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  1. Dwight Brown

    Help me choose a viola, Please!

    I am a devotee of violas about 16" even though I'm 6'2". However I would get the one you love the most and feel the most comfortable playing. How tall are you? that would help a bit. It is pretty hard to give advice at a distance. What does your teacher think? I agree with Martin generally about size and I think at 14 a 16 1/2" instrument would be pretty large for you.. I had a rather nice 16 5/8" viola in high school and college and i rather wish I had something smaller. As a teacher i found myself playing violin a great deal and avoiding my viola. I bought a 16" viola at auction and it made all the difference in the world. It seems kind of odd that just 1/2" or so would make that much difference but it really can. Now go practice :-) DLB
  2. Dwight Brown

    Proper viola measurements

    On the back, next to the button, straight to the edge of the back using a measuring tape. DLB
  3. Dwight Brown

    Walton Viola Concerto Berlin/Rattle/Grosz

    Excellent. Amazing early viola as well. DLB
  4. Dwight Brown

    C bout width Tertis inspired

    I think the C-C strad design might work well for smaller violins. Helen M. uses a cornerless design for small violas. I received a cornerless 405 mm viola from Josh Beyer that is quite nice indeed. The lower bout on it is really quite slim. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Awyum4X_pKxSQNXjKq34MriYhib9Wojv/view?usp=drive_web The sound sample is a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony playing a little Walton in Heinz Hall. It also got a favorable nod from my classmate from the back of Algebra 1, Andres Cardenas. I will now apologize for hijacking ( Bad Dwight, Baaaaad.....) DLB
  5. Dwight Brown

    C bout width Tertis inspired

    My cornerless violin based on the Chanot Chardon Stradivari has a center bout measurement of 123 mm measured with a caliper not a tape. Absolutely no bowing problems. DLB
  6. Dwight Brown

    C bout width Tertis inspired

    I will go out on a limb here/ I am prepared to have my ears pinned back :-) The Tertis model viola is really an experiment who's time has passed. The increased lower bout really does very little if you want more power from a smaller viola maximizing the center bout does much more good. How this completely unscientific information helps in violin design, I'm not sure but I thought I would let myself in for a broadside from the battle ship HMS Maestronet! Ah, Summertime! DLB
  7. Dwight Brown

    Viola strings

    All of my violas have a full set of Evah Perazzi Gold strings, violins too. I find them to be just right. That said I am a hopeless Pirastro fan-boy. Dominants are Fine as are lots of others. My teacher has played on Dominants with either a Larsen or Jargar A for decades and I did too. It is kind of expensive to try strings but there isn’t much else for it. ”Hi my name is Dwight and I have a viola problem.” DLB
  8. Dwight Brown

    Micro Mesh and Hunting the Wild Viola Neck

    I have a couple, but they are rather plain wood. I do miss trap shooting, it was very cathartic after a long day in the trenches. :-) DLB
  9. Dwight Brown

    Micro Mesh and Hunting the Wild Viola Neck

    As I said, I really don't know much. What does water do for the process? Raising the grain? DLB
  10. Dwight Brown

    Micro Mesh and Hunting the Wild Viola Neck

    Congrats on the recital . I really don't know which would be better. I use the Micromesh as it is pretty much fool proof. DLB
  11. Dwight Brown

    Micro Mesh and Hunting the Wild Viola Neck

    I use all of them. It kind of rimindes me of grinding a teleschope mirror. DLB
  12. Dwight Brown

    Micro Mesh and Hunting the Wild Viola Neck

    That's what I am talking about! I still have a hell of a time identifying the colors even with the little card :-) DLB
  13. Ok guys, Most folks know I am not a maker or anything else of much repute. I would like to offer a small idea for makers, etc. I never met a violin or viola neck that was too smooth or too slick. Here is my unqualfied suggestion for final finish on instrument necks and it only takes a few minutes. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/micro-mesh-pen-sanding-kit I imagine most of you know about micro mesh but this little set works very well for me and leaves the neck about as slick as anything wooden can be and makes shifting a pleasure. Student instruments can be greatly improved as well. The grits start at 1500 and run all the way to 12000. Don't loose the little card that comes with it as you will never figure out the order without it! OK, Now you can shoot me :-) DLB (Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast)
  14. Dwight Brown

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    Thanks Jim, I think we are a ways from needing the case, but I appreciate the tip. I usually get cases from Go Strings in NYC. They give 15% discount as well. I wish viola cases were as easy to buy as violin cases. DLB
  15. Dwight Brown

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    Do you want tuners on all four strings? The Evah gold strings are really not meant for tuners on the G.D,A. Most forlks just have a tuner on the top string for Viola and Violin. If you want them on all four I would change the tailpiece for one with built in tuners. DLB