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  1. I was thinking of engineering something that felt and responded like a “regular” instrument. Not needing to be plugged into an amplifier or anything. Pie in the sky certainly but not beyond the realm of possibility. In other words transparent to the player when under the chin but adjustable in every way. DLB
  2. Something I have noticed more and more in the radio world is what is referred to as SDR. That is Software Defined Radios. This allows almost infinite variation in filtering and bandwidth in receivers allowing you to isolate weak signals that would otherwise be covered up be adjacent strong signals and lots more beside. I wonder if we might see software defined violins eventually that would allow very fine adjustments of attack, tone quality, response, etc. not the sort of heavy handed thing that an electric violin produces but something that feels and sounds like a standard fine violin just producing the sound in a different way. ( “Hey Bobby hit the Del Gesu button!”) DLB
  3. The only common use of Scandium alloy that I’m familiar with is from Smith and Wesson for revolver frames and perhaps cylinders. Other than that I don’t Know. They use one half of one percent of scandium in the aluminum alloy as it costs about $7,500.00 per ounce for pure scandium. DLB
  4. My linear amplifier has four 811a tubes in it for 800 Watts PEP. It also has a cheerful orange sticker on the back that reads “ Caution! Lethal Voltages Present!” Does tend to give one respect for the box. :-) DLB
  5. Excuse me while I warm up the Cremon-a-tron….. (random sparking with humming sounds and the smell of ozone and burning phenolic) If the damn thing doesn’t have vacuum tubes the size of a watermelon and coils made of copper tubing as big as a baby’s leg I’m just not interested. DLB
  6. I doubt anyone would want mine :-) DLB
  7. Like I’m going to disagree with Maestro Burgess about anything when it comes to violin design or violin making. I’d sell a kidney to add a Burgess viola to the herd here. That said I do enjoy the strange and unusual both modern and ancient. My collection includes some of each. The classic design that is embodying in the golden period Stradivari is what most of us think of. How much of what a good instrument sounds like is because of this design where deviation from this design gives you something that sounds ok but maybe not like a violin? Sort of a two edged sword. I like violas as nobody knows what the hell a viola is supposed to sound like! I have a couple of cornerless instruments, both a violin and a viola that are pretty wonderful. the problem is that it takes just as much or more work to make something outside the box and if it doesn’t work out it is time and materials that you gain experience from but not income. DLB
  8. Seems at least twice what it should be if the repair had been invisible. As it is the repair is very apparent and does not seem to be done well. Maybe 500 pounds and then it should go to a good bow restoration specialist. Hopefully Josh or Jerry will come by. To do a fine repair of this bow that does not show and will last won’t be cheap. DLB
  9. Just sharing what my teacher told me all those years ago. A viola bow will help too. Viola is much less forgiving of bow technique than violin. DLB
  10. Slower bow, more weight in the bow arm. You can’t force it out. Just a thought. DLB
  11. Can you get premium gas in Europe? DLB
  12. I’ll lend you the Corvette! DLB
  13. Shame about the customs thing now. You could get a nice nap though. DlB
  14. They got those train things. Living in Texas it's probably closer than Houston to El Paso! :-) DLB
  15. This is probably useless information but if you can make it to London I highly recommend Bishop strings. Sean is a high level professional violist and his a rather impressive inventory of viola bows. I trust his opinion on bows and instruments. I have bought from him and he knows his stuff. DLB
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