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  1. I don't know of any teacher that receives "back door" commissions. ... Maybe I am blind. What I don't understand is why would a teacher accept a commission as that would drive up the cost of the instrument for the student, making the cost of lessons( for the student) even higher and possibly triggering the student to quit.... they should assist the student to get the very best price. I've had teachers call me saying their student is not well off and what can I do... and I always do something. In any case, the Student is already paying the teacher to teach and selecting and using the
  2. It's not painted... it's the reflections from the stripes of his suit
  3. So no one has answered my question... Based on Dwight's frustrations... is this a general issue??? ... worth researching and developing a solution?
  4. Yes you can but I would not dream of doing that on the worst of instruments.... If I did dream, it would be a nightmare!
  5. So, is this a prevalent problem around the world?? I can imagine a simple solution for all posts except maybe it would not be desireable for the upper crust of instruments. If I come up with a spruce post/ accessory design that once set and installed will not fall or move by itself, how many might I sell? sell price if produced in volume likely in the order of $20 ... worth researching?
  6. Thanks George... properly, I should have quoted the full sentence....
  7. Well of course... As they said 2000 years ago, "money is the root of all evil" When we give a discount to dealers, wholesalers, retailers, teachers, etc. it is in fact a bribe, otherwise they would not bother to sell your wares.... but that is a principle of capitalism, much better than .... The good part is that you have the right to choose who you deal with.
  8. I've heard somewhere that REPEL kills mosquitoes and ticks and is very effective on camping gear and camp clothing.... and that spraying the liner of your case takes care of the critters. .. for what it is worth. Or you can try this Good luck, Mat
  9. So I checked the safety data sheet, and the Irwin chalk is mostly iron oxide and talc with a touch of crystalline silica... but hey, if it works well... an after thought... why not make up limestone chalk and color it black with shoe dye?... assuming limestone chalk would work better?
  10. Here is a source for black... at least in Canada.
  11. Would you think 4f fine pumice stone would work as well as chalk dust or would that be too abrasive? Also... do you suggest blackboard chalk dust or climbers' / gymnastics chalk? or is there a difference? Thx... Mat
  12. Do make a pepared paste or just use bar soap & chalk dust? Ivory soap?
  13. One thing I am fastidious about is always getting a full mailing/ street adress. ... required by my accountant.:) On one occasion I was able to find an additional phone # on facebook... and that led to resolution. If that is not successful, I would not hesitate to call a relative or family member (found via facebook) starting with a soft lead asking if the person is well and safe. ... Might lead to resolution.
  14. Is there anything wrong with a neck wedge that is made of ebony? I seem to prefer that as the ebony wedge blends with the FB and looks less patchy. Tougher to get the maple to match perfectly.
  15. Well used & Clean stains are OK! New ones will leave lint behind