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  1. Wow, 4strings I wish I could have you as my teacher. My situation falls exactly into what you described, Ill be moving away to Michigan State University come August, I just hope my chosen teacher doesn't deny me simply because of that. As for an update, I was able to get a good deal on a Student Instrument on Ebay. It should be here come next week (beats renting). In the meantime ill try to get some word-or-mouth recommendations for teachers from the other string-players at my school. -NeoScherzo
  2. Ill try to give the teachers on the list she gave me a ring, maybe one of them will be available. Thanks again everyone for all the support/advice, will keep you posted. -NeoScherzo
  3. Hokay, heres the situation so far: The string teacher is apparently bogged down with preparing her students for the NYSMA tournament, (Musical Competition) and cant spare any time to maybe give me a starter lesson. Whats more, she gave me a list of numbers for private teachers in the immediate area; but she warned me that these teachers as well are most likely booked up with preparing musicians for NYSMA. She told me that the best time to try and start would be June. =( Im anxious to start playing =/
  4. Hehe, I can already See I chose the right place to come to with this. Thanks everyone for all the great and valuable advice. I plan on speaking to the Music teacher that conducts the string section tomorrow, and from there well see what happens. Ill definitely keep you all updated on my progress Many thanks once again. -NeoScherzo
  5. Hello, I am a 17 year old High School senior with 6 years of French Horn under my belt. However since I was small I was always infatuated with the sound of the violin, sadly my schools music program added a stringed section AFTER I was already 2 Years into my first instrument, which I have not played in 3 years. I was recently browsing YouTube, and I decided to look up "Violin" just for kicks, and some of the videos I found left me awestruck, and rekindled within me a desire to make music. When I first thought about the Idea of learning Violin I immediately shot myself down, telling myself I was probably too old. But after finding this site and seeing that there have been many others, older then me, who started playing, I feel emboldened. So, I ask you, Should I follow through with this, how would I begin? I grasp the basic concept of finding lessons and renting an instrument or buying a starter, but I would feel a little bit more comfortable with some words of wisdom from those with experience. Thanks -NeoScherzo
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