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  1. There will be French Expertise coming to Northern California for all interested. Ifshin Violins is roughly an hour by BART (subway train) from the San Francisco Airport for anyone wishing to travel. If you are not able to make it in person you can arrange to ship your bow(s) via the email address on the flyer.
  2. Come on, one more, you're almost to 14300 posts!
  3. Sounds like you're missing more than just a few teeth ;-)
  4. From their website, makes sense to me: Independence and excellence are the hallmarks of the Cabinet d’expertise Jean François Raffin’s success and the reason why our certificates are Internationally accepted and recognized as reference . We do not retail bows as we believe that independent expertise should be separated from the trade activity. Our authentication process is based on a cross-way study by our three experts, and the certification pends consensus of the three expertise. This binding and rigorous method guarantee the excellence and the independence our certificates.
  5. For all interested, there will be famous French experts at Ifshin Violins in El Cerrito, California on January 21 & 22. A courtesy post for you all, for information on pricing/appointment please contact the email on the flyer. This shop is close to both the Oakland, CA and San Francisco, CA airports for anyone wishing to travel.
  6. This is where you will usually see the griffin, also I believe some bows from Ernst Reidel (his shop probably supplied to GAP).
  7. Although Amati auctions are usually not very exciting, it is lots of fun to spin the violins around in 3D, VERY COOL
  8. Will be a busy month...Brompton's is soon as well!
  9. Anyone find anything delicious in the Freeman's catalog? https://auctions.freemansauction.com/auction-catalog/1632?fbclid=IwAR1rineSv1yjnlYn82B27-T-iWBX0vIaDvxY3LkUtQ8yntPtdnkbMKeZEqI
  10. Bow repairs/restorations and rehairs I highly recommend Voss Violins, I send my bows all the way from California.
  11. If JTL shop then most likely D'APRES followed by the maker they've been inspired to copy 8-)
  12. There is a picture of Gustav and his two boys along with some information at the museum. https://www.museum-markneukirchen.de/english/Museum_english.htm
  13. If you can read and put your ego aside without putting your twisted interpretation on my comments then you will read I'm simply saying if the original poster thinks a name can be put to it, take to a German expert. Also, I didn't say it had anything to do with the Klingental family, IF it belongs to any Glass family it would be the Markneukirchen branch.
  14. The Glass (Gustav) family in Markneukirchen continued making bows well into the 20th century tho I'm not sure this bow has anything to do with them. Just take it to a German expert if you want a name, you will get no where here.
  15. This looks like a nice German bow that would be worth showing to a German expert in person. There was a Glass family of bow makers in Markneukirchen, Gustav and he had two sons that also made bows, I don't recall their names and I'm not sure of their relation to Johann Glass. You won't get anywhere here, if you really want to put a name to it you need to show a German expert in person or email Grunke some very detailed pictures and he MIGHT point you in the right direction to continue your research.
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