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  1. i read "violin dreams"! i really enjoyed it.
  2. Thom i hope to see you soon on this forum! you wont be disapointed ;-) the tradition is to introduce yourself. Manfio, "french speaking violin comunity" are great!!! we would be pleased to share what we know about violin with you
  3. why dont you join us? we would be pleased to have a foreigner with us! you seem to understand french, isn't it? We have already people from switzerland, belgium, canada. And yes, i have a french signature on here just to let the people know that i'm french and that english language can give me a few problems sometimes ... On "le-violon.org" everybody knows who i am, so i can feel free to speak and sign in english! :-)
  4. If you are interested to become a member of a french violin forum, here is an address: http://forum.le-violon.org This website is really nice, friendly, with lots of information... We organize as often as we can meetings. So if you want to speak about the violin in a different language, this forum is for you :-)
  5. my favourite violinist still alive is Hilary Hahn. She has an amazing capacity to play. I went to see her in London a year ago and it was just great. i'm looking forward to see her again in january and february 2008 in "salle pleyel" and "theatre des champs elysées" in Paris. I also like: Maxim Vengerov (but not his gesticulations); Anne Sophie Mutter; Julia Fischer; Perlman; Renaud Capucon
  6. thanks everyone for your comments :-) "Ken Nielsen", here are what you asked for: my violin teacher is the best violin teacher i could wish for. She is patient, with a good sense of humor, talented and she explains very well. I first met her when i was in my last music school (september 2005) and in december 2006 she resigned from this job because she had an opportunity she couldn't refuse (be one of the violin teacher in a "conservatoire national de musique"). So she left the school, but the thing is, she asked me to leave the school with her because she wanted to keep me as one of her student. So now, i take private lessons with her. I am also in a "string orchestra". that's good to be able to play with other people. it's quite fun. At the moment, i'm studying different things: first of all i'm studying exercices for 3rd and 5th position (i am a beginner and need to do a lot of exercices ) and then i'm practicing "russian danse n°3 by Leo Portnoff"; "Concertino n°1 by Paul Oberdoerffer" and a bit of "schindler list" (but this one is more for fun).
  7. I started the violin 1 and a half year ago at the age of 21. I really enjoy what i am doing! no-one is "too old" to start something he/she really likes. You will be able to play lots of pieces of music very soon. As an exemple, for my "first violin anniversary" i was able to play the violin concerto in A minor by Vivaldi. So just find a violin where you can, find a good teacher (very important!!!) and the most important thing practice, practice and practice
  8. i would like to introduce myself. I'm 22, from france (sorry if my english is not always the best ...). I started piano at the age of 10 and started the violin 1 and a half year ago. This instrument is great and i hope i will discuss about lots of things with all of you on this forum. About my violin: i own a french violin "mirecourt" this is a "J.B Vuillaume copie". My bow is a E. Dorfler. And i think that's it for now.
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