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  1. jack london


    What are "Caussin shop" characteristics?
  2. JacksonM---what sizes did you buy? I am trying to decide.
  3. Oh Jacob, that's good one------Made my day with that--------
  4. How about this one? It was made in the mid 1980's and has been played continuously since it was purchased. This sort of varnish scaling can happen pretty quickly, as it was like this when I first saw the fiddle over ten years ago.
  5. Yes, many make good student violins. Was there a company (or shop, or someone with a duplicating machine, or...) that made the necks?
  6. I was wondering if the "Conservatory" violins (the ones with the stamp on the back of the peghead) were made in one area, or if the necks were made and stamped and then stuck on any fiddle the seller happened to have. I have seen some necks with the shield on the back of the peghead with nothing on it all, and also with other names besides "conservatory." Also, anyone know the approximate time period these were distributed?
  7. I don't mean to move this off topic, but I don't see what you mean, David (in other words, I don't get it). Can maybe you post a diagram or picture or something? I would love to lean about this.
  8. My wife plays one. Here is a wonderful video of Emilia Amper. If you don't like the song, fast forward to about 3.30 in the video. I think both of the tunes are stunning.
  9. My ex-wife looked a lot like Otzi (note ex-wife). I wonder if her ancestry was Sardinian....She did have a nice fiddle, though.
  10. In making the voids disappear between some of the puzzle bits, did you take wood from an inner part of the rib and inlay it, or.... something else? Please let us know!
  11. If you don't want to read about violin ID, then just don't click on the thread and don't read it. Click on what you want to read about and read that. Don't complicate things.
  12. Thank you for the clarification! Just wanted to be sure as photos on a computer screen can be deceiving.
  13. Is a carved-in bass bar carved with the grain lines parallel with the top, or does it cross over the grain in roughly the same orientation as a glued in bass bar?
  14. Where do you buy casein in the US?