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  1. Very pleasant wear. (other than the possibly poor technique) Thank you!
  2. Is it common to list who purchased instruments and for how much on a public forum?
  3. Maesto Sora, I would enjoy seeing some current images of your older work. So nice to see what something looks like with a decade or two of use. --Chris
  4. The Guarneri reference was directed to the exhibit at the VSA convention. I'd be just as excited if not more so to see a modern instrument on a table of Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri that looked like it belonged especially if it wasn't a copy. (antiqued or not, I'd like to think I'm experienced enough to look past the difference)
  5. I'm now thinking the bulk of modern violin making is like vanilla ice cream with different bits added for individual choices as opposed to a different flavor. My making included. I'm interested in inspiration from seeing examples of successful makers that could have an instrument on a rack or table of Guarneri family and not look out of place. (antiqued or not!) I saw many lovely instruments but none that were so inspiring. --Chris
  6. Any opinions about the instruments in the VSA competition compared to the instruments in the rare instrument exhibit? Modern fiddles that could hang with the old on the same table? Any award winners that are as bold as the old? Varnish, carving, and individuality seem on different paths to me. --Chris
  7. Depends on what's in the receipe, but usually 6 months. I'd test for drying after that. --Chris
  8. Be sure to go after the judging is completed, so you can see the competition instruments and bows! --Chris
  9. Is the joint off center and the button centered by chance? --Chris
  10. Categorically comparing violin dealers to usurers is rather harsh. I've enjoyed my more than 20 years working for a dealer. I think novice makers should study a bit of business to understand what normal practices are in the real world. --Chris
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