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  1. T2 Auction online tomorrow.

    I like necks slim and smooth. I could now say something sexist and uncalled for. But I would never........... One thing I would pass on to my violin maker friends (I have very little of value here) is I like to go through every grit of a set of Micro Mesh pads. There has never been a neck too smooth. DLB
  2. T2 Auction online tomorrow.

    Still kind of like #34 Quite chunky and wide in the middle bout. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2198798336&cpid=3211968512&filter_key=cab37ea4f2ef54746e0cb05ff4944d18 DLB
  3. Fixing an ivory frog

    Most hardware stores will have Xylol (Xylene) use it outside and wear gloves. DLB
  4. T2 Auction online tomorrow.

    I am no expert! I cannot put it into words but the work and the varnish looks like kind of low end production sort of stuff. Others will come by I'm sure. DLB
  5. Mittenwald cornerblocks, location pegs, saddle and varnish

    Such a shame the varnish was stripped. I don't think you can do any harm now. DLB
  6. Electric bass tuner mod for cheap cello?

    sorry, i missed the number of zeros on your original post (I saw $1000) My eyes continue to give me problems). I would say that running screws into the peg box of an inexpensive 'cello is kins of asking for cracks. A good raw neck block for a 'cello probably costs more than eighty bucks! DLB
  7. Electric bass tuner mod for cheap cello?

    https://www.amazon.com/Wittner-Finetune-Pegs-Cello-4-7/dp/B00BRTUNBY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1516127917&sr=8-3&keywords=wittner+pegs This may be a better choice. I would hate to see you put such a heavy piece of equipment on a 'cello. A peg turner might help too. It is a kind of grip that you put on the peg to give you more leverage. You could probably make your own. The good news is that most 'cello strings are steel core and hold pitch pretty well. 'cellos almost always use four fine tuners and a lot of the time you can use them, just get good quality tuners and lube them a bit. DLB
  8. Deformed bow

    Somebody played a lot of music with that bow. Kind of a nice thought anyway. DLB
  9. T2 Auction online tomorrow.

    https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2198798336&cpid=3504160768&filter_key=cab37ea4f2ef54746e0cb05ff4944d18 Any chance this one is made by the man on the label? There was an article about him a while back. Instrument looks kind of Maginni=ish? DLB
  10. Boston Luthier?

    Remember everybody starts somewhere. I knew Chris Reunig when he had a bench squeazed in the attic of his parents Suzuki school in Ithaca, NY. I'm sure he or his staff would help you out. His mom and dad where my string pedagogy teachers at Ithaca College. DLB
  11. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Maestro Appleman's answer is pretty much spot on. I would however point out that fine modern instruments can produce a performance that is just as satisfying if not exactly the same as one by a $$$$$$$$ Cremonese instrument. I have a feeling that many great soloists of our time own bench copies of their instruments. I doubt they can travel the world reliably with just one 300 year old instrument. I imagine we have heard concerts played on the copy? DLB
  12. Very nice viola on violinist.com

    I do rather like the look of the viola. DLB
  13. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    Well we know that the viola burns longer :-) DLB
  14. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    There has to be the makings of a great joke here someplace......... DLB
  15. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    sorry, I used a short cut of 28 grams to the ounce. DLB