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  1. I was looking for a post that I recall from a few years ago where Jeffrey posted a few pics of a before and after repair of a violin crack and the finish restoration. I recall that the repair was absolutely invisible... Can't find the post. Anyone here know where it is??
  2. Thanks Y'all... that's what I thought. If there was a serious scientific principle involved, they would refer to that principle. Cheers!... Mat
  3. saw this ad in Strings Magazine... checked out the site www.fastersound.com ...but could not find an answer to: How does it work... in theory and in reality?
  4. Mat Roop


    Beauty is in the eye and ear of the beholder... post pics of your first... it will likely have a better opinion than you expect.
  5. Thanks Mark... so if the groove is hardened with CA, well finished & lubricated, what is the point of the parchment? I do agree that after applying CA, the groove can't be filed to fresh wood as that can creates a sharp edge.
  6. I too have a distaste for the plastic sleeves... even for student instruments. I have for the last few years finished shaping the bridge & groove then touching the groove with fresh ca glue ( not the thick version). It soaks in, hardens the slot and then retouch with a file and lubricate... seems to hold up reasonably well Curious to hear if others do that or have reasons to not do it. Cheers, Mat
  7. Thanks Andreas... The reason I ask was that a few years back I had a fairly talented fiddler bring in an old "lions head " fiddle, falling apart, with signifcant sentimental value. It had no linings at all. Fitting new linings was not an expense they were willing to commit to. Interestingly, It became that player's "favourite" ... which made me wonder if a more flexible top grid was beneficial. Apparently not, and then possibly, this fiddlers other violins must be ones of the "usual" dust bin variety! Always enjoy your posts Andreas!... cheers, Mat
  8. Andreas... so can you advise what is the effect of stiffer top linings to tone... and conversely, the effect of weaker stiffness ? Thanks, Mat
  9. Thanks Dr Mark... Now I understand ..... that I am not too bright!
  10. Can I assume that an "integral tailpiece" is a tailpiece that has built in 4 fine tuners. ...correct? why?... what happens when you use them?
  11. Was tempted many times, but never tried these because I enjoy peg shaving...now, I think I will. Do you still leave the classic e fine tuner on the tailpiece as well, or is the FT e peg fine enough? Cheers... Mat
  12. Colored pegs?
  13. I guess I always had an issue wth getting the bridge to exactly the same position before testing fit. It was the angle that was tough for me. That is why I designed this gadget that holds the bridge at exactly the same spot & angle for each try. perhaps has some limitations for the real high end violins, but for the usual... makes life easy.... Mat http://rezx.biz/photos/bridgefittingtoolweb.pdf
  14. 1- my guess is that the luthier is a guitar luthier 2-The shiny finish is french polish... or maybe more likely guitar lacquer.
  15. I'm curious...could you share some closer pics of the nut from different angles... that's the piece that the strings go over at the small end of the fingerboard. Thanks!... Mat
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