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  1. I hadn't thought of horse hair, I have some abalone shells as I live in an area where we have lots in the sea. You're right, the kids will be amazed at its other use, other than eat its flesh
  2. The smells experiment is excellent ! The thing with hollwing plates for a live demo is not possible as I would need at least 8 plates to wwork on as I will receive 8 different groups of 30 students in one day. But I like the idea of passing around bits and pieces, I might do a giant f hole/ bridge for the fun and I have half started plates, scrolls, ribs and so on at different stages. I haven't found a violin to cut it in half yet although I have been thinking about it for a while as well. I am lucky to have an professional orchestra that will play in another room on that same day, which will complete my presentation. I was scared i'd have to play as I am not a great violinist. Next month, the general public will just ask questions as they wonder by, that works just fine. I didn't think this topic would be successful but I was wrong and thank you guys for your ideas, I didn't expect so much interest !
  3. In France there is no woodwork at all in school. In the general studies that is. After 16, if you're not good enough at academic work, they make you understand you are a looser and you should go and learn a technical job at a technical study centre. That includes woodwork, metalwork, secretary work, childcare etc... Why ??? It is such a shame to pass this idea onto kids that if you are not en "intellectual" person you might end up doing some woodwork with the loosers. They are not loosers and there are some really gifted people out there who had to suffer at school. I am dreaming of a society where no one would be discriminated !
  4. I had thought of doing a quizz anyway, with the answers on the bacl so they can take it home as well
  5. I am impressed at your suggestions here James ! thank you !
  6. I found his page: http://artisanviolin.com/presentations.html There is some good stuff on it ! thank you !!
  7. Hi Jerry Lynn, that is really a great idea !! I like the plane experience ! I might do the glue as well. That won't take so long to do but that's something concrete to interact with the pupils indeed. The students will be aged between 14 and 18 so that will be perfect. As for the other exhibition it will be for the general public.
  8. Hello I have done quite a few exhibitions until now, but I was recently asked to do a demonstration in a school for a day in 50 minutes cycles, and an other one for a festival for 2 hours. Any ideas of entertainement I could do ? If I carve a scroll it is too small for 30 people to watch at the same time, and if I do archings, I'll need quite q few plates to get through... Appart from showing instruments and explain timbers, tools and the different steps of making, I have no idea what to do else. Has anyone done this kind of thing before ? All your ideas are welcome !
  9. Hi, How do you remove the broken part from the button ? Is there a particular way to do it ? I mainly do rehairs in addition violin repairs, but I have not learnt this so far... Thanks for your tips.
  10. It is a very old post indeed ! I am glad you've found the E string that fitted your violin ! Last night I went to a concert where the violin solo guy asked the orchestra to be fitted with Passione Gut wound strings and E Lenzners for everyone. Isn't it a bit weird, as everyone knows each violin responds differently to strings brands ? I understand he wanted a "gut" sound for his Beethoven violin concerto, but why this brand more than another one ? So that's why everyone came to me wanting Lenzner E's all of a sudden.
  11. They are a shop that I know well. They buy it from the US as well. Since I have a shop too, I shall do the same ......
  12. Thanks fir the tip with the jargar! I've never tried on a violins.
  13. The Vision Titanium sets are quite impressive, generally speaking ! I usually put Obligato on decent fiddles, but they cost an arm as well so I shall try those more often A local orchestra mentionned to me the Damian Dlugolecki gut strings for a particular need, only sold in the US, a bit more problematic for me (in the EU), but I am trying to having some sent over... Anyway, the price of the Lenzner IS impressively low, I can understand people are hooked !
  14. It is not for me, as I am a maker/ dealer (quite new in the business), but for a customer. I am not do keen on the Pirastro E's as I find they do whistle, especially the gold ones. The Hill stuff as the Westminster stuff work well. The Goldbrokat and the Fimosa are probably the cheapest on the market that is why people are so keen on getting them ! as they are issued from the same factory, I am just wondering if it is just the packaging that is different...
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