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  1. Jack Rushing

    Shaky bow arm

    Try pressing gently up and inward withthe thumb when bowing. It helped me.
  2. Jack Rushing

    Nut materials - pros/cons in function and aesthetic

    I have used buffalo bone for nuts on four of my violins. It is a bit harder to work with than ebony. Takes me about twice as long to make one. I have not noticed it affecting the sound in any way, better or worse. i have always liked the look of the white nut on Paganini's Cannone and thought I would try one. One of these violins has been strung up and played for over four years and the string grooves have not been worn down a bit.
  3. Jack Rushing

    VMAAI competition results

    Don, I think your Stock No. 151020 violin Played by Pat Ireland will be a hard one to beat when it comes to Irish Fiddle Music. This one sounds very good, especially on the lower registers.
  4. Jack Rushing

    8 violin clips for tone evaluation

    Violin Number 3 sounds best to me. Followed closely by Number 7. Number 4 is Firewood.
  5. Jack Rushing

    Happy Birthday MANFIO.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY.!!! Hope you make your BEST EVER viola this year.
  6. Jack Rushing

    ff hole notches

    Is the outer notch on the ff holes purely for aesthetic purposes, or to be used for some other measurements?
  7. Jack Rushing

    Paganini on Paganini's del Gsu

    Thanks Bruce. I think I remember my friend Manfio saying somewhere, that the after length was 60 mms. I have two violins that are good copies of The Cannone, and have found out that they both sound a bit better with this after length.
  8. Jack Rushing

    Paganini on Paganini's del Gsu

    Bruce, Could you give us the vibrating string length and the after length of The cannone when you set it up for the players? Thank You.
  9. Jack Rushing

    Today I am 60...

    Happy Birthday Craig, My Friend. I hope you have many more. Just keep on doing what you have been doing, and I'm sure you will.
  10. Jack Rushing

    Guess the fiddle

    Chinese. Made by Dan Sun.
  11. Jack Rushing

    Happy Birthday, Roger !

    Happy Birthday Roger.!!! I hope you have many more in good health.
  12. Jack Rushing

    Forum constantly shows i2.wp.com loading

    Bill, Try using Google Chrome for your search Engine.
  13. Seems like we have drifted a good bit away from the original post.
  14. Jack Rushing

    What Model Is This a Copy Of?

    Looks like an antiqued Chinese copy of a Kreisler or Paganini Guarneri. Cost in the neighborhood of $700.00 to $1100.00. It has the standard Chinese Pegs, Chin rest, and Dominant strings.
  15. Jack Rushing

    Improve a violin by sitting on it?

    You might have caused the sound post to move a fraction, re-setting it in it's optimum position.