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  1. My kids used to belong to Jax youth orchestras. We personally know some of the musicians and their children. I've been following their situation and it doesn't seem good. You can read some of the articles on ""> here. The worst thing is losing the orchestra in Jacksonville community. Hope they can avoid that and come to a reasonable agreement.
  2. Thank you Omobono for locating info for this film. Kremer mentioned about the film in his Partita DVD and there was a short clip of it where the guy plays Chaconne for a dying homeless man. I wonder if there's anyplace I can get a copy or rent it somewhere?
  3. My son's teacher tells him, when you play whole bow, (especially) like Omobono said, you need to keep the pressure as constant as possible meaning you need to lighten the pressure a little bit toward frog and more toward the tip because of the weight of the frog is heavier than that of the tip, if you keep the same amount of pressure, the sound at the frog will be louder, on the other hand if you don't put enough pressure toward the tip it will be weaker thus makes the bow bounce a bit.
  4. You guys are getting A+ grade! It's funny, PhilipG, you mentioned "how quickly you fall out of your skill." I remember reading somewhere Heifetz said "If you don't practice for one day, you notice yourself. If you don't practice for three days, your colleague will notice. If you don't practice for one week, your audience will notice." That's exactly what my ballet teacher told us when I was young. She was trained by a Russian teacher. Is this a famouse wisdom from Russia?
  5. Happy Holidays to you all!!! Are you keeping up with your practice during the holidays or are you catching up on your sleep?
  6. There seem to be a lot going on at once inside Seattle Symphony according to "">NY Times.
  7. Rosin, I agree with your comment on Kremer's recording. I purchased his Partita DVD. It is interesting to see his point of view. I don't know if people will falling in love with his interpretation, but like he said in the interview, he rather be wrong being creative than following the script strictly and boring. In that regard he succeeded in his intension. James Ehnes is supposed to be performing in the city close to us next May. I will definitely go see his performance since everyone's comment about him is very favorable. When I finish listening to my new Grumiaux S & P CD, I may take you up on the suggestion and get James Ehnes' S & P
  8. He sure dresses nice even when he plays ping-pong
  9. I read on his fan's website that he cancelled all the concerts through the end of this year due to his injury. Seems like it is very severe since this has been going on for several months. I heard he's scheduled to perform in NY next March. I wonder if he will have to cancel that one, too. Hope he will recover soon. I am yet to see his performance live.
  10. Shaq knows how to work the bow. He's playing Pianissimo on the fingerboard side Omobono, is it an illusion or am I seeing Mr. Heifetz flipping his finger?
  11. My son's comment. "Look how he holds his bow!" He is a big basketball fan. He loved your photo of Shaq!!!! Thanks for posting
  12. The one I ordered is the first CD of Grumiaux Omobono mentioned above. It was $12.97 at Amazon. Of course, shipping charges will apply, but I ordered other things too, so they didn't charge me for the shipping.
  13. Omobono, I ordered Grumiaux's CD today! I can't wait to listen to it I also ordered Kremer's Bach S & P DVD. It will be interesting to see his fingering and bowing. I wonder if the sound quality is different from his CD?
  14. I'm so jealous of you, Omobono On another note, I think I will take your suggestions and get Szeryng or Grumiaux first and explore more from there. I am curious of Kremer, too. But one thing at a time...I will sample other recordings mentioned in this thread and decide on the next one to get. It will take awhile, I'm sure
  15. I went to the local CD store and was very disappointed!!! Out of all the shelves they have, the classical section is just two and half of them is dedicated to opera singers. I didn't find any (can you believe it?) Bach S & P recordings I guess I have to rely on downloading sites now. Anyway, I just downloaded just one of Milstein 's Partita No. 3 from itune store. The recommendation for me also showed Gidon Kremer"s S & P. Do you guys like his recording? If I am to download, I could pick one song (piece) if I want to. So, what are your take on each sonata? which violinist's recording do you like for each S or P for that matter?
  16. I think I am going to spend some time at the CD store this weekend to see if I could find above mentioned violinists' Bach P & S CDs. I am going to have a hard time choosing. That's for sure
  17. I happen to see Milstein's Bach Partita No. 3 Preludio on youtube. I was just blown away. But some comments makes me indicating he plays Bach differently than others. Is that so? If so, in what way his playing is different from others?
  18. I need your suggestions on which recordings of Bach P & S I should get. It will be great if you could give me the ones I could either purchase a CD or download for ipod. Thanks!
  19. Although it is not a joke, my son simply made a mistake pronouncing the piece. I though it was cute. He meant to say "Mom, I want to learn Bach Double." But instead he said, "Mom, I want to learn Duck Bubble."
  20. My son's teacher loves telling music jokes. The other day during the lesson, he said to my son, "Did you know that the composers never die?" My son replied, "No." His teacher said "They decompose!" Another time, He asked us "What do the lawyers and the violist have in common?" "They are both happy when the cases are closed!" (By the way he teaches viola, too.)
  21. I am so in love with this concerto right now. The other day Cho Liang Ling (spell?) came to our town and I had an opportunity to attend his open rehearsal. He played so beautifully and I felt like crying it was so moving. So I downloaded Gil Shaham's recording off itune. His playing is also beautiful. Do you have any suggestions on other violinists' recording of Barber violin concerto?
  22. Thank you, all. My son played in a small competition within his youth orchestra the other day. He took it easy on that day and the day before the competition. We met up with an accompanist one hour before the check-in time and went over the piece very slowly and went out for lunch, came back and checked in, played one more through. The pianist played Chopin's Nocturn for us to relax He went in the room after that. I could hear him from outside the door. Overall went well except one part he came in a second too late, and the pianist forgot to come in during Cadenza (it's just the small chord section.) No matter how well you think you're prepared, anything could happen on stage It's funny he claims he never gets nervous, but that day, he said "I could hear my heart beating inside my violin!"
  23. When you are about to perform on stage or go into a competition, how do you prepare a few days before the big day? Do you practice like crazy, or do you take it easy and practice less?
  24. Yuen, yes. One cake of rosin last a long time if you are an adult. I have three children and they don't know how much I paid for one rosin and throw it and break it or our dog chewed it up in pieces when my son forgot to close the cap or left it at the rehearsal room and can't recover it. Grrrr.That's why I needed to stock them up when they announced they were discontinuing the production.
  25. It may be off topic (sorry), but, my son's been using Tartini which is no longer in production. When I found out about it, I stocked up a few. He is using the last one right now. Is Andrea equivalent to Tartini? I would like inputs from those who switched from Tartini to Andrea and tell me what you think of it. If you don't like Andrea, what are you using right now?