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  1. I've made two birdseye maple violins from sugar maple. It is a workout for sure. The final weights (neck, back) were almost 30% heavier than big leaf and the Euro maples being somewhere in between - at least in my experience.
  2. Beautiful instrument. Sad it is stolen. It's interesting how the front and back wood probably wouldn't be used by many of today's luthiers......I would think twice myself using a back like that but it's magnificent.
  3. Most of you have probably already seen or heard these podcasts, but check out the Omo podcasts #21 and #22 in the link below. I will put out the disclaimer that if you are anything like me and assume that everything you hear is going to happen to you, then you might not want to listen..... https://www.omopod.com/episodes I did listen anyway (like a horror movie) and learned a few things and was thoroughly entertained by Christopher Jacoby's musical interpretation of chemical sensitivities. I have my own sensitivities as well so this subject is always on my mind. I do appreciate these podcasts. James
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Yes, it is both tragic and hopeful.
  5. I've been enjoying these podcasts. Thank you for the time and effort that you and the others are putting into this project! James R
  6. I'm interested as well. I don't do FB though.
  7. It might be a bit presumptuous on my part to make this suggestion but you might try reaching out to Amnon Weinstein. https://www.facebook.com/amnon.weinstein.9 I do not know him other than his work with the Violins of Hope project. He may have some additional information - maybe....
  8. Yes, enjoy it. My "little" helper used to put Disney princess stickers all over my stuff. Now she's almost 19 and I'm hoping the stickers won't fall off my stuff to remind me of that time!
  9. Then there is this one that I think showed up in Strad's news emails not that long ago... https://youtu.be/uEwMTxbpbrA
  10. I saw that as well on Tarisio's auction list. I've been wondering about it but I don't think this was an accident. The angles don't match up for it to be a chipped corner. The point is in almost the exact center of each wing. I think it was very intentional. I don't know the details - maybe this was by request from someone who commissioned it?
  11. Sorry to hear about this. I have volunteered in a local orchestra classroom giving lectures on violin making and instrument care. I have had this same discussion with the orchestra teacher. In her situation, the classroom was constantly too dry - so it was the opposite problem but still related to what you are experiencing. I don't know the financial situation of your school district (most seem to be barely scraping by nowadays) but there are three things to consider - the drainage as you mention, the noise and any additional heat generated from the unit. In the classroom I volunteered in, the district chose to put in an undersized single room humidifier and the poor teacher ran into the three issues that I just mentioned except that instead of drainage, she had to fill the tanks all the time. It just wasn't and still isn't an ideal situation but that's the way school budgets often go. In your case, hopefully they look at more options than a windows mounted air conditioner from Home Depot and call it good. If at all possible, try to get a professional heating and cooling consultant to evaluate the room. If you are in a larger school district, they might even have their own HVAC person who could review the situation. I say this because there could be other factors at play with the facility that might be causing some of the humidity problems. The real question will be whether or not it is still humid in the winter time as well. While these aren't specific answers to your questions, I hope some of this helps! James
  12. Condolences to the family. I have to wonder just how many starting makers and even established makers have referenced Mr. Strobel's books over the years.
  13. I've run across her drawings from violin making school in the past. She is very gifted in many areas!
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