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  1. ....and I know a lot of old timers that fiddle with the violin just resting on their chest whilst they sit and jig with their feet. Thanks again... Mat
  2. thanks all... super helpful! The Bon-Musica looks pretty good! Here are links to the variations of products.. Cheers, Mat
  3. Some time ago I had heard/ seen a picture of a shoulder rest for acoustic violin that hooks over the shoulder or around the neck. Can't find anything with google... Anyone know where I can see a picture of such a device?? brand? supplier? Thanks, Mat
  4. Thanks Marty...I really appreciated the link... will take some time to go thru it though:) Cheers... Mat BTW... if you are going to use beer... get Tuborg, its the best chaser for Akvavit... or in this case it might be the reverse:)
  5. Just curious ... has anyone measured or calculated the volume ( volume as in how much beer can it hold) of a standard 4/4 violin? Thx... Mat
  6. Ok... why appui?? that translates to "support" in english. Overstand is indeed correct in all aspects... It is the height of the neck root above the top plate ( it stands proud over the plate). If it were to project to the side it would be an overhang, maybe a hangover, and if it were to be under the plate it would be an "understand" ... understand ?? Cheers, Mat
  7. When you put a product up for sale without a price, you invite inquiries... then during the inquiry the seller has the buyer's full attention and there is the opportunity to "sell" and close a sale. You can't do that if the customer does not enquire:) Cheers, Mat
  8. oops... thanks for the catch... Mat
  9. and by the way... the current price is $389 Canadian, converted to US dollars... that is about $290 US.,43072,48435 Cheers, Mat PS.. I have no connection to Lee Valley except that I am a customer!
  10. Yes it is pricey, but for me it works easily and reliably. The turn table is dead flat, so no wobbles. I use my finger near to the grinding point and apply light pressure ... that way as soon as I feel any heat developing, i can lift the chisel off and water cool. The nice part is that there are 2 thicknesses of plates, The plate for shaping and grinding grits is thicker than the ones for sharpening and polishing ... that way when you switch from a coarse grit to fine grit you automatically create the fine edge bevel. Each plate can have grit on both sides so it is easy to flip to the next grit. I can reshape to finish polish a chisel in less than 5 minutes. Touch up sharpening is a mere minute or two. Pricey, yes, but the quality and ease of use is worth it... especially considering that time is money! these are the grits I use... Grinding 80 & 150 grit Sharpening 320 grit &1200 grit Polishing 9 & 1 micron doing gouges is essentially freehand, but I do use the guide bar as a reference point. Cheers, Mat
  11. well, this is what I use... love it! Dwight... is this what you call a horizontal sharpener? If so, what problem do you anticipate?
  12. Don't know about the smell, but I too would be suspicious. The glue I use is a High Clarity 192 gram strength from here... At the time I purchased it, it was manufactured by Milligan & Higgins. This glue melts clear and has no smell. Milligan & Higgins are manufacturers/wholesalers and I found them very helpful when you call. here is a thread from some time ago with some useful info...
  13. Mat Roop

    Wolf on viola

    two issues... 1-If you do use magnets, get smaller diameter ones... A wide diameter flat magnet can dent the inside curved surface as well as dent the varnish ... I don't recommend more than 1/4 " diameter for violin & viola. The outer magnet contact surface should be lined with smooth fine grained leather (never anything of rubber or plastic as it can stain the varnish) to prevent scratching and denting the varnish. If your varnish is a soft varnish , be sure to remove the magnet after each playing session, otherwise in time the varnish will be dented. 2-There are glued in wolf eliminators like this one... . Gluing in a piece of wood of suitable weight will also work. Problem is they are glued in and once glued, it cannot be ajusted. More often than not, players request that it be removed, and that is not easy without causing damage.... and costs. Here is a pic of my solution... If working with adjusting the setup does not work, stick with the magnets... my 2 cents worth! Cheers... Mat
  14. Just a thought... If a client were to want a unique personal favorite color to their horsehair... what types of dye would be good to use? Would food dye work? what about hair dyes? What can be done to set the color so that it does not rub off? Cheers... Mat