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  1. this is what I use... works great...also a great holder for shaping the endpin shaft ..... from Lemuel violins... Cheers, Mat
  2. Mat Roop


    does anyone use 4F pumice powder? Works good for me! ... cheers, Mat
  3. In my world, most things are worth fixing... I've fixed lots for free so a poor and disadvantaged student has something to play. In your case this was Grampa's bow, so for me , that in its self is worth the fix ( likely under $100) and more. Most of my customers love "the story " behind their violin or bow ... even if they don't know the real story... the markings, chips and wear can create the story you tell! Like the music, its all entertainment! Cheers, Mat btw...with quality hair and quality work, some of those factory Tourte bows can play rather nice.
  4. Ahhh... but truth be told once in a while my mail goes thru Cheyenne Wyoming and gets back to me several months later ... like Christmas cards that arrive in March. And then there is the issue of an abbreviation for Canada... There is a city in California called Ontario. Some companies use CA as the abbreviation for Canada.. but that is the abbreviation for California... and then they think I am in Ontario CA.... oh well, I like the name and living in Canada a 2 hr drive NE of the celebrated luthier Dr Burgess is no so bad!
  5. I find that my assessment of perfect changes with time ... what I thought was perfect years ago, I look at now and wonder how I came to that conclusion!
  6. Thanks Brad good info .... Mat
  7. Here are a couple of my keepers.... how much am I offered?
  8. After thought... Is it a good idea to save a central piece for a one piece top? Is a one piece top ever cut thru the very center of the log or is there a central region that needs to be avoided?... the heart wood would make a very wide grain line!! .. hmmm from a 12" log, probably not a good idea. Thx... Mat
  9. Thanks everyone...This project is purely a learning exercise. I was going to use paraffin wax but the idea of latex paint sounds even better... and I have lots of it kicking around. The tree is a Hoopsi Blue Spruce with a diameter of about 12" and there is only one section that is 17" clear between the layers of boughs ... and that should be clear of knots. It has grown in the open, but I don't know if that means the grain lines will be wider or narrower.... but nothing to lose. Thanks again!... Mat
  10. I have a 40 yr old spruce in my front yard that is coming down tomorrow.... I plan to keep a section of it for my own use in making a couple of tops. Questions.. 1- should the bark be left on the log in the drying process? how long? 2-What should the ends of the log be treated with to prevent splitting? 3-Is it possible to treat the endgrain so as to split the log while the wood is still fresh... would speed up the drying. Thanks for your help!...Mat
  11. There is this thing called phantosmia... the person actually smells the smell that is not really there....
  12. Spencer... you need to become a salesman... ie... shake the bushes and the fruit will fall. shaking the bushes means talking to any and everybody connected to the string program about rehair.... eventually you get to know who the decision makers are, and what annoys them about their current suppliers... could be price, could be quality could be service response. Establish how you can do better than your competition, think of interesting benefits and stories that you can create a conversation with, and then talk to the decision makers... teach them why your serve product is better than the rest. They will let you know what you need to do. Keep in mind every organization operates slightly differently, so one size does not fit all. For some organizations price is everything, others quality etc. Keep in mind that people prefer to do business with friends rather than strangers... so find out how you can become a friend.... Volunteering is a good way. If the organization's process is tendering, then low price is the only way. If the process is to receive proposals, then you know they are also interested in quality and service. Personal contact is far better than email... even phone calls are better. Just start shaking the bushes, you will be surprised what fruit falls. Good luck! ... Mat
  13. before you do anything... 1-what is the value of that bow? Improper repairs can devalue the bow by 75%. 2- consult with an expert first... like Triangle Strings... watch this set of slides...
  14. tough enough on a violin... but must be really challenging on a cello. I do try to get a bit of alcohol into the joint with a syringe with a 22 or 24 guage needle ... really need to watch positioning & application carefully so that the alcohol will not touch the varnish.
  15. Brad... separating the top from the neckblock must be quite a challenge... I have done many on violins and it takes some doing and care to be sure you don't split the top. The cello block is much bigger... what tools and system do you use?