London and New York. Could be some tasty stuff. Have any of the assembled brothers and sisters here had anything from Tarisio (or other auction house) shipped from the UK to the States? How big a PITA was it (or not)? Thanks, DLB
  2. Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

    I buy wood and I am not even a maker. This is a sickness. "Hello, My Name is Dwight and I am a Dendro-Maniac." Twelve step program for viola collectors.... DLB
  3. Mad Money

    They are nothing if not organized. The 6 transactions I have had with them have all gone very smooth and they are always responsive to me emails. (even though I am a PITA) :-) DLB
  4. Mad Money

    Holy Crap Batman! Someone must have decided they knew what it was! I would say that auction did very well. A quick sloppy count puts about 90% sold. DLB
  5. I would be happy to provide materials, case, etc. but we need a real person to coordinate. I am just a cheerleader rather than a quarterback! DLB
  6. I ordered my copy :-) I bought a total of 3 copies of the last book for myself, a present for my teacher and for the group build viola. Maybe time for another project? DLB
  7. New Violin Family Mezzo

    http://singingwoodsviolin.com/newfamily_3.html I think Bob Spear can help you. He was a student of Carleen Hutchins and knows as much about the New Violin Family as anyone alive. DLB
  8. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    I should imagine that the trade in lumber went both ways across the Atlantic. The huge amounts of wood needed by the German shops of the time probably had their purchasing department constantly on the look out for new sources and lower cost options. The American colonies were an especially important source for Timber for ship building. I think it is still possible to find trees in the USA marked with the broad arrow as belonging to the British Navy. DLB
  9. violin marquetry

    Deans, The cornerless looks kind of cool. DLB
  10. Il Segreto di Nagyvary

    On the other hand does this mean the hot sauce I put in the bass f hole of my viola doesn't really work? DLB
  11. Il Segreto di Nagyvary

    " I'm just mad about Saffron...." DLB
  12. Should I Hate This More??

    That's it :-) DLB
  13. Should I Hate This More??

    $500.00 would probably only buy you a fairly basic student 16" viola. DLB
  14. Georg Tiefenbrunner violin

    Has there ever been any authentic instruments found made by the famous Mr. Tieffenbrucker? DLB
  15. Should I Hate This More??

    Sorry folks, my Dumb-as-rock-o-meter was switched off.................. DLB