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  1. ... just to add my 2 cents worth... 1- I cut the paper into an arc strip .. inner radius of 23cm and outer radius of 26.5 cm ... That compensates for the taper of the peg. 2- I use Japanese mulberry paper... Mura Koban Kozo paper 45 gm weight. 3-I make the bushings without a form and with hide glue... I estimate the length of paper strip that I need to get the thickness of the bushing that I require then tape the end of the paper strip with a small strip of masking tape to a small diameter peg coated with wax. Then laying the paper (with the peg attached) on a slat in my vice, I slop hide glue onto the paper and roll the peg with some pressure against the slat so that the glue is pushed out from between the layers of paper and at the end, I simply roll the peg forward a few times aginst the slat to create a flat finish. Let the bushing dry on the peg and when dry, twist the peg out of the bushing. The wax keeps it from sticking. I make a variety of sizes of bushings so that when I need one, I can just test fit to find one that fits nice & snug as a press fit. Before I glueing, I trim the bushing so that the end on the inside of the peg box is flush with the peg box wall.. then glue it in with hide glue, and now I only need to trim the outside. Cheers... Mat
  2. Thanks Jacob... exactly what I needed!.... Cheers, Mat
  3. Does anyone have or know where I can see a picture of an authentic label of an Anton Bachmann violin? Thx... Mat
  4. 3- apply TLC 4-See # 3 On the other hand, if the instrument sounds like a goose, go ahead and make structural changes... but I would still keep the varnish and add TLC. The marks, dents and scratches all have a story to tell, and even if we don't know the story, we can imagine ... and that adds character... which in my mind is better than clinical sterility. Cheers... Mat
  5. Everyone has the wish and hope to discover the gold mine:) As a curiosity how rare is it that a dealer will significantly under-value an instrument lets say at $500... with a litany of proofs ( to demostrate their proficiency at appraisal), then offer to buy it at that (full) price, when in fact the instrument is really valued at lets say $5000? After all, a violin inheritor would likely have no knowledge of violin appraisal, nor would they have knowledge on how to select a reputable shop for the appraisal. I can recognize good workmanship but for valuations... I send my clients on to others. Cheers... Mat
  6. ....and I know a lot of old timers that fiddle with the violin just resting on their chest whilst they sit and jig with their feet. Thanks again... Mat
  7. thanks all... super helpful! The Bon-Musica looks pretty good! Here are links to the variations of products.. Cheers, Mat
  8. Some time ago I had heard/ seen a picture of a shoulder rest for acoustic violin that hooks over the shoulder or around the neck. Can't find anything with google... Anyone know where I can see a picture of such a device?? brand? supplier? Thanks, Mat
  9. Thanks Marty...I really appreciated the link... will take some time to go thru it though:) Cheers... Mat BTW... if you are going to use beer... get Tuborg, its the best chaser for Akvavit... or in this case it might be the reverse:)
  10. Just curious ... has anyone measured or calculated the volume ( volume as in how much beer can it hold) of a standard 4/4 violin? Thx... Mat
  11. Ok... why appui?? that translates to "support" in english. Overstand is indeed correct in all aspects... It is the height of the neck root above the top plate ( it stands proud over the plate). If it were to project to the side it would be an overhang, maybe a hangover, and if it were to be under the plate it would be an "understand" ... understand ?? Cheers, Mat
  12. When you put a product up for sale without a price, you invite inquiries... then during the inquiry the seller has the buyer's full attention and there is the opportunity to "sell" and close a sale. You can't do that if the customer does not enquire:) Cheers, Mat
  13. oops... thanks for the catch... Mat
  14. and by the way... the current price is $389 Canadian, converted to US dollars... that is about $290 US.,43072,48435 Cheers, Mat PS.. I have no connection to Lee Valley except that I am a customer!