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  1. for sure did not read the whole article ... but... my personal experience, multiple times, as a snow bound Canadian is that when prepping to go south for a month, I would catch a cold bug a day or two before leaving. At home that would usually last 10-14 days. By the time I get to Florida, I am quite annoyed at my misfortune, but head to the beach anyway, and with the sun and heat and salt water I am always amazed that the cold breaks & is gone in a couple of days. If Covid hits me, I can't go south so I'm setting up a bunch of brooder heat lamps over my lounger on the sunny side of the house... and into my speedo I go! Y'all stay safe!
  2. How does that add to the value of the violin? ... will it play any better?
  3. considering all the damage at the treble f-hole and at the bridge foot , I would guess there have been lots of attempts to get it to sound good. Good luck ... enjoy the journey!
  4. Here is the training video...
  5. That's because Michael is also a professional photographer. Here is his blog that I find interesting and inspirational... Cheers, Mat
  6. Rasp... nope! Brillo...OK gently until you see varnish, then... 0000 steel wool at most.. steel wool will preserve grain texture as opposed to anything ridgeid like hard tools or sandpaper.
  7. 1- if you drink a safe(?) alcohol like ethanol... you need a concentration of at least 60% to kill the virus... In fact the average person is drunk after drinking 8 oz of 100 proof which is 50 % alcohol that means 4 oz and that in a 100 lb person is just 0.25% in your body... wont kill anything. 2-For disinfecting, surfaces and door knobs I ran out out of isopropyl alcohol ( aka rubbing alcohol) and thought of using methanol from my shop (aka alcohol stove fuel aka methyl hydrate). After minimal research I find that Methanol is not very effective in killing bugs and regular, especially daily, skin contact can become poisonous with serious consequences.... so DON'T USE IT.! Stay safe... always follow Health professional guidelines and if you want to try something unorthodox... check with the experts first! And I am not one of them.... Mat
  8. never dealt with a painted violin, but I would stay away from scraping and sandpaper... the old finish underneath will have patina and if you get into the wood at all, you will destroy the natural look. IMO use a stripper by slowly rubbing with a stripper dampened cloth... I would not "slather on and wait" ... slow and easy, small areas at a time. My 2 cents worth.... Mat
  9. Let's not get too excited... My father-in-law 40 years ago gave me the best advice ever at a difficult time .... "do the best you can... you can't do better than that!" that said, being stressed & laying blame, will not solve anything... follow science based advice, do what you need to do, and stay in touch with family, friends & neighbours... not to complain but to uplift spirits. Humanity will survive this, you and I may not, but if you have done your best, you've done your best! ... and as they say in some circles.. your faith will set you free. Stay safe everyone.. still researching violin stuff, and I guess that means I plan to be around! Cheers, Mat
  10. Mat Roop


    If you want a keeper violin that you want to continue playing.... don't just buy one. Even Stradivarius had great violins and some that were not so great.... so you could spend several Million $'s for one that in the end you did not like. Buying a violin for playing (as opposed to investment) is a matter of trying and testing as many as possible over a period of time to determine what kind of tone you are looking for, and until you have learned & played for some time, you won't even know what you like. If money is not a concern, make a stab at buying whatever.. you can always buy another. But if it were me, ask around at reputable shops, take violins out on trial many times, ask your teacher for their opinion, ask them to play it for you so you can listen and begin to form an opinion. One of my son's teachers played on a $75 violin that he said he would never part with and he has never found any as good. Price is not always a good measure of tonal quality. Even in the same make and model there will good instruments and not so good instruments and which is which sometimes is in ear of the beholder. Good luck! ... Mat
  11. Thanks Don... that's a long way off from boiling at room temp. which would need about 990 mbar... i see the problem:)
  12. Sometimes wanting to touch up a battle ax fiddle.... try this... I am always pleased with the results. Clean the instrument well ( top, back, scroll, ribs) with a damp rag, work off all the old rosin and residue. Let dry for a few hours. Then give it what I call a "varnish rub"....with your finger, rub in oil based violin varnish to 1/2 of the top. Immediately wipe off the bulk of the varnish with paper towel, and polish the rest off with a lint free clorh. Ditto the other 1/2 then scroll, ribs then back. This leaves any scratches and pits and exposed wood sealed and on the originally good finish it leaves just a microfilm of varnish. Make sure you did not leave fingerprints, & let dry overnight I like it because it leaves just a minimal residue but a nice clean look.... and its quick & easy & durable. Cheers, Mat
  13. ...and you might notice that when you find that you have killed the wolf... it appears elsewhere! So, keep experimenting until it moves off the instrument, or at least out of playing range. Location of the magnets is most important but weight is also an influence. Caution... if you are using larger flat magnets on the inside, build them up outside the instruments before you insert them thru the f hole, rather than adding more to the ones inside... otherwise, you may not find it easy to remove them later. Similarly if using them on a cello or bass with a steel rod, if you drop the magnet thru the f hole it will likely attach itself to the rod... then try getting it out! Cheers, Mat
  14. how about a diaphram pump? ... designed for "vacuum distillation and vacuum drying"
  15. my experience is that k-12 student instruments that come in for repair are incredibly dirty with finger marks, and sticky stuff... probably from finger wet with soft drink. I use a damp micro-fiber dishcloth to wipe them down, then polish briskly with a dry paper towel... seems to work as good as anything. Cheers, Mat