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  1. As the industry has become enlightened, the cutting down of relatively valuable instruments is unnecessary and borderline criminal. I've played many of this model and they can work quite well. Mark O'connor uses a similar model. (not a Vuillaume but similar size) The idea that chopping down this perceived over sized violin to try to make it saleable at a much higher price is flawed. Not all Vuillaume models are valued equally and size is only one part of the equation. If a repairman could transform a Maggini model into a del Gesu model then you might have something. Condition and provenance being the important factors in the purchase of a valuable violin and this one has lost one intentionally. This modification will need to be reworked from time to time. The glue joints will come open and the retouching will need to be redone. Restorers see this frequently on old things that have been chopped or added to. (Why we frown upon this past practice) This work is expensive and time consuming. There are some wonderful pictures online of Iris Carr's very nice work doing this eventually necessary process. I don't see anything amiable about defacing a valuable instrument. --Chris
  2. Might be these. The yellow windings should be light tension.
  3. The centerline of the back does not line up with the centerline of the new button and the added purfling is also misaligned. The repair is quite visible. Possibly solid but shy of well done in my opinion.
  4. How does your cello sound to you with the new bridge?
  5. What is this violin? $12k-18k estimate goes for $66k. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199502848&cpid=3735371776&filter_key=
  6. So, it's ambiguous to you as well? Seem strange to me that a competition celebrating a great copyist wouldn't allow antiquing.
  7. Any thoughts about this competition? http://nemessanyicompetition.hu/en/ In the rules, the english translation states "Don't copy the abrasions." does anyone have have an idea what that actually means? --Christian
  8. More specifically, I would believe that the varnish was just not yet fully dry.
  9. In the words of my boss, "Golden red orange brown."
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